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Top 7 Retirement Communities in Wisconsin

Top 7 Retirement Communities in Wisconsin

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retirement communities in Wisconsin

Can you capture the sensation you experience when you gaze upon your favorite painting? Hold on to that feeling and imagine it filling up your entire being. Now picture experiencing that feeling every day of your life. If you are searching for a peaceful and serene environment similar to your favorite artwork, consider moving to Wisconsin!

Wisconsin is the ideal option for seniors looking to relax and spend their golden years in a peaceful and tranquil environment. With its breathtaking natural beauty, let’s explore Wisconsin’s best retirement communities and the benefits of retiring in Badger State.

Why should you consider senior communities in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is home to a variety of retirement communities, ranging from small, cozy communities to sprawling, luxurious complexes. Wisconsin retirement communities offer more than just traditional facilities and services that revolve around making a senior’s life easier.

One of the reasons why older adults will absolutely this state is because of the many waterfront retirement communities in Wisconsin. The state is home to numerous lakes, and seniors will find many senior homes nearby lake shores with a great views.

Furthermore, the people are friendly, so it will be easy to make friends. And on top of that, the state offers the atmosphere for retirement communities to hold various activities for their residences, from yoga to even excursions!

Top 7 retirement communities in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has a wide range of retirement communities for seniors to choose from, making it a great place to retire. From the stunning architecture of Capitol Lakes to the scenic views of Brookview Meadows, there is something for everyone. Here are Wisconsin’s top 7 retirement communities that offer excellent senior care and a comfortable living environment.

Oakwood Village Prairie Ridge – Madison, WI

Nestled in the heart of Madison, Oakwood Village Prairie Ridge provides seniors with an excellent standard of living. The retirement community has a wide range of services for seniors and is known to be the ideal pick for people looking at independent living. Oakwood Village Prairie Ridge residents can also enjoy scenic walking trails and beautiful gardens, making it a perfect location for nature lovers.

Tudor Oaks – Muskego, WI

Tudor Oaks provides residents with a luxurious and comfortable retirement living environment. The community is known to be an excellent choice for independent living. Residents can also take advantage of the numerous recreational activities, such as a proper fitness center and planned day trips.

Brookdale Madison West – Madison, WI

The community offers personalized care plans, ensuring that residents receive their needed support. Residents can also take advantage of a wide range of activities, including card games, music performances, and fitness classes. Brookdale Madison West is an assisted living and memory care community that provides residents with a welcoming atmosphere and exceptional care.

St Camillus Health Center – Wauwatosa, WI

Suppose you are looking at the ideal nursing home that will cater to your every need, including dedicated care and 24/7 medication management. In that case, St Camillus Health Center is the senior living community for you. The senior community is quiet and peaceful, providing residents with a comfortable and serene living environment.

Oak Park Place Of Green Bay – Green Bay, WI

The Green Bay Packers are enough, but this city is home to one of Wisconsin’s top-quality independent facilities! Oak Park Place of Green Bay provides excellent care and a wide range of facilities. The best thing is that the senior community is located in a scenic area, offering residents beautiful views of the surrounding landscape.

Brookview Meadows – Green Bay, WI

One of the best retirement communities in Green Bay is Brookview Meadows. A retirement community that offers an indoor aquatic center, heated underground parking, onsite treatment services, and Cadillac lodging transport, you cannot go wrong with Brookview Meadows in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Capitol Lakes – Madison, WI

One of the best retirement communities in Madison, Wisconsin, the Capitol Lakes is worth looking into. The community also has numerous services and facilities, including a fitness center and Mental Wellness Programs. Capitol Lakes also offers residents easy access to downtown Madison, providing them with a variety of recreational activities and dining options. Did we mention it is also a waterfront retirement community?

Why consider moving to Wisconsin for retirement?

Most of you know Wisconsin as the Badger state of the US, but did you know it is the cranberry capital of the country too? If you are considering moving to Wisconsin for retirement, then you need more than just the list of some of the best senior homes to live in.

Here are the top 10 reasons why older adults will absolutely love considering retiring in Wisconsin!

1. Outdoor recreation

Wisconsin is known for its beautiful lakes. They have 15,000 of them! Wisconsin is also home to beautiful forests and parks, which provide sufficient opportunities for hiking, fishing, boating, and other stimulating activities.

2. Affordable cost of living

Compared to many other states, the cost of living in Wisconsin is relatively low, making it a viable option for retired individuals on a fixed income.

3. Tax benefits

Social Security benefits and Railroad Retirement benefits are not subject to state income tax. This means that residents of Wisconsin who receive these benefits do not have to pay state taxes on them. It is a tax advantage provided by the state, allowing seniors to keep more of their retirement income.

4. Strong cultural heritage

If you have yet to learn, Wisconsin has a solid German and Scandinavian heritage, which is reflected in its architecture, festivals, and cuisine.

5. Vivacious arts scene

Wisconsin is home to a thriving arts community, with museums, galleries, and performance venues showcasing everything from traditional folk art to modern sculpture.

6. Access to quality healthcare

Wisconsin has a robust healthcare system, with many world-renowned hospitals and medical centers located throughout the state, including Mayo Clinic.

7. Sports fandom

The state is known for its passionate sports fans who support teams like the Green Bay Packers and Wisconsin Badgers. Seniors who are into sporting activities will only find something to be bored about living here.

8. Delicious cuisine

Wisconsin has a rich culinary tradition that celebrates local ingredients and regional specialties, from cheese curds to bratwurst. And there are no shortages of restaurants, whichever city seniors decide to retire in!

9. Small-town charm

If you want to retire and require a homely setting, and a calm atmosphere, then Wisconsin is the place to be. The state is home to many charming small cities and towns, each with its own unique character and sense of community.

10. Vibrant cities

Wisconsin’s two largest cities, Milwaukee and Madison, offer a positive urban experience with plenty of cultural attractions, restaurants, nightlife, and of course, great retirement homes!

What is the cost of retirement in Wisconsin?

The cost of over 55 retirement communities in Wisconsin varies depending on a number of factors. They can range from where the community location is, the amenities available, and the level of care being provided.

Wisconsin is relatively more affordable than other surrounding states, and the cost of retirement is lower than the national average. For example, on average cost of assisted living in Wisconsin is $4,880 per month, while nursing home care averages $10,300 (private room) per month. However, these costs may vary depending on the retirement community.

If you are looking into retirement and want to stay prepared financially, read the following articles, which will be a great help!

Final thoughts

The ‘R’ in retirement stands for relaxation, and if you are looking for a serene entry into retirement, then consider the Badger state. Retirement in Wisconsin can be a dream come true if you are looking for vibrant cities with a tranquil atmosphere and top-quality senior homes.

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Is Madison, WI, an excellent place to retire?

Madison, Wisconsin, is one of the top cities to retire to. Being the capital of Wisconsin, the city has a low crime rate, outstanding healthcare facilities, a thriving fine arts and culture scene, and plenty of recreational activities that seniors will love. Madison also has a relatively low cost of living compared to other large cities in America.

What is it like to live in Wisconsin? Which cities are the best?

Wisconsin is known for its natural scenic beauty. There are numerous lakes (15,000+), parks, and incredible landscapes for people to enjoy. Wisconsin is great if you are into the great outdoors and other forms of activities. Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, and Appleton are the best places to live in Wisconsin.

What are the pros and cons of living in Wisconsin?

The benefits of living in Wisconsin include its natural beauty, friendly people, and affordable cost of living. In addition, Wisconsin is home to good healthcare facilities like Advocate Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center and Mayo Clinic. But the problems many would associate with living in Wisconsin are the snowy winters and limited job opportunities in respective cities.

What are some costs associated with retirement communities?

Retirement communities offer many facilities to their residences, such as medication management and support with activities of daily living. This also entails that the staff is always available and on-call 24/7. There are additional costs that include monthly rent, meals, and other relevant services that are provided in retirement homes. If the communities are upscale, then the prices will be relatively higher.Wh

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