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Retire In Idaho and Find Your Picture Perfect Paradise

Retire In Idaho and Find Your Picture Perfect Paradise

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retire in Idaho

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Step into the picture-perfect paradise in the heart of America’s northwest, Idaho.

The Gem State embraces retirees with majestic mountains, winding rivers, and warm-hearted communities, promising a retirement experience that gleams brighter than the sun-kissed landscapes. Let us see what seniors can expect from one of the best homes for retirement in the US!

Why retire in Idaho?

To put it simply, Idaho is purely picturesque. Seniors do not need a valid reason to look for retirement in Idaho. They must pack their bags and move to Idaho because this state is a literary gem! But if you must know, let’s go cherry-picking on why The Gem State is such a catch!

1. Idaho is just every landscape painting comes alive

Idaho personifies every scenic painting you have encountered in your life. Cities like Twin Falls, Coeur d’Alene, Lewiston, Sandpoint, and Jerome are some of America’s most beautiful landscapes. Retirees who love the great outdoors (and hiking) will instantly fall in love with Idaho!

2. Never-ending attractions & activities

Living in Idaho is like being on a vacation. If the scenic beauty was not enough, here are the major attractions in Idaho that seniors will come to fall in love with (those who decide to move here, that is).

  • Shoshone Falls (Niagara of the West)
  • Craters of the Moon National Monument
  • Sawtooth National Recreation Area
  • Sun Valley
  • Idaho State Capitol
  • Snake River Canyon
  • Coeur d’Alene (Because this place is just breathtaking)

3. Golfing paradise for seniors

But of course, this gem of Idaho should be mentioned separately because its appeal is on another level. Idaho is home to some of the best golf courses in the US, and seniors can flex their muscles while teeing up their game on the grass!

4. A remnant of the old west 

The bridge between the past and present connects us and offers a pathway to the future. Corny as it sounds, the past of Idaho is nestled amidst a rich history (old wild west) that is enough to stimulate seniors, especially history buffs.

5. The grass is greener during golden hours

Seniors looking to retire in the heart of Idaho will find the grass to be much greener when it comes to their golden years. Like Florida, Idaho offers something unique regarding charming and idyllic retirement homes.

What are the pros and cons of retiring in Idaho?

As with every city and state, living there has advantages and disadvantages, especially for retirement. No place is perfect, but the ideal location is the one that is right for you! So before you decide on retiring in the picturesque Gem State, here is what you should know!


1. Natural beauty

Idaho’s majestic mountains, crystal-clear lakes, and picturesque landscapes offer endless opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts.

2. Low cost of living

Idaho boasts a relatively low cost compared to many other retirement destinations, allowing retirees to make the most of their savings.

3. Dynamic lifestyle

Idaho provides a vibrant and engaging lifestyle for retired individuals with abundant hiking trails, fishing spots, golf courses, and skiing resorts.

4. Cultural richness

From local art galleries to music festivals and theater performances, Idaho fosters a thriving cultural scene.

5. Strong sense of community

Idaho is a friendly state, and Idahoans are known for their warm hospitality. This will make retirees feel welcome and help them be involved in a strong sense of community.


Harsh winters

Idaho experiences cold winters and heavy snowfall in certain regions, which may not be ideal for retirees who prefer milder climates.

Limited healthcare access

Some remote areas of Idaho may need more healthcare facilities, requiring longer travel distances for specialized medical care.

Seasonal tourism

Popular tourist destinations in Idaho can become crowded during peak seasons, affecting the tranquility and serenity retirees may seek.

Higher altitude

Idaho’s higher altitude can pose challenges for individuals with certain health conditions or those who are not accustomed to high elevation.

Limited diversity

Idaho has a relatively homogenous population, which may result in little diversity in terms of cultural experiences and perspectives.

best places to retire in Idaho

Best places to retire in Idaho

Now that we are past the pros and cons let us zoom in on the best cities in Idaho to retire to!

1. Idaho falls

Population: 69,450
With natural beauty, a well-structured city, and an abundance of attractions, seniors will love the modern and historic charm of Idaho Falls. This is no doubt one of the best places to retire in Idaho.

2. Twin Falls

Population: 56,121
Twin Falls offers a unique blend of natural beauty and recreational opportunities for retirees. As one of the best places to live in Idaho, retirees will love what Twin Falls offers them.

3. Boise

Population: 240,713
The state capital is no doubt one of the best places to live in Idaho for retirees. For one, seniors can expect to reap the benefits of capital city amenities. Two, too many great retirement communities here!

4. Coeur d’Alene

Population: 58,242
If you want your golden years to read anything like a Jane Austen novel, then this is the city to live in. From some of the most breathtaking natural beauty to the best retirement homes in the town.

5. Meridian

Population: 139,422
Meridian offers a delightful blend of urban amenities and a close-knit community, making it an appealing choice for retirees seeking an active and fulfilling lifestyle.

Top 15 retirement communities in Idaho

Our list for you today is based on the reviews and facilities provided by the best retirement communities. Here are the best retirement communities you can call your next home if you retire in The Gem State!

Top 10 retirement communities

1. Morningstar of Idaho Falls – Idaho Falls

With 12 cottages for active older adults, 87 well-structured suites for independent living, and 66 for assisted living for those needing extra help with daily activities, the Morningstar of Idaho Falls can be the best doors to walk through for retirement!

2. Lincoln Court Retirement Community – Idaho Falls

This is one of the most highly reviewed retirement communities in Idaho. Lincoln Court Retirement Community I offers its residents independent living, assisted living, and memory care. Seniors can expect engaging and stimulating activity calendars throughout the year on top of dedicated round-the-clock services.

3. Veranda At Paramount – Meridian

At Veranda retirement community, seniors can live life on their terms. This community cannot offer anything from spacious living accommodations, convenient transportation, engaging activities, a fully equipped gym, on-site salon services, and chef-prepared meals.

4. The Renaissance At Coeur Dalene – Coeur D’alene

Beauty and grace, wrapped in an embrace, should be the motto of The Renaissance at Coeur Dalene! This retirement community boasts an impressive architectural design that projects elegance and sophistication. If you are looking for a luxurious retirement against a serene backdrop, visit The Renaissance At Coeur Dalene.

5. Brookdale Boise Parkcenter – Boise

Situated in the vibrant city of Boise is Brookdale Boise Parkcenter, an exceptionally well-known name in senior living communities. Like all their facilities across America, Brookdale Boise Parkcenter architecture blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Residents, on top of engaging activities and other relevant support, can experience actual retirement living here for the better.

6. Fairwinds Sand Creek – Idaho Falls

Fairwinds Sand Creek is a beautiful retirement community in the scenic city of Idaho Falls. One of the best-reviewed retirement facilities in the state and in Idaho Falls, Fairwinds Sand Creek is a sight to behold as it combines luxury and a homely environment.

7. Family Resource Home Care – Meridian

Family Resource Home Care in Meridian is a home care agency offering personalized care and support in the comfort of seniors’ homes. With dedicated and compassionate caregivers who ensure seniors’ safety, well-being, and overall quality of life, this is one place worth looking into.

8. North Star Retirement Community – Coeur D’alene

North Star retirement community’s architecture combines contemporary design and rustic charm, creating a visually appealing and cozy atmosphere for residents. With its well-appointed residences and scenic surroundings, North Star Retirement Community offers seniors a peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere to savor their retirement years.

9. Brookdale Twin Falls – Twin Falls

What can you not say about Brookdale facilities? Based across America, Brookdale is also situated in Twin Falls, Idaho. Seniors can expect dedicated round-the-clock services to help assist with daily activities, meal preparation and guidance, and medication management.

10. Touchmark At Meadowlake Village – Meridian

If you are looking at assisted living, independent living, and memory care services, then look no further than Touchmark at Meadowlake Village. Residents will have the advantage of experiencing a maintenance-free living to make the most of their day in a resort-like environment!

Honorable mentions

It was to leave out some excellent retirement homes across major cities in Idaho but trust us when we say the following five undeniably fall among the top 15.

11. The Courtyard At Coeur Dalene – Coeur D’alene
12. Grace At Twin Falls – Twin Falls
13. Holiday Chateau de Boise – Boise
14. Morningstar Senior Living Of Boise
15. The Terraces of Boise

Cost of retiring in Idaho

Now that you know about the top facilities across the best locations in Idaho, let us take a walk at the best question that comes before anything else; the cost of retiring! For those who do not know, Idaho is ideally affordable for retirement. See for yourself!

Assisted living – $4,072
Nursing home (private room) – $9,681
Nursing home (semi-private room) – $9,036
In-home care (homemaker services) – $5,765

Any tax benefits for seniors in Idaho?

Retirement is a journey best lived when one sets foot on this path. And like any pathway, it will not be smooth or straight. One of the lingering nuances that seniors face and must deal with are the pebbles, otherwise known as taxes! Tax is a troubling pebble that often stands in the way of a great retirement!

Retiring in Idaho taxes can have a significant impact on your financial planning. But the good news for older adults looking to cut a gem of retirement living from Idaho is that the state is tax-friendly towards retired individuals! Idaho does not tax Social Security benefits, allowing seniors to retain more of their income during retirement. Isn’t it great?

But if you want to dig deep and unearth a jewel of financial knowledge to help make your retirement gleam even more, then read the articles below!

retire In IdahoFinal thoughts

Idaho offers more than just unbelievable retirement communities. Sometimes, being in the heart of nature is enough to give your life the boost it needs to shine brighter during the golden years. What is on offer is an opportunity to embrace nature’s glory and enjoy an active and engaging lifestyle while living amidst a friendly, wholesome community. So what more can retirees ask for?

All that is left is to retire in the picture-perfect state and enjoy the jewel of America! While you ponder over the content of this article at the back of your mind, why not try the following reads?


Is Idaho a good state to retire in?

Yes, Idaho is a wonderful state to retire in. Keeping aside its natural beauty, outdoor recreation opportunities, and welcoming retirement communities, Idaho offers a fulfilling journey for seniors looking to retire within affordable means.

Is it expensive to retire in Idaho?

While costs vary depending on location and other factors like amenities provided by retirement communities, Idaho offers a lower living cost than many other states. For example, nursing home services are affordable compared to other states. Housing, healthcare, and everyday expenses are more affordable.

Is Boise, Idaho, a good place to retire to?

The capital of Idaho, Boise, offers an exceptional environment for retired individuals. The city has a vibrant cultural scene, with some excellent healthcare facilities and many retirement communities. The climate in Boise, Idaho, is also well-suited for seniors. The monthly cost of home care is around $6,068, while assisted living is below $3,900.

Why are so many people moving to Idaho?

People are drawn to Idaho for its natural beauty and affordable living atmosphere. The tax is friendly towards retirees, and there is a strong sense of community. Idaho’s thriving economy, job opportunities, and lower population density also contribute to its demand as a place to live and retire.

Why is Idaho a good state to live in?

Idaho offers a high quality of life without breaking the bank. The Gem State, literary and figurately named, is painted with stunning landscapes, recreational opportunities, and a strong sense of community. There are ample job opportunities for professionals. As a state, Idaho thrives as a healthy community that is becoming ideal for people of all ages.

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