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Luxury retirement communities in Colorado

Luxury retirement communities in Colorado

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luxury retirement communities in Colorado

Are you dreaming of an idyllic retirement life? Imagine relocating to one of the most beautiful states in America – Colorado. With breathtaking mountain views, crystal clear streams, friendly people and plenty of outdoor activities – it’s no wonder many retirees flock to this beautiful state every year.  

But one thing that makes this state particularly ideal is its long list of retirement communities, and senior living facilities catering to senior citizens’ needs. Whether you’re looking for a full-service facility featuring amenities like swimming pools and tennis courts or something more relaxed with private balconies overlooking lush landscapes – there’s an option for everyone! 

In this blog post, we’ll cover some of the best luxury retirement communities in Colorado, discuss the cost of retiring in this state, and whether it’s worth it. So, read on to learn more! 

Is Colorado a good place to retire? 

Colorado is often considered a desirable place to retire. Though people have different preferences and needs, the following factors make the state a good choice to spend the folder years of life in comfort and peace. 

1. Scenic beauty 

Colorado is nicknamed ‘Colorful Colorado’ due to its breathtaking natural beauty. It has an abundance of hiking trails, mountains, rivers, and parks. Besides, the weather in Colorado is mostly mild and dry all year round. 

2. Outdoor recreation opportunities 

Aside from its scenic beauty, Colorado offers various outdoor recreational opportunities. There are dozens of music and sports festivals throughout the year, numerous museums, gold courses, rivers for rafting, food and shopping hubs, and many more hotspots. 

3. Reasonable taxes 

Colorado has a relatively low overall tax burden compared to other states, but sales and property taxes are higher than the national average. In addition, social Security and most pensions are tax-exempt in Colorado. 

4. Strong healthcare system 

Healthcare services in Colorado are also among some of the best available nationwide. There are dozens of hospitals throughout the state that provide top-notch care for seniors who need special attention or treatment. Besides, there’s an abundance of assisted living and nursing homes offering unparalleled amenities. 

5. High quality of life 

Colorado offers a high-quality life with its diverse landscapes, vibrant cultural scene, activity options, and access to education and healthcare. Here, older adults and retirees can have an exciting lifestyle that allows them to stay active while enjoying peaceful moments on their own terms.

Top 10 things to do in Colorado for older adults 

There are plenty of things to do in Colorado for older adults who enjoy outdoor activities, vibrant city life, or natural beauty. Here’s our top 10 picks: 

  1. Explore Rocky Mountain National Park – Hike breathtaking trails and witness stunning mountain views. 
  2. Visit the Garden of the Gods – Marvel at the unique rock formations and go for a scenic hike. 
  3. Experience the historic charm of Manitou Springs – Wander through the quirky shops and enjoy the natural mineral springs. 
  4. Take a scenic drive on the Million Dollar Highway – Drive along this stunning mountain road with jaw-dropping views. 
  5. Go skiing or snowboarding in Aspen – Hit the slopes in one of Colorado’s premier winter destinations. 
  6. Relax in the hot springs of Glenwood Springs – Soak in mineral-rich waters while enjoying picturesque surroundings. 
  7. Explore the vibrant city of Denver – Discover art galleries, breweries, and museums in the Mile High City. 
  8. Visit Mesa Verde National Park – Explore the ancient cliff dwellings and learn about Native American history. 
  9. Go white-water rafting in the Arkansas River – Experience thrilling rapids amidst beautiful scenery. 
  10. Discover the beauty of Great Sand Dunes National Park – Hike up towering sand dunes and enjoy sandboarding. 

What is the Cost of retiring in Colorado?

The cost of retiring in Colorado will depend on the location you decide to live in, the lifestyle you desire, and the kind of amenities you are looking for. Generally speaking, to comfortably retire in Colorado, one may need an estimated $1,125,680 in savings. It is the ninth highest amongst all US states. The median home price in Colorado is around $410,000, while the monthly nursing home cost is $7,500. 

In addition, Colorado is considered tax-friendly for retirees, as it does not tax Social Security income and has a relatively low state income tax rate. However, it does have high property taxes and state sales tax, which can impact retirees’ budgets, especially those on fixed incomes.

Top luxury retirement communities in Colorado 

Colorado has some of the best high-end senior living facilities in the United States. The luxurious accommodations, amenities, and services offered by these communities make them an ideal destination for those looking for an exceptional lifestyle. Let’s explore some of the top luxury retirement communities in Colorado. 

1. Revel Province 

Revel Province is a luxury retirement village in Colorado Springs, CO, offering a variety of amenities and activities to promote a comfortable and social lifestyle for its residents. It maintains four distinct pillars of wellness – intellectual, social, spiritual, and physical. The community offers various interactive meetings and activity sessions with peers, family, and friends.

Besides, it offers educational seminars and workshops to nurture existing hobbies or develop new skills. Furthermore, their nutritious dining options and fitness centers ensure a healthy and balanced life for retirees. Last but not least, Revel Province encourages their residents to stay connected with their spiritual sides and engage in various community events. 

2. Melody Living 

Melody Living is a luxury assisted living and memory care facility in Colorado. The community boasts exquisite mountain views with a range of amenities that cater to both physical and mental well-being. Besides, they have stunning common spaces with state-of-art furnitures, and multiple floor plans carefully designed with dementia patients in mind.

Melody living has a team of compassionate caregivers who offer 24/7 supervision and support. The residents enjoy nutritious meals, housekeeping services, and various health and wellness programs, such as exercise classes and therapy sessions. In addition, there are many socializing and recreation opportunities, including game rooms, movie nights, happy hours, day trips to local attractions, and many more! 

3. Vi at Highlands Ranch 

Vi at Highlands Ranch is one of the best high-end 55+ communities in Colorado. It offers a resort-like environment with dedicated staff, spacious accommodations, gourmet dining options, and many top-notch services and amenities. The community has acres of lush walking trails, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, an art studio, movie theater, and a restaurant offering a variety of culinary options.

In addition, their health and wellness programs include fitness classes, wellness clinics, and rehabilitation services to keep residents active and healthy. Vi at Highlands Ranch offers various lifestyle options such as independent living apartments, full-service assisted living suites, and secure memory care units. 

4. Legacy Village of Castle Pines 

Legacy Village of Castle Pines is one of the top luxury senior living facilities in Colorado. Situated at 7000 feet above sea level, this premier 55+ community offers all the comforts of home while also providing numerous amenities to enjoy life to the fullest. The community features a variety of high-end housing options that feature spacious floor plans and modern designs.

Legacy Village is also conveniently located near all the fine dining experiences, shopping excursions, and entertainment options. For older adults who want to stay on the campus, there are plenty of recreation options such as golf courses, yoga classes, walking trails, and private patios. The staff works hard to ensure that everything runs smoothly so that each resident can enjoy life in their own special way. 

5. Balfour at Riverfront Park 

Balfour at Riverfront Park offers the best of luxury senior living in Denver. It has a huge 17-acre campus fronting the Commons and Confluence Parks. This luxury retirement community in Colorado offers independent living, assisted living, and memory care to its residents. Their trained staff and caregivers develop personalized care plans and wellness programs to ensure healthy living.

Balfour at Riverfront Park takes all safety measures to offer a safe, secure environment for the residents, including security cameras, private entrances, departure alert system, and many other technological features. In addition, the community has a robust activity calendar with arts and crafts classes, fitness classes, gourmet dining, day trips, and relaxing spa treatments. 

6. MacKenzie Place 

MacKenzie Place is one of the top luxury retirement communities in Colorado. Located in Fort Collins, this vibrant and active community offers its residents the perfect balance of independence and support. It is a pet-friendly senior living with a range of amenities, including on site bistro, pool, activity and game rooms, enclosed courtyards, salon, library, and many more.

For older adults with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, the community offers wellness and therapy programs with brain training and stimulation activities. In addition, residents at MacKenzie Place enjoy 24-hour professional nursing care, physical rehabilitation services, an expansive fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment, and classes led by certified instructors. 

What are the best hospitals in Colorado? 

Colorado has one of the best healthcare systems in the country with well-regarded hospitals. Here are some of the best hospitals in Colorado: 

  1. University of Colorado Hospital – Aurora 
  2. Children’s Hospital Colorado – Aurora 
  3. Craig Hospital – Englewood (specializes in rehabilitation for spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries) 
  4. National Jewish Health – Denver (specializes in respiratory and immune-related disorders) 
  5. Porter Adventist Hospital – Denver 
  6. UCHealth Memorial Hospital – Colorado Springs 
  7. Penrose-St. Francis Health Services – Colorado Springs 
  8. St. Mary’s Medical Center – Grand Junction 
  9. Boulder Community Health – Boulder 
  10. Poudre Valley Hospital – Fort Collins 

Final thoughts 

There you have it – the list of retirement communities offering the best of luxury senior living in Colorado. With stunning landscapes, top-notch amenities, and personalized services, the state is next to none when it comes to retirement living. If you are downsizing from your family home or just want to spend your retirement years in peace, be sure to check out these premier 55+ homes. 

We hope our list of luxury retirement communities in Colorado has helped you narrow down your search. If you have any other queries, or if you’d like to schedule a tour or free consultation regarding senior living options in Colorado, give us a call today. We would love to help! 

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  • What are the best retirement cities in Colorado? 

Determining the best retirement city depends on a number of factors, such as lifestyle choices, cost of living, availability of amenities, personal preference, etc. Here are some of the best retirement cities in Colorado: 

  1. Colorado Springs 
  2. Greeley 
  3. Denver 
  4. Boulder 
  5. Fort Collins 
  6. Pueblo 
  • Is Colorado cheaper than California? 

Yes, Colorado is generally cheaper than California when it comes to the cost of living. The overall cost of living in Colorado is approximately 40% lower than that of California. However, Colorado has almost 31% higher cost of living compared to the national average. 

  • What are the disadvantages of living in Colorado? 

Like every other state, living in Colorado has some shortcomings too. Some of the disadvantages of living in Colorado include the following: 

  1. The housing prices are quite high, with an average selling price of $545,000
  2. Colorado enjoys a significant amount of sunshine every year, which can lead to drought and cause a risk of sunburn and skin damage. 
  3. It is a high-altitude state due to its mountainous terrain and wide-open plains. 
  4. Major cities have quite a high population density and traffic congestion. 
  5. High sales taxes lead to higher prices for everyday goods like groceries. 

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