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Are You Happily Retired? If Not, Here Is How to Be!

Are You Happily Retired? If Not, Here Is How to Be!

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Sitting in the corner of the balcony and looking out into the ethereal silhouette of a city skyline had me thinking about life; past, present, and future! I couldn’t help but imagine what my retirement would look like or where it would be!

So I dug deep to find meaning in the future yet to come but enriched by the stories our predecessors have left behind. If you want a happy journey during retirement, here are ways to go on about it!

What does it mean to be happily retired?

A happy retirement can mean living in an independent living facility, experiencing the best days of your life while trivial tasks are being taken care of. Or it can be living under home care services, in the comfort of a familiar setting, having your daily living activities taken care of (so you can sit, relax or pop in a movie).

But it can be as simple as living out a quiet life with just the family or your spouse. A happy retirement is what we make of it!

Making a new life after retirement

Transitioning into a new life will always feel scary and often challenging. For older adults, finding the perfect retirement can be a journey of finding their true selves. The best way to describe this is to peek into a day in the life of a retired woman!

A married woman had to help raise a family for many years. Though she could have had time to focus on herself and her family, time has always been limited. It can be the same for an unmarried woman who may have had other priorities in life. When one gets older, their preferences change.

For a mother, her children may have left the den. She and her husband can now explore other avenues during retirement, like traveling the world or finding exciting work opportunities.
Here is what to remember when making a new life into retirement:

Pursuit of passions

With more time, you can immerse yourself in hobbies or interests that were once set aside. Take up knitting, gardening, or travel someplace exotic.

Personal growth

You can focus on self-improvement through learning new skills, pursuing education, or self-discovery.

Wellness and health

Retirement means having more time to prioritize physical health through regular exercise and balanced diets.

How to enjoy life after retirement?

Retirement is a blank, white canvas; the palate is yours to fill! Each brushstroke you make can tell tales of a new journey! That is what retirement is; not the end, but a do-over. With all the years of experience combined, retirement is a chance to do better for yourself and your loved one!

How to enjoy retirement without regret!

1. Write a story

Aging is the best gift of time, and time is a tale full of intricate stories. Write about your life, experiences, ups, and downs, or any trinket of wisdom you have picked up along the way! It can be in the form of a memoir or autobiography. Just put your heart out on a notepad for your family or the next generation!

2. Keep the connection alive

One of the best things about retirement is time! There is so much time to do the things you have always wanted to, and in retirement, you can! Nurture your connection with family and friends. Spend it with your grandchildren. Strengthen your ties with your retirement community peers! Let’s say you are in an assisted living facility. Make solid friendships and a wholesome community within that group!

3. Eat well and stay active

Try out new diet plans like keto, or keep it simple! It is essential to stay in shape through senior-friendly diets and physical activities. Being healthy can lead to a more active lifestyle. Try these different forms of exercise to stay healthy and stimulated!

4. Go traveling

Think of retirement as a vacation, but you can cruise through it much longer than planned instead of a week! Take the time to plan holidays in summer, spring, or winter! Even if you are a senior with mobility problems, there are ways to travel and have the best time of your life.

5. Find yourself

This is, no doubt, the most critical aspect of retirement. If you find yourself, find growth and meaning in your life, it can really prolong the sense of happiness in your senior years! It can be through volunteering activities, trying new things, or simply crafting a unique identity that can redefine the new you!

Have a read of the following articles to get some more ideas on enjoying your retirement life!

Top 5 happily retired quotes to live by!

While combing through the untangled web to find what it means to have a happy retirement, I came across some great quotes to live by, and the first one is my all-time favorite!

  • ‘There are far better things ahead than we ever leave behind’ by C. S. Lewis.
  • ‘Retire from work, but not from life’ by M. K. Soni.
  • ‘People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel’ by Maya Angelou.
  • ‘We don’t grow older; we grow riper’ by Pablo Picasso.
  • ‘My parents did not want to move to Florida, but they turned 60, and that is the law’ by Jerry Seinfeld.

Final thoughts

Your story is yours to write. Letting the curtains rise on a new beginning of your life can be the best way to indulge in the happiness that comes with it. There may be things we have not covered in this article! But that is okay because, as we have mentioned before, retirement is a blank canvas, and the colors are your choosing!

And if you wish to set yourself up for a happy retired life, read the articles below!


How do I retire and enjoy it?

Finding happiness in retirement is a story unique to one’s journey. For some, finding joy in retirement is all about the mindset! It is important to remember that retirement is just another new beginning, not the end. If you think of retirement as a time to check off your bucket list from the past, then it is the best time to do it!

Does retirement make people happy?

Enjoying every little pebble that comes along this new path is essential. If you think of them as stepping stones rather than a nuisance, you will have a better outlook on retirement life. Retirement is a time to relax and find personal growth, leading to timely happiness.

How to successfully retire?

Proper financial backing can stretch how well your retirement living goes. That being said, wealth is not necessarily the most critical factor in a successful retirement. Eat well, keep physically active, or retire to an affordable state like Georgia or Wyoming for a quiet, charming life!

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