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Spicy Sex Positions for Seniors to Break the Bed

Spicy Sex Positions for Seniors to Break the Bed

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sex positions for seniors

Time for the cat to come out of the bag! In today’s sensual article, we will explore some of the best fire-blazing, vigorously safe sex positions for older adults to start experimenting with. And the reason being with age comes wisdom, and with it brings a newfound sense of appreciation for life and their partners!

Let us see what senior sex position can start a fire in the bedroom and learn to celebrate this intimate experience by washing off the negativity surrounding senior sex.

First and foremost

It’s important to remember that sex does not necessarily have to involve penetration! Often, it can be painful or uncomfortable, which may lead to disappointment, especially if the expectations of climax and aftermath are unrealistically high. So relax, and take it slow and steady. Remember, it’s not about the destination, but the journey!

Remember to stretch

And speaking of the journey, before hitting the hay for some sensual lovemaking, it is essential to stretch the muscles! Yes, you read that right. No one goes for a sprint session without flexing the old hamstring.

As an older adult, if you tend to keep active, it is a good thing! Many seniors are enthusiastic hikers or practice different martial arts to stay in shape! Suppose you are a senior living in a retirement home, like assisted living or independent living. In that case, the programs in such communities often have engaging activities to keep you in shape! Read the following articles to have a better understanding!

5 Sensual sex positions for seniors

Sexuality remains an essential aspect of life, and seniors can explore various positions to enhance their experience. While physical limitations may arise with age, there are plenty of sensual and comfortable sex positions for seniors to enjoy

1. The modified missionary

The modified missionary is helpful for older adults with lower back pain. Instead of the woman lying with her legs flat like in a regular missionary, she can place a pillow below her hips with her feet in the air while her man stands on the edge of the bed. Thus, it makes it easy for the man to thrust with his entire body instead of exerting pressure on the hips.

2. The cozy spoon

Spooning is no doubt one of the best sex positions for seniors. Lay on your sides with one partner’s back against the other’s chest. This position is perfect for cuddling, maintaining emotional intimacy, and enjoying gentle lovemaking (or you can take it up a notch, whichever is your preference).

3. The Lotus flower

This sex position can promote an arousing session for seniors! In this seated position, the male partner sits cross-legged while the female partner straddles their lap. The ‘Lotus’ position provides stability and support for both partners, making it ideal for intercourse, even for those with mobility challenges.

4. Sideways 69

We all know what a 69 is. It’s a magic number when it comes to sex! Both partners face each other’s genitals, but here is the catch: They are turned sideways. It is an excellent position for seniors with rheumatoid arthritis or carpal tunnel. Since there is no burden of weight or pressure on hands and wrists, this position enables stimulation with more than just the mouth (toys are optional).

5. The sensual scissors

Let’s call this position the modified scissoring. Partners will lie on their sides and cross their top leg over their partner’s leg. The altered position for seniors helps keep their weight spread evenly over the entire side of the body. Scissoring helps partners intimately grind one another in a gentle, comfortable manner!

But also remember, a good diet plan and regular exercise can boost your bedroom games into overdrive!

The best position for seniors goes to…

While they are all great, we must go with the ‘Sideways 69’. This is the ideal sex position for seniors that wins out over all the others! Why?

Well, seniors can comfortably perform this sex position in the comforts of their bed while reaping the fruits of ultimate pleasure! Now it cannot be stressed why being sexually active in your golden years is always a good idea, and it must also be pointed out the importance of safe sex. In today’s context, we do not mean hygiene (equally important) but more on safe sex positions for the elderly and those with mobility issues!

3 Safe sexual positions for senior citizens

1. Modified missionary

We have mentioned this earlier, but it does come under a safe sex position. This alteration can ease the stress on the hips and offers a better view!

2. Cowgirl

The receiving partner sits on top of the penetrating partner. This gives them greater control over the depth and pace of penetration. Using a solid chair or bed can provide additional support.

3. Seated embrace

Seniors can sit facing each other and wrap their arms around each other. The penetrating partner can gently thrust while the receiving partner stays calm and comfortable.

Sex positions for older adults with mobility issues

1. Modified sitting doggy style: In this position, one of the partners can sit on a chair or the edge of the bed while the other partner stands behind from a penetrative place.

2. Sitting pretzel: Both partners sit facing each other, with one partner’s legs wrapped around the other’s waist. This allows for intimate contact and easy support for those with mobility challenges.

3. Side-lying clasping: Both partners lie on their sides, facing each other. The partner with mobility issues can lift their top leg slightly for easier penetration.

4. Oral sex: Remember we mentioned that sex doesn’t have always to involve penetration! The oral form can be one of the best sex positions for older couples who have limited mobility, given they can perform orally.

Breaking the taboo of senior sexuality positions

The deep-rooted taboo surrounding senior sexuality in many cultures, including the Western world, leads to isolation, loneliness, and sexual health issues for older adults. Challenging this stigma is crucial for promoting healthy aging and overall well-being. While progress has been made in raising awareness, breaking the stigma will take time and effort.

This is true, especially when it comes to different sex positions for elderly couples to try out! Many seniors may even shy away from discussing it with like-minded peers because it is considered ‘taboo.’

By challenging this taboo, we empower older adults to embrace their sexuality and enjoy fulfilling, intimate lives in their golden years.

Here are some of the reasons why the taboo surrounding senior sexuality exists.

  1. Ageism: Ageism is a predisposition or discrimination against people based on their age. In many cultures, older adults are often seen as asexual beings. They tend to have their sexuality ignored or even denied.
  2. Negative stereotypes about aging: There are numerous negative stereotypes, such as that older adults are physically frail, incompetent, and even unattractive. These stereotypes significantly contribute to the taboos surrounding senior sexuality.
  3. Improper representation of older adults in the media: The media often portrays older adults in negative or stereotypical ways. Such negative portrayals are a prime factor contributing to the idea that older adults are not sexual.

The consequences

1. The problems of ageism and negative stereotypes can lead to isolation, loneliness, and depression as seniors feel ashamed and afraid to express their sexuality.

2. Difficulty finding partners (sometimes younger) arises as many people are uncomfortable dating or having intercourse with older adults.

3. The taboo also contributes to sexual health problems, as seniors may be afraid to seek medical care for such issues. A great example of this is the rising STD rates in nursing homes!

What can we do?

If you are not in home care but in a retirement facility like a nursing home, remember that you are in your zone, so there is nothing to be shy about.

Quite simply, raising awareness through education and media can gradually help portray a positive representation of older adults as sexual beings. This can help encourage everyone to talk about sex positions for the elderly without making it a societal stereotype.

To learn more about senior sexuality, the following organizations are worth checking out!

  • Aging with Attitude
  • Encore.org
  • National Sexuality Resource Center
  • SAGE

Final thoughts

If you want to finish strong or spice up the climactic ending, here is a final thought we live for you. The best thing about sex after 60 is that it is just you and your partner! That means no kids and all the time to enjoy the fantastic positions we have listed in this article!

Just remember not to give in to the stereotypes or what others will think. Sex is a beautiful and natural part of the human experience that can get unique with age, something that puts the gold in the golden years!


What is the best sex position for seniors?

The best sex position for seniors can significantly vary. It can also depend on personal preferences, physical abilities (and limitations), and comfort levels. Senior couples must learn to communicate openly within themselves to explore what is comfortable and the best pleasurable positions for both.

What type of sex positions do older women like?

Like people of all ages, older women have diverse favorites regarding sex positions. Many may enjoy positions that offer comfort, intimacy, and minimal strain. Older women often favor modified missionary, the lotus position, side-to-side, and seated embrace (in a chair or bed) for their ease and pleasure.

What are the best positions for sex for a 60-year-old woman?

The best positions for a 60-year-old woman should focus on comfort and stability. Positions like the cowgirl, side-to-side, and reclining bliss (involves one partner lying on their back with their knees bent while the other partner kneels in front) are popular choices.

How to enjoy sex after 70?

Physical connection is easy to enjoy, irrespective of age. To enjoy sex after 70, communication and understanding between partners are crucial. Exploring safe and comfortable positions, using lubrication, and prioritizing intimacy can enhance pleasure.

What sex positions are good for men who are overweight?

Sex positions for overweight men tend to focus more on comfort while minimizing strain. Positions like spooning, modified missionary with pillows for support, and seated positions are ideal for overweight men.

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