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Best places to live in Kansas for retirees

Best places to live in Kansas for retirees

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Best places to live in Kansas

When it comes to choosing the perfect place to settle down and enjoy the golden years, Kansas may not be the first state that comes to mind. However, beneath the surface lies a diverse and vibrant landscape that offers retirees an abundance of opportunities, amenities, and a strong sense of community. 

In this blog, we will embark on a virtual tour through some of the best places to live in Kansas for retirees. We will also uncover the pros and cons of retiring in Kansas, things to do, the best retirement communities, and many other aspects. 

This article provides inspiration and valuable insights to help you make an informed decision about the best place to spend your retirement years in the Sunflower State. 

What are the pros and cons of living in Kansas? 

Like any other state, Kansas has its advantages and disadvantages. Below are some of the pros and cons of living in Kansas for retirees: 

Pros of Living in Kansas 

Cons of Living in Kansas 

1. Affordability: Kansas’s cost of living is generally lower than that of many other states, making it more affordable for seniors on a fixed income. 

1. Weather: Kansas experiences diverse weather conditions, including hot summers and cold winters, which may not be ideal for some retirees. 

2. Community: Kansas is known for its friendly and tight-knit communities, providing opportunities for retirees to connect with others and build social connections. 

2. Limited healthcare options in rural locations: Certain rural areas in Kansas may have limited healthcare facilities and specialized medical services, requiring retirees to travel for specific treatments. 

3. Natural beauty: Kansas offers picturesque landscapes, including rolling plains, scenic lakes, and beautiful sunsets, providing opportunities for outdoor activities and enjoying nature. 

3. Limited cultural and entertainment Options: Kansas may have fewer cultural and entertainment offerings than more populous states, particularly in rural areas. 

4. Lower crime rates: Kansas generally has lower crime rates compared to national averages, providing retirees with a sense of safety and security. 

4. Limited Job Opportunities: For retirees seeking part-time employment or volunteer opportunities, certain specialized fields may have limited job options in Kansas. 

5. Access to healthcare: Kansas is home to several reputable healthcare facilities and hospitals in metropolitan areas, ensuring retirees have access to quality healthcare services. 

5. Distance from family and major cities: Kansas may be far from family members or major metropolitan areas, which can be a drawback for retirees who value proximity to loved ones or desire a more comprehensive range of amenities and services. 

6. Tax benefits: Kansas offers tax breaks for retirees, including exemptions on certain retirement income, making it a tax-friendly state for retirees. 

6. Tornadoes and severe weather: Kansas is located in “Tornado Alley,” and severe weather, including tornadoes, can pose a risk and require preparedness. 

7. Outdoor activities: Retirees can take advantage of Kansas’ outdoor recreational opportunities, such as fishing, hiking, golfing, and boating, for an active and healthy lifestyle. 

7. Limited public transportation: In some regions of Kansas, public transportation options may be limited, requiring retirees to rely on private vehicles for transportation. 

8. Cultural heritage: Kansas has a rich cultural heritage, including Native American history, pioneer trails, and historical sites, offering opportunities for exploration and learning. 

8. Limited diversity: Some areas of Kansas may have limited diversity, impacting social and cultural experiences for retirees seeking a more diverse community. 

Top 10 things to do in Kansas City

Kansas offers various activities and attractions that cater to older adults. Here are some suggestions for things to do in Kansas City specifically geared toward older adults: 

1. Visit the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art 

The museum offers a peaceful and enriching experience for older adults. Explore the extensive art collection, participate in guided tours, and take advantage of special programs designed for older visitors. 

2. Attend a performance at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts 

Enjoy a concert by the Kansas City Symphony or a theater performance at this stunning venue. The center offers a range of shows, including classical music, Broadway productions, and ballet. 

3. Visit the Overland Park Arboretum and botanical gardens 

This beautiful outdoor space provides a serene environment for leisurely walks and enjoying nature. The arboretum features gardens, woodlands, and scenic trails perfect for older adults seeking relaxation and natural beauty. 

4. Take a leisurely stroll at Loose Park 

This expansive park offers paved paths, beautiful gardens, and a peaceful lake. It’s an ideal spot for older adults to enjoy a leisurely walk, have a picnic, or simply relax in a tranquil setting. 

5. Join a senior fitness class 

Many community centers and fitness facilities in Kansas City offer specialized fitness classes for older adults. These classes, such as yoga, tai chi, or water aerobics, provide opportunities for exercise, socializing, and maintaining overall well-being. 

6. Visit the Kansas City Public Library 

The library system in Kansas City offers a range of programs and events for older adults, including book clubs, guest lectures, and workshops. It’s a great place for intellectual stimulation and engaging with the community. 

7. Explore the city market 

The City Market is a vibrant farmer’s market that offers fresh produce, local goods, and artisanal crafts. Older adults can enjoy browsing the market, sampling local foods, and interacting with vendors. 

8. Take a scenic riverboat cruise 

The Kansas City Riverfront offers riverboat cruises along the Missouri River. It is one of the major advantages of retiring in Kansas. Enjoy a relaxing cruise while taking in the scenic views and learning about the city’s history. 

9. Join a senior center 

Kansas City has several senior centers that provide a bunch of activities and services tailored to older adults. These centers offer social events, educational programs, fitness classes, and opportunities to connect with peers. 

10. Attend cultural events and performances 

Kansas City has a vibrant arts and cultural scene, with theaters, galleries, and music venues hosting performances and exhibitions. Older adults can enjoy attending concerts, art shows, and theater productions that cater to their interests. 

Retiring in Kansas: Factors to consider 

Retiring in Kansas can offer a range of benefits, but it’s important to consider crucial factors to ensure alignment with individual preferences and needs. Here are some key factors to consider when retiring in Kansas: 

  • The overall cost of living in Kansas is 12% lower than the national average, with an index of 87.5. 
  • Housing cost in Kansas is approx. 30% lower compared to the US average. 
  • Kansas has a decent healthcare system with several reputable hospitals with a physician-to-population ratio of 1:1000. 
  • Kansas experiences a continental climate with hot summers and cold winters, along with an average of 56 tornadoes per year. 
  • Kansas has an estimated population of around 2.9 million, with a mix of rural and urban areas. 
  • Kansas offers tax breaks for retirees. Retirement income from Social Security, military pensions, and qualified public and private pensions is exempt from state income tax. Additionally, there is no inheritance or estate tax in Kansas. 
  • Kansas generally has lower crime rates compared to national averages. 
  • Kansas is known for its passionate sports culture, particularly in college basketball with the University of Kansas and Kansas State University teams. 

Best places to live in Kansas for retirees 

Kansas offers several fantastic cities and counties for retirees to settle down in. Here are some of the best places to live in Kansas for retirees: 

1. Wichita 

As Kansas’s largest city, Wichita offers retirees a range of amenities and services. Its lower cost of living compared to many other cities makes it an attractive option for those on a fixed income. Wichita boasts numerous cultural attractions, shopping centers, and excellent healthcare facilities. 

2. Overland Park 

Situated in the Kansas City metropolitan area, Overland Park is a popular choice among retirees. It offers a high quality of life, low crime rates, and top-notch healthcare facilities. The city is also home to several parks, golf courses, and recreational centers, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities. 

3. Manhattan

Known for being the location of Kansas State University, Manhattan is a vibrant community with a small-town ambiance. It offers a diverse range of cultural events, recreational activities, and a relatively lower cost of living compared to larger cities. Nature enthusiasts will love the scenic beauty of Manhattan, including the nearby Flint Hills. 

4. Lawrence 

Recognized for its thriving arts and culture scene, Lawrence is a lively college town that appeals to retirees seeking an active and intellectually stimulating environment. The city features a walkable downtown area with an array of shops, galleries, and restaurants. Throughout the year, Lawrence hosts various events and festivals. 

5. Leawood 

Another suburban gem near Kansas City, Leawood, offers retirees an attractive community to call home. It boasts beautiful neighborhoods, well-maintained parks, and excellent recreational facilities. Residents of Leawood enjoy convenient access to shopping centers, restaurants, and healthcare services. 

6. Hays 

Nestled in northwest Kansas, Hays is a smaller city known for its affordability and friendly community atmosphere. It has a solid healthcare system and a lower cost of living, making it appealing to retirees. Hays also has a charming downtown area with diverse shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions. The surrounding picturesque landscapes and Western heritage add to its appeal. 

7. Hutchinson 

Located in south-central Kansas, Hutchinson is a mid-sized city with its claim to fame being the Cosmosphere, an impressive space museum and planetarium. The city offers affordable housing options, a low crime rate, and a moderate climate. Hutchinson provides a range of recreational opportunities and a charming downtown area to explore. 

Best retirement communities in Kansas 

There are several retirement communities in Kansas that offer attractive amenities and services for retirees. Here are our top picks for senior living facilities in Kansas: 

  1. Silvercrest at College View 
  2. Mission Chateau Senior Living 
  3. Silvercrest at Deer Creek 
  4. Sunshine Meadows Retirement Community 
  5. Brookdale Overland Park 119th 
  6. Eaglecrest Senior Living of Salina 
  7. Claridge Court 
  8. Twin Oaks Assisted Living 

What are the best hospitals in Kansas City? 

Kansas City is home to several reputable hospitals and medical centers. Here are the names of some prominent hospitals in the Kansas City area: 

  1. University of Kansas Hospital 
  2. Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City 
  3. Children’s Mercy Kansas City 
  4. Truman Medical Centers 
  5. Research Medical Center 
  6. Overland Park Regional Medical Center 
  7. AdventHealth Shawnee Mission 

Final thoughts 

In conclusion, Kansas offers a variety of appealing options for retirees looking to settle down. We’ve covered the pros and cons, explored top destinations, discussed retirement communities, and highlighted the state’s attractions. 

From vibrant cities to serene small towns, Kansas has something for everyone. Consider your preferences and priorities and embark on a new adventure in the heartland of America. Cheers to a fulfilling and joyful retirement in Kansas! 


  • What are the fun things to do in Kansas City for young adults? 

Some fun things to do in Kansas City for young adults include: 

  1. Power and Light District: Entertainment hub with bars and live music. 
  2. Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art: World-class art collection. 
  3. Arrowhead Stadium/Kauffman Stadium: Catch a Chiefs or Royals game. 
  4. Westport: Lively nightlife with bars and clubs. 
  5. 18th & Vine District: Jazz scene and American Jazz Museum. 
  6. Country Club Plaza: Outdoor shopping district with upscale shops. 
  7. Kansas City Zoo: Explore diverse animal exhibits. 
  8. Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts: Enjoy live performances. 
  9. Loose Park: Beautiful park for walks and picnics. 
  10. Kansas City BBQ: Try famous barbecue spots like Joe’s or Arthur Bryant’s. 
  • What are the best neighborhoods in Kansas City? 

Kansas City has several great neighborhoods to explore. Here are the 10 best neighborhoods in Kansas City: 

  1. Country Club Plaza: Known for its Spanish-inspired architecture, upscale shops, and restaurants, this district offers a vibrant and sophisticated atmosphere. 
  2. Westport: A popular destination for young adults, Westport features a lively nightlife scene with numerous bars, clubs, and entertainment options. 
  3. Brookside: This charming neighborhood is known for its tree-lined streets, historic homes, and a variety of locally owned shops, restaurants, and cafes. 
  4. Crossroads Arts District: A hub for creativity and culture, this neighborhood is filled with art galleries, studios, live music venues, and trendy eateries. 
  5. River Market: Located near the Missouri River, the River Market neighborhood offers a mix of historic charm and modern amenities. It features a farmers market, specialty shops, and diverse dining options. 
  6. Waldo: A vibrant and eclectic neighborhood, Waldo is known for its mix of local boutiques, restaurants, and bars. It has a friendly, community-oriented atmosphere. 
  7. Prairie Village: Located on the Kansas side of Kansas City, Prairie Village is a picturesque residential area with a small-town feel. It offers beautiful parks, upscale shopping, and dining options. 
  8. Hyde Park: This historic neighborhood features grand Victorian-style homes, tree-lined streets, and a peaceful park. It’s a great area for a leisurely stroll. 
  9. Martin City: Situated in the southern part of Kansas City, Martin City has a small-town vibe with local shops, restaurants, and breweries. It also offers easy access to outdoor activities like hiking and biking trails. 
  10. Brookside: These adjoining neighborhoods offer a mix of residential charm and lively commercial areas. They are known for their local businesses, community events, and walkable streets. 

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