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The 20 Best Places To Retire In Texas, USA

The 20 Best Places To Retire In Texas, USA

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best places to retire in Texas

Texas has always been a top choice regarding popular retirement destinations in the US!
Home to some of the best and most well-recognized cities in America, Texas is a multicultural hub for people hoping to grow and live in a friendly environment!

So, if you are ready to retire, then the Lone Star State is the best ground to begin your exciting journey, and here are the places to mark the beginning of a happy chapter!

Why is the Lone Star State so alluring?

If someone asked for reasons as to what makes Texas not-so-alluring, it would be easier because there are none! And that is something retirees should take into consideration!

Texas offers something Florida does not: a retirement life in a homely atmosphere! As one of the most popular destinations when it comes to retirement, Texas is not just tax-friendly towards retirees; no! The Lone Star state offers so much more, like friendly welcoming communities, a lovely well-balanced climate, and attractions and sightseeing selections beyond one can keep count of!

Finding the best places to live in Texas for retirees

But before you find the best city to retire in Texas, here are some questions to ask yourself! The answers will help narrow down which city on our list will be ideal for your journey!

  1. Do you prefer a major city over a quiet town for retirement?
  2. What do you think is better for you? Home care or retirement communities?
  3. Are senior apartments an option for you?
  4. Do you prefer a social setting?
  5. What kind of facilities are you looking for in a retirement community?
  6. Are you able to take care of yourself during retirement?
  7. Do you require constant assistance with daily living activities?
  8. Are you an active older adult? Do you hike, camp, or go boating? Do you see yourself doing such things in Texas?
  9. How good are your finances? Will they keep you afloat during retirement in Texas?

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Best places to retire in Texas

Out of all the great places to retire in Texas, we have come up with some of the most iconic cities worth looking into for our first list. We have taken into consideration factors like:

  • Healthcare system
  • Attractions and activity options
  • Climate and safety
  • Number of retirement communities available
  • Great home care providers in Texas

The 12 best cities to retire in Texas

1. Houston: One of the biggest cities in the USA

Nestled in the heart of Texas, Houston offers the ideal mixture of urban cityscape and natural beauty. With a flourishing arts and cultural scene, world-class medical facilities, and home to some of the best retirement communities, Houston offers everything for a retiree to settle down with comfort!

2. San Antonio: Where history meets hospitality

San Antonio is an excellent pick if you are looking to live in a major city, rich with cultural heritage, a warm climate, a friendly community, and a place to call your next home!

3. El Paso: A tranquil town bordered by beauty

El Paso lies on the western edge of Texas and offers a relaxing pace of life for retirees who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban city life. With stunning mountain views, a welcoming community, and a natural setting to exercise year-round activity plans, choose El Paso!

4. Dallas: Urban feelings with a Texan twist

Seniors living in Dallas must encounter a modern lifestyle without feeling out of place regarding Texan hospitality!

5. Austin: The Capital of Texas

Austin is the best place in Texas to retire to if you prefer a significant city. As the state capital, Austin is known for its lively music scene, beautiful parks, and tech-savvy atmosphere. The Hill Country backdrop provides an attractive setting for an active retirement lifestyle.

6. Fort Worth: A place where Western heritage still lives on

Fort Worth is a reflection of a Texas heritage for which it is famous! The city strikes a balance between modernism and its cowboy legacy. Museums, live rodeos, and a lively downtown offer a unique atmosphere for retirees.

7. Arlington: The best entertainment hub in Texas

Located between Dallas and Fort Worth, Arlington offers an array of attractions, including the AT&T Stadium and Six Flags. It’s a city that thrives on entertainment, and for retirees who need an active, engaging lifestyle, Arlington is just the place!

8. Killeen: A peaceful retreat for retirees

With a lower cost of living and a peaceful ambiance, Killeen provides an ideal setting for retirees seeking a relaxed, affordable lifestyle.

9. Beaumont: Close to the Gulf Coast

Beaumont’s proximity to the Gulf of Mexico gives this city a unique coastal charm, with plenty of riverfront views and attractions to enjoy!

10. Amarillo: A gem in the rough

Amarillo is known to have a strong sense of community and a cost-effective lifestyle. Amarillo is the place to be for seniors who prefer a homely environment for retirement!

11. Georgetown: A charming historic town

Retiring in a place like Georgetown offers seniors to experience a serene and vibrant retirement. With a rich cultural history, that is reflected in its attractions, the city provides an ideal setting for retirement.

12. Wichita Falls: Best of what nature has to offer

Situated in North Texas, Wichita Falls offers an incredible selection of sightseeing options for seniors! With its many parks, lakes, and lovely natural setting, it is the ideal place to breathe in what makes retirement truly golden!

The best place to retire in Texas on a budget

We find that Corpus Christi is the best place to retire in Texas for those who are looking for affordable retirement options! And the reason is simple! Check below:

  • Home care: $3,844
  • Assisted living: $3,594
  • Nursing home: $5,647 (semi-private)

As you can see, Corpus Christi in Texas is immensely affordable for home care and assisted living communities! The cost of living is relatively low (between 2%-7% lower than the national average), and the healthcare system is moderately good, with four major hospitals in the city!

More great places to retire in Texas

While Texas is home to numerous towns and cities that can cater to the perfect, quiet lifestyle that reflects an ideal retirement, here are some of the other best places in Texas to retire to!

  1. Lubbock
  2. Pasadena
  3. Odessa
  4. Kerrville
  5. Fredericksburg
  6. Tyler
  7. Round Rock

Texas: Costly or affordable for retirees?

As you can see, Texas is relatively affordable for retirement and is one of the best places for retirement in the US!

Planning for retirement

You want the best retirement to savor the true essence of the golden year. And why wouldn’t you, having worked towards this for decades?! But with the aftermath of Covid and rising inflation in the USA (and globally), this may damper your perfect golden hour!

But do not worry! Texas offers an ideal retirement haven for the retirement phase ahead! And if you are worried about the taxation, don’t be! There is no tax on estate or income, including retirement accounts. Property taxes are also low, and Medicare benefits have no surcharge!

Financial planning to secure your future

From investments to savings, navigating the financial hurdles of retirement can be challenging. And with today’s economy, with living costs rising as it is, it is essential to have your finances in order!

Read the articles below to help give you an idea of building a solid financial backbone for a dreamy retirement.

Final thoughts

Retirement is the best time to count your blessings; in the heart of the Lone Star State, you can do just that!

From vibrant urban centers to peaceful retreats, there’s something for every retiree in the Lone Star State. If you are standing at the threshold of your retirement, picture the possibilities awaiting your arrival!

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What part of Texas is good to retire?

Some popular retirement destinations in Texas include Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Hill Country, each offering unique attractions, facilities, and climates.

Where is the most affordable place to retire in Texas?

Aside from Corpus Christi, Brownsville is also considered to be an affordable place to retire in Texas. Home care is about $3,034, and nursing homes are under $9,000!

What area of Texas is best to live in?

The best area to live in Texas depends on individual preferences. However, Austin is known for its vibrant cultural scene, while Houston offers a diverse metropolitan experience.

Is it better to retire in Texas or Florida?

Both Texas and Florida offer retirees a unique experience when it comes to retirement. Texas offers a diverse landscape of attractions and amenities, a lower cost of living, and a strong economy. On the other hand, Florida has warm weather year-round and a range of retirement communities. Just think of Florida as a long-term vacation for retirement, while Texas offers the ideal homely environment to retire into!

Is Texas retirement friendly?

Texas is one of the most retirement-friendly states in America, along with Georgia and Florida. Firstly, Social Security income is not taxed. There is no tax on inheritance and estate. Such factors make Texas a retirement friendly location for seniors.

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