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An Overview of Luxury Senior Living in the US

An Overview of Luxury Senior Living in the US

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Luxury Senior Living in US

When we are on the verge of retirement, we think about setting the briefcase down, picking up the golf bag, and enjoying the senior years as the next generation can take responsibility. That is what senior living should be; floating by relaxing, getting assistance, and enjoying a new lifestyle with like-minded companions.

When senior living communities already offer such an atmosphere, why not take it up a notch and add a dash of panache to the such lifestyle?

As it turns out, you can, and the price you pay for that extra bit of flair transforms a regular senior living lifestyle into something even more luxurious.

What is luxury senior living?

See senior living is sought out by older adults over 55+ because they want a specific form of care catered to the needs that come with age. It can be either in the form of assisted living or independent living as well. But some seniors, who come from an affluent lifestyle, generally wish to continue that in senior care.

They want a senior living community that offers a wide variety of care when required. This limits the latent need to switch senior living facilities in the future. One of the main reasons why luxury senior living is preferred amongst selective seniors is because of its unique and elevated senior lifestyle offer. For example, luxury senior living in California is very exclusive, where the lifestyle is different compared to luxury senior living in Denver.

This difference can be attributed to the staffing level, availability of visiting medical professionals, or dining experiences. However, the main distinction in senior living is that, for example, luxury assisted living costs will be higher than ordinary seniors’.

Essential things you need to know

If you are looking for the best luxury retirement communities, know that it has a relatively steeper price when compared to other senior living communities that are non-luxury. However, considering the extra facilities you are receiving, luxury senior living costs less than expected.

But the vital thing you should know is that unless you have a solid financial stance and a monetary safety net for your retirement, it is best to have a good asset protection plan and financial management before considering shifting to senior living communities. Because most older adults who seek to live in luxury senior living in the USA plan to do so for a long-time. And keeping that in mind, that is how much specific senior care is structured, as is their cost.

Take luxury senior living in the Phoenix area, for example. The cost may differ slightly in contrast to luxury senior living in Massachusetts.

Senior living luxury communities: Why it’s different?

  1. Elevated amenities: We mean fine dining, state-of-the-art fitness centers, exceptional spa treatments, and more.
  2. Personalized care: Smaller resident-to-staff ratios mean more concierge-style medical care with customized wellness plans.
  3. Luxury living: To put it simply, it consists of spacious apartments, high-end furnishings, smart home technology, and various living options.
  4. Engaging community: Resident-driven activities, intergenerational programs, volunteer opportunities, and travel clubs (we are even talking about cruises).
  5. Exceptional quality in staff: Staff in luxury senior living communities go through rigorous training. Their sole intent is to focus on resident satisfaction and commitment to innovation.

Types of facilities provided in senior luxury care

Luxury living for seniors is defined by the extra, ultra-extensive services and facilities provided by retirement communities. So let’s look at what makes luxury senior living an alluring prospect.

1. The location

Location is always imperative whether you are looking for a residential home or a senior living community. When it comes to luxury senior living, older adults with a preference for posh life prefer to live in selective urban or around secluded rural areas.

Senior living communities located near desired natural surroundings like beaches, lakes, mountain ranges, or lush rural grounds will fall under the luxury category. These senior living are typically near specific attractions with renowned restaurants around.

2. The facilities

Next on the list is what defines luxury and takes senior living to another level. The long list of amenities like housekeeping and laundry services means the staff will do a resident’s dirty washing for them in their flat or apartment. Similarly, a dedicated spa and salon service within the compound is also a requirement in order for it to fall under luxury senior living.

These offering, along with something more, is what keeps the residents active, engaged, and beaming with satisfaction. This is because the luxurious life they are already used to has an impression on their physical and mental health. You won’t find massage therapy with a manicure and pedicure sessions a standard service in non-luxury senior living.

3. Variety of dining choices

A luxury senior living will typically offer a palate selection that is the classification as fine dining and that is highly attractive for those seeking extravagance in senior care. In addition, the residents in luxury senior living prefer meals prepared by chefs from a full menu rather than partial selections. Many luxury senior living communities can also provide room service for this specific selection.

4. Wellness and fitness activities

If there is one thing that older adults value about living in senior communities, it is the activities, especially related to fitness and wellness. Though non-luxury senior care also has activities for seniors, residents in luxury retirement communities enjoy the well-equipped, state-of-the-art fitness center, including nutrition treatment and physical therapy.

Even residents with dementia can enjoy activities in luxury senior living that cater to them. Furthermore, many luxury senior living communities also have heated swimming pools, including tennis courts, golf courses, and similar resort-style conveniences. These extra facilities, otherwise not found in non-luxury senior living, can be highly stimulating and create a whole level of social interaction.

5. Complete accessibility and transportation

When older adults choose luxury senior living communities, they look for accessibility that will make their lives easier. Hence, community features such as elevators, handrails (mechanic ones, too), wheelchair ramps, or anything to do with mobility will make their move easier. Similarly, residents may have the option of a private chauffeur or transportation if they feel the need to go shopping or attend relevant native events.

6. Staffs and caregivers

Many luxury senior living communities have staff and caregivers with extensive, multipurpose training. For example, most of the retirement homes will be staffed with highly trained caregivers if you are looking for luxury senior living in Southern California.

Though the state requirements are varied regarding staff numbers for senior living, in luxury senior care homes, you will find that there is sufficient staff to tend to any matters, be it administrative or related to caregiving. Of course, skilled nursing facilities or memory care will have the necessary staff as required per the state’s regulations. Still, often due to unfavorable economic situations, retirement homes may be understaffed. For luxury senior living, however, this is rarely the care.

7. Medical health care

At the end of the day, seniors shift to this kind of retirement community to avail specific health services. Many luxury senior living communities offer extensive health services like monitoring or GPS tracking. In addition, these luxury senior care homes are almost equipped with high-tech gadgets and infrastructure related to health monitoring. Future technology is expected to further transform senior living communities, including luxury retirement homes.

Their facilities may also include round-the-clock visiting doctors and medical consultants, with nurses that are on 24/7 duty. Aside from in-home care, rehabilitation, and other physical therapy, medication management (assisted living) is provided at round-the-clock intervals.

Final thoughts

Senior living communities are already great as they are. They were built to foster a wonderful and comfortable atmosphere for the elderly. But those looking for something a bit extra have the option of luxury senior living.

If you are interested in a more detailed overview of luxury assisted living in the United States, then read here. But if you want to start searching for luxury senior living options in your respective state, get in touch with BoomersHub for a free consultation.

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What is the highest level of assisted living?

This form of senior care is often known as enhanced assisted living, which refers to far-reaching hands-on support with various ADLs whenever required. This is generally common in luxury senior living and is for older adults who need a lot of attention, with assistance. It can be due to their cognitive health problems or is provided as an extensive service as part of assisted living.

How much are senior homes in Las Vegas?

Surprisingly, the average living cost of senior communities in Las Vegas is between $3,300 – $3,600, depending on the facilities provided. Keeping aside the cost of luxury senior living in Las Vegas, the average price is lower compared to Reno or even Carson City.

How much does luxury senior living cost?

Though it depends as the cost will vary from state to state, including the number of luxury facilities being provided, the baseline average cost can go up to $6,000 and above. Given that luxury senior living has more facilities, including dedicated staff to attend to individual needs, the price can be almost 30% higher than ordinary senior living communities.

What are some of the best retirement communities?

Depending on the state and the number of facilities being provided, The Villages is considered to be one of the best senior living communities in the US, Florida specifically. For example, if you are looking for a small and comfortable senior living home in Phoenix, Arizona, that specializes in memory care, then Brookdale Central Paradise Valley is a great choice.

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