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Adjust Easily in Senior Living with These 5 Tips

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Moving to Senior Living, whether it is Independent or Assisted Living, can be a huge transition. It is a move that can be fraught with worry about what the experience will be like. If you think about it, there is probably no other time in someone’s life when such a move occurs. Most people live in their own homes their entire lives. A move to congregate living is not unlike a move to a dorm! Let’s take a look at some strategies Adjust Easily in Senior Living.

Common Fears

Some of the fears people have about moving to Senior Living are normal. Others are based on misunderstandings about what Senior Living is and how it works.

  • There will be no privacy and you can’t choose your neighbors. It is true that Senior Living communities have group dining. Many communities, however, offer apartments that have full kitchens. Other than that, people are free to retreat to the privacy of their apartments when they want to. The mix of people in Senior Living is what it is. There will be people of varying backgrounds, values, and ethnicity.
  • Everyone is old. This is a common refrain. Despite the fact that yes, Senior Living is for older people! You may be surprised to see that there are all age groups in Senior Living. Some residents will be in their 60’s and others in their 90’s.
  • Emotional attachment to your home. This is a tough one. For many people, their home holds family memories that are not easy to replace. There truly is no place like home
  • Downsizing is hard. It is unlikely you will be able to take an entire home’s worth of belongings to Senior Living. Paring down will be necessary.
  • This is the beginning of the end. There is a perception in people’s minds that Senior Living is just one step towards the inevitable. It connotes a gradual loss of independence.

5 Strategies to Adjust Easily in Senior Living

Think things through before moving so you can anticipate challenges you might have. Here are our strategies to make your transition successful.

1) Have an open mind. Consider a move to Senior Living as an opportunity for adventure. An opportunity to meet new people and try new activities.

2) Bring your memories with you. Decide what is important to you to bring. Give the rest to family members and don’t look back.

3) Include family in your community. Most senior communities are happy to accommodate family gatherings in available common rooms. Take advantage and invite family for frequent dining opportunities, either in the dining room or in private accommodations. Special occasion parties are a great time to invite family as well.

4) Say yes to activities. There can be a strong temptation to avoid group gatherings. Most communities have activities to appeal to everyone. Take a chance and go to as many as you can. There is no downside and you may find that you make new friends and find activities that are interesting and stimulating.

5) Leave the judgment behind. Don’t make assumptions about people until you get to know them. Reach out to people to broaden your social circle. You may be surprised by the number of new friends that you make.

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