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Fun Retirement Hobbies for Seniors

Fun Retirement Hobbies for Seniors

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retirement hobbies for seniors


Going into retirement can seem traumatizing. You are giving up a lot and getting into a life with no work. And life after retirement can become stressful and lonely. That’s why you need retirement hobbies for seniors to pass your free time.  

The first thing to remember is that you are young again. You have ample experience, and you are a senior now. But you begin your retirement days with a young heart. Thus, you have a lot of fun and exciting things to do.  

This article is focused on exactly that! Do you need fun hobbies? Well, here we are with a whole list of hobbies for you to get into after retirement.  

Retirement Hobbies for Seniors

Benefits of Getting into Retirement Hobbies for Seniors

There are many mental and physical health benefits of retirement hobbies for seniors. You don’t only start something fun and exciting. You get into hobbies to lead a much healthier life.

According to the National Institute of Aging, seniors can gain numerous health benefits from engaging in fun and exciting activities or hobbies

Key Fact 

We understand you might want just to sit back and relax the life after retirement. But trust us, it won’t be as good as it sounds. You will soon start feeling bored, repetitive, depressed and frustrated. So, having hobbies is highly beneficial for any retiree.  

Here are some advantages of having hobbies after retirement:  

Better mental health  

To begin with, hobbies give you a sense of purpose. You will have something to look forward to every day. And this will motivate you to be positive and enjoy your life.  

Better lifestyle  

A senior’s life gets quite monotonous after retirement. This makes them unhappy and depressed. As a result, they shy away from living a complete life. Hobbies give them the enjoyment to live a better life. Thus, their lifespan increases significantly.  

Better psychological mindset  

Fun and exciting hobbies make people of any age happier and optimistic. Seniors are no different in such a case. Older people feel more positive towards life. They don’t lose the confidence they once had during their adulthood. They remain mentally strong.  

Better physical health  

Better mindset and mental health improve physical health significantly. For instance, seniors who are engaged in fun hobbies are less prone to dementia. They also remain active in their old ages. This keeps them physically healthier than sitting idly doing nothing at all.  

Better cognitive skills  

Cognitive skills refer to having creative and problem-solving skills. When seniors get into a new hobby, their brains become sharper. They can think better with newly acquired skills.  

How to Find the Perfect Retirement Hobbies for Seniors  

Finding great hobbies is not a complicated task. But the job itself is exceptionally crucial. You cannot go by doing something that you are not interested in.  

There are many hobbies a person can get into. But finding suitable hobbies for you is a real job. You can get habituated with cheap hobbies. You can do them every day without any cost at all. Also, you can consider hobbies that can be a moneymaking option for you.  

So, how can you find something that catches your interest? You asked this question to yourself, right? So, that’s precisely what you need to do.  

Questions to ask yourself when choosing a hobby  

Here are some questions you can ask yourself while choosing a hobby:  

  • How much are you physically capable of doing the activity?  
  • Will you prefer doing the activity alone or in a group?  
  • Do you have a budget?  
  • What are the things that always had your interest?  
  • Do you have a bucket list to fulfill?  
  • Are there things you wanted to do but couldn’t in the past?  
  • Can you find time for multiple hobbies?  
  • Are you fit enough for the hobby?  
  • Is there any old hobby that you want to start doing again?  

Asking these questions to yourself is extremely crucial. They can make the process easier for you. Once you have the answers to these questions, you will realize the hobbies you want to start doing.  

There are some factors to consider with the questions as well. For example, you will need to consider your mobility options for hobbies like traveling. As an older adult, you will face some limitations. Despite the odds, the target is to find something meaningful to do after retirement.  

We certainly don’t want you to get age-related sickness instead of being healthier through retirement hobbies for seniors. 

15 Fun Retirement Hobbies for Seniors  

Are you looking for hobbies for retired men? Or are you looking for hobbies for retired women?  

Well, you don’t have to bother finding the answers to this in your head. Hobbies have no gender. So, any senior can catch up on them and start doing them for fun.  

You will come across many great hobbies on the internet and throughout your lifetime. But not all will be suitable for seniors. For example, you cannot expect to scuba dive or do bungee jumping at this age of your life.  

So, here are some top hobbies for retirees to pick on. We made a list of 15 exciting hobbies for you.  

1. Writing  

The first hobby on our list is the most obvious one. It is one of the most common indoor hobbies. You can write about anything you want on a daily basis.  

According to the American Academy of Neurology, writing can reduce the chances of memory loss and brain shrinkage to 32% among seniors

Key Fact 

Writing helps stimulate our brains. As a result, you can expect to have a sharper mind. And your hand-eye coordination will improve significantly from this hobby. Thus, you will be able to perform the activities of daily living much better than before.  

2. Join a Book Club  

If you are a bookworm, this is the perfect hobby for you. Reading is another common hobby among people of any age. So, joining a book club could just be the thing for you to get into.  

Book clubs are also an excellent place to socialize with other people. You will find many like-minded people in such a setup. Reading will open many different perspectives and interests on life and the world for you.  

3. Walking  

Walking is an excellent hobby for all seniors. It may sound dull and hectic. But walking can bring a lot of joy to the life of a retiree.  

This hobby has a lot of health benefits. For instance, walking is a great exercise you can do every day at a specific time. You can either go alone or take a walking buddy. And you never know, you might end up meeting someone with whom you match while walking. And that person can become a new lifelong friend.  

4. Learn a New Instrument  

Everybody loves music. It is something that can provide us mental peace and strength. Almost everyone who loves music wants to know to play their favorite instrument. But we know that it can be a tough thing to do when you are studying or working.  

So, take up the time to finally begin the process of learning a new instrument after retirement. It is a perfect time, really! You will have better hand-eye coordination from learning to play an instrument. Your brain will work faster and sharper.  

And to top of everything else, you will feel more positive and emotionally well when you play an instrument independently. It is also a great tool to fight age-related anxieties and other mental health issues.  

5. Gardening  

Who doesn’t like flowers and plants! The fresh smell of the new plants and beautiful flowers make everyone happy. So, you can also try gardening after retirement. It is also the perfect time for this hobby as you have a lot of free time.  

Gardening is also a great physical exercise for many. Your body muscles will move with low-impact workouts. And your blood pressure level will stay intact. Many communities also arrange gardening clubs, just like book clubs.  

6. Bird Watching  

Many people don’t realize this! But bird watching is an enjoyable and impactful hobby. It is one of the most relaxing hobbies you can pick up. It can also get you closer to the beautiful nature of mother earth.  

Bird watching involves going to a place where there are many trees. You will find many birds flying and resting around those trees. The sound of the birds will cheer you up in no time. You will also be able to find a relaxing environment for you to reflect on life and its beauty.  

7. Board Games  

Games are always fun, especially during our adulthood. But you can continue having fun in your old age with board games. There are many games you can pick up on. What better time to do this than after your retirement!  

Board games help you to make friends. You can play with other seniors or even adults at the park. You will come across many people across different perks of life. It will help you socialize and find enjoyment in your daily life.  

There are also board games that you can play alone. That will help you to spend more time with yourself. We all like our own alone times. So, why not play something that brings us joy and happiness.  

8. Online Learning  

We live in a world of technology and the internet. Everything is online these days. So, anyone can learn anything on the internet.  

Why would you fall behind on this? Get online and find a course on anything you want. You can learn how to cook, a new language, origami and even new musical instruments. If you have problems with mobility, online learning can be the best hobby for you.  

9. Genealogy  

Genealogy is one of the most popular hobbies in today’s world. It is an excellent pastime for seniors. You can find much new information about you through genealogy research works.  

So, what does it actually mean? Genealogy is the research work done to find your ancestral history. You will be amazed by what you find. You might even find your distinct cousin through such research.  

And in the world of the internet today, this is a relatively easy hobby to get into. There are numerous websites that can help and guide you through the process. This hobby can be really intriguing and exciting for a retired senior.   

10. Golfing  

Golfing is the perfect hobby for retirees. It is one of the most sophisticated and relaxing sports out there. This hobby can increase the quality of life and boost confidence among seniors.  

Golfing is also a great form of exercise. Like any sport, you are physical while playing golf. This hobby can build better strength, endurance, balance, and stability.  

11. Learn Self-Defense  

Self-defense is a fascinating hobby among many people. It can be an excellent option for retired women. Unfortunately, we live in a harsh society these days. While senior communities can provide you with security, it never harms anyone to learn how to protect oneself.  

Self-defense is also incredibly beneficial for your body. You can expect to better in strength, flexibility, coordination, concentration and balance from it. Also, you will feel less weak and scared about your surroundings if you learn self-defense as a hobby.  

You must have heard of tai chi? Everyone is getting into it these days. So, why be an outsider and just get yourself into learning the art of self-protection.  

12. Collecting Stuffs  

Collecting is another common hobby among many people. It is something people do with passion. And it is one of those hobbies that can bring you monetary value as well.  

For example, you can start collecting vintage stamps or coins. You will be amazed to know their histories! And towards the ending days of your life, you can even sell them away at a great price in the market.  

– Comic books  

– Bottle caps  

– Watches  

– Antiques  

– Wine bottles

Some other things to collect

13. Photography  

Photography is a great hobby that will enable you to see the world differently. You will use camera lenses to view the world. And it can help you to observe newer beauty all around you. Also, photography is a great hobby to save the memories you make after your retirement.  

14. Meditation and Yoga  

These two are activities that you might end up doing anyway. Almost every senior living community will indeed have a daily meditation and yoga routine. But you can also pick them as hobbies. They are great forms of keeping your mind and body healthy. You will feel more peaceful and at ease if you get into these habits.  

15. Watching Documentaries  

Learning has no age. You can learn about new and exciting things at any stage of your life. But since you have so much time after retirement, why not focus on learning now!  

Watching documentaries can be a great way to learn about the earth and beyond. If you are a reader, you can find documentary books as well. You might think that this hobby was useless in the old days. But learning new things can open new perspectives for you at any age of your life.  


Getting into retirement hobbies for seniors is exceptionally effective. These things can keep us moving forward in life even when we feel our days of living are complete. But until the day you take your last breath, you must continue leading a healthy and happy life.  

The listed hobbies in this article will give you the utmost pleasure. But, you never know, you might just end up building a new skill that you never thought you had.  

And to top it off, you might find living without work and study much better with hobbies you are passionate about.  

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