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Retirement Communities in Missouri: Your Gateway to Serene Bliss

Retirement Communities in Missouri: Your Gateway to Serene Bliss

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Retirement Communities in Missouri

Did you know that The Iron Mountain State is a hidden gem for seniors regarding retirement?

Missouri offers a multitude of reasons why it’s an ideal state for retirement. The shape and its resident cities have charming towns and natural beauty. In addition, the vibrant cultural scene is boosted by a low cost of living, making it an attractive place for a fulfilling retirement.

Let us see what makes Missouri a gem for retirement living!

Why the state of Missouri is a gem for seniors?

1. Affordable cost of living

Missouri offers a budget-friendly retirement bliss for seniors looking at a low cost of living. For example, nursing homes in Missouri are affordable, meaning seniors can stretch their savings without compromising on their golden years!

2. Breathtaking natural beauty

Seniors can explore the Mississippi River, which begins with stunning landscapes, from rolling hills to serene lakes and lush green forests. Seniors who are independent and love to hike will find endless opportunities for such adventurous activities and recreation.

3. Rich history and culture

Missouri’s vibrant cities and historical sites offer a captivating preview of the state’s heritage. History buffs will love museums, landmarks, and other cultural events commemorating the state’s history!

4. Great healthcare facilities

Seniors will find top-notch medical facilities and a comprehensive healthcare system, like St. Luke’s Hospital in Chesterfield and Kansas City. In addition, healthcare agencies will also be able to provide home care caregivers to seniors who need it.

5. Welcoming community

What’s better than the Missouri weather is the community. Having been penned with a rich history and the homeliness culture practiced in every corner of the city, seniors will love the hospitable environment. In addition, they can build meaningful relations in the senior community!

What to expect from active retirement communities in Missouri?

Suppose you are looking for over 55 communities in Missouri, specifically big cities like Kansas City and Jefferson City. In that case, you can bet that the below five ticks are a common sight in retirement living!

1. Resort-style amenities

Seniors can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle with amenities like swimming pools, fitness centers, golf courses, and social events that keep older adults active and engaged.

2. Maintenance-free living

Say goodbye to household chores because the staff and caregivers of such retirement communities will handle maintenance tasks and allow seniors to focus on enjoying the serenity.

3. Engaging activities

All good retirement communities will come with a range of social and recreational activities tailored to the requirement of seniors or programs that will stimulate the brain and foster connections and new experiences.

4. Convenient healthcare access

Many retirement communities have on-site healthcare facilities or partnerships with nearby medical centers, providing easy access to healthcare services.

5. Supportive community atmosphere

Forge friendships and find support within a close-knit community that offers resources and services to enhance your well-being. The new community friends you make will become your new family.

Top 9 retirement communities in Missouri

Let us take a look at the top 9 retirement communities Missouri has on offer for seniors looking to shine during their golden years!

Brookdale Wornall Place – Kansas City

Brookdale Wornall Place in Kansas City is number one on our list! This retirement community offers a warm and welcoming environment for seniors. With a range of living facilities, the assisted living and memory care community ensures all residents are well taken care of in the ambiance of a homely structure and is catered to with personalized care. Seniors can enjoy attractively landscaped grounds, spacious apartments, and engaging activities personalized to their interests.

The Waterford at Ironbridge – Springfield

This facility is a dedicated independent living community situated in Springfield. The Waterford at Ironbridge symbolizes the essence of peaceful retirement living for seniors who want to maintain independence. Beautifully decorated independent living cottages and assisted living apartments are on offer. So retiring here will be like being in college dorms, but only for seniors!

The Parkway Senior Living, Blue Springs

The Parkway Senior Living in Blue Springs offers a modern and upscale retirement experience. This community has luxurious apartments, delicate dining options, and an extensive range of facilities, including a fitness center, theater room, and beautifully landscaped outdoor spaces. Residents can enjoy a worry-free lifestyle and plentiful social and recreational opportunities.

Heisinger Bluffs Senior Living Community, Jefferson City

If you require a senior living community that overlooks a great river view, then Heisinger Bluffs Senior Living Community is for you! Located in Jefferson City and provides a tranquil setting overlooking the Missouri River. This community is known for providing residents with assisted living, independent living, and memory care services.

Foxwood Springs – Raymore

Situated in Raymore, Foxwood Springs offers a resort-style retirement experience. This community features spacious independent living villas, apartments, and various conveniences for seniors to indulge in and enjoy the whole fruits of retirement! In addition, they also provide in-home care services for older adults who want to enjoy senior care from the comforts of their homes.

The Gardens at Barry Road – Kansas City

If you are looking for retirement communities in Kansas City, Missouri, look into The Gardens at Barry Road! This community provides seniors with a peaceful and secure homely environment. Known for its assisted living and memory care services, you can rest assured that tailored care and support are always on the cards. Residents can enjoy beautifully landscaped gardens, chef-prepared meals, and activities to help boost their lifestyle, especially if they suffer from cognitive conditions.

Cedarhurst Of Tesson Heights – St Louis

If you are searching for assisted and independent living services, look at Cedarhurst of Tesson Heights! With a core focus on encouraging independence and well-being, this community offers spacious apartments, fine dining options, and a range of services tailored to meet a senior’s needs. Older adults looking for assistance with daily living activities will also find caregivers ready to benefit when required!

Sunrise of Chesterfield – Chesterfield

Another assisted living and memory care facility that is part of an established senior living community in America is Sunrise of Chesterfield. With personalized care plans for its residents, restaurant-style dining, and a variety of life development programs, this community nurtures a sense of purpose and engagement.

Brookdale West County – Ballwin

Brookdale West County in Ballwin is a premier retirement community known for assisted living and memory care services. They are a part of Brookdale senior living services and are well known to be specialized in helping residents with Alzheimer’s. Aside from a serene and comfortable environment with its simplistic but well-designed architecture, residents can enjoy spacious apartments and attractive grounds for group activities like Tai Chi and yoga!

Jefferson City vs Kansas City: Which is Better for retirement

Two cities stand out when considering retirement in Missouri: Jefferson City and Kansas City. Each offers its unique advantages for retirees. Here are the main differences between the two major Missouri cities that seniors should know!

Jefferson City

This city is the personification of what it means to be appealing and charming. Jefferson City exudes a small-town charm with its celebrated architecture, tree-lined streets, and close-knit welcoming community. There are plenty of cultural attractions to submerge in; naturally, the city is surrounded by attractive hills and river banks.

Kansas City

For a more vibrant metropolitan lifestyle, seniors should choose Kansas City. The city offers a bustling urban environment with incredible dining and entertainment options. In addition, there are plenty of great healthcare institutions (some of the best in Missouri) and diverse neighborhoods, mixed of urban and suburban communities with accessible routes to shopping centers and other exciting venues.

Verdict: If you want a calm, quiet retirement life in Missouri, then go for Jefferson City; otherwise, Kansas City is the place to call your next home!

The average cost of retirement in Missouri

The cost of retirement in Missouri can vary depending on location, housing choice, healthcare requirements, and even lifestyle preferences. Luxury retirement will be expensive but is moderately lower in contrast to states like Florida or Colorado!

1. Assisted living – $3,183
2. Nursing home (private room) – $6,292
3. Nursing home (semi-private room) – $5,582
4. In-home care (homemaker services) – $5,057
5. In-home care (home health aide) – $5,057

As you can see, nursing homes are quite affordable compared to many other states, where the monthly cost will be over $8,000 (on average). It is important to note that despite the low senior living cost in Missouri, the tax is set moderately on withdrawals from retirement accounts, where the borderline state tax rate is around 5.30%

Take a look at the articles below to better prepare yourself financially for retirement!

Final thoughts

Missouri can best be described as a reflection of your home. Simple, quaint, and comforting! With a hospitable and welcoming community no matter the city or town, retiring in over communities in Missouri can be a fulfilling experience with opportunities for growth and connections!

So please take advantage of the Missouri retirement communities and everything the state has to offer when it comes to blissful senior living! And in case you still want to compare with other relevant states or cities, have a look below!


Is Missouri a good state for retirees?

Missouri is an excellent state for those looking at a balanced retirement. Be it in terms of weather or low cost of living! Some good things about retiring in Missouri are that:
1. Many high-quality 55 and over active communities in Missouri.
2. Low cost of living.
3. Lots of attractions and locations for outdoor recreation.

Is Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, a good place to retire?

Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, is indeed a desired place for retirement. The city offers a charming coastal setting with neighborhoods linked to the bay, a low cost of living, and a welcoming community. In addition, the climate in Bay St. Louis is relatively mild, giving ample recreational opportunities for seniors to participate in.

Which state has the largest retirement community?

Florida is known for having the largest retirement community in the United States—the Villages is considered to be one the most significant senior living facilities in Florida. Aside from the Villages, Brookdale Senior Living also has communities all across Florida and other states in the US.

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