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Why You Should Consider Senior Living in Alabama 2023

Why You Should Consider Senior Living in Alabama 2023

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Senior Living in Alabama

Just as the infamous song goes, nothing brings out the atmosphere of the home more than the sweet home of Alabama. That’s right. The state is well known across America for its southern hospitality and rural life, and most importantly has a historic significance reflecting the Civil Rights Movement. In addition, it offers a special touch of countryside culture, something the elderly can breathe in for their retirement phase.

So should you consider senior living in Alabama? Let us zoom in on what can make senior care facilities in Alabama, an excellent choice for elders when it comes to availing a unique lifestyle!

What makes senior living in Alabama a great choice?

If you know where and how to look, then Alabama can be one of the best states for senior living communities. It is affordable, especially in comparison to nearby states, and incredibly Alabama offers a wide range of assisted living facilities designed for seniors looking for assistance with daily activities (ADLs).

Those living in the state of Alabama who are already acquainted with the homely, rural culture of the state understand how the ambiance and lifestyle offer a comfortable retirement option for seniors who prefer the mild winters and vivid summers of the South.

Those who want to venture out and catch a summer breeze of the beach can visit the Gulf Coast beaches while avoiding the high living cost of other coastal, warmer states. What makes Alabama a great choice, aside from the atmosphere, is the cost! 

The average cost of senior living communities in Alabama

Alabama is one of the best retirement states because of its low living costs, especially compared to the national average. Similarly to the state of Georgia, seniors can spend on average $3,000 to $3,300 depending on the services and facilities like independent living they avail from such retirement communities. Assisted living communities, on average, cost between $3,500 to $3,600, depending on the facilities you will receive. Nursing homes will be pricy given the care facilities residents will receive. The average price per month for nursing homes will cost residents somewhere between $6,600 to $7,100.

Furthermore, long-term care insurance and Medicare are available in Alabama if you are a U.S. resident over 65. Having a proper financial planning and asset protection plan, with insurance and medical coverage, can further boost your chances of acquiring senior living facilities on a very affordable budget.

Top locations in Alabama for senior living

Considering the fact that this state is an excellent choice for retirement communities on an affordable budget, with an elderly-friendly lifestyle, BoomersHub presents 3 of the top locations for senior living in Alabama.


If you are looking to retire in Alabama, then senior living in Montgomery would have to be the top preference for older adults over 55+. The reason is the assisted living communities in Alabama have a wide range of facilities that fall under different categories (memory care, nursing homes, etc.), each offering a unique atmosphere. Some of the popular choices of senior living facilities are as follows:

Angels For The Elderly

Angels for The Elderly, as the name suggests, is a specialized memory care for seniors. However, what makes Angels For The Elderly an attractive choice for senior living is not the care they provide but the ambiance of the structural design in line with the Alabama atmosphere, which is enough to satisfy the mental well-being of residents.

Angels For The Elderly provides 24-hour non-medical care regarding medication, nutritious meals, and assistance with ADLs like grooming, bathing, and more. In addition, they provide meaningful activities for seniors that can be considered brain exercises, which is an excellent facility for patients with dementia.

The Belmont 

The Belmont facility is gorgeous and perfect for those seeing assisted living facilities. Why? The establishment’s ambiance and atmosphere are well structured and highly maintained, with a dedicated staff. If you are looking for a sliver of what luxury senior living is like, then The Belmont Assisted Living Facility will give you that experience.

The Landings of Montgomery

If you are looking for a homely assisted living community that is comfortable with a dedicated staff, then The Landings of Montgomery is worth looking into. From dedicated, personal assistance to social and recreational activities, the Landings of Montgomery comes with shared and personalized suites that are fully furnished. In addition, their services include transportation management, 24-7 on-call medical staff, including medication management. For a complete list of facilities and services, visit The Landings of Montgomery. 


Alabama senior living communities are brimming with exceptional, cost-friendly retirement homes for the elderly, and Birmingham is one such place. A humble, friendly, and lively city, senior living in Birmingham, Alabama, is a great option, including the following:

Galleria Woods

This is one of the most beautifully structured senior living communities in Birmingham. Galleria Woods acts as an independent, assisted, and memory care facility that provides a wide range of dedicated services and facilities for all kinds of adults looking for senior care.

Firstly, the ambiance makes this place a top choice for senior living. The community evokes a humble, cozy structural design with a well-articulated atmosphere that can be attractive to adults over 55+ looking for an active senior lifestyle. 

The Bungalows At Riverchase

The Bungalows at Riverchase are charming, with a décor evoking authentic, Southern home ambiance. This community is great for those adults who may find it harder to shift from their homes to senior care because the atmosphere is enough to keep the mind at peace.

What makes the Bungalows a wise and perfect budget-friendly choice when it comes to senior living is their dedication to ensuring residents do not feel out of touch when it comes to missing their respective families. What is more intriguing is the different kinds of facilities they provide, including studios for arts and crafts for creative-minded individuals, Bistro Activity rooms, and special chef-prepared meals.

Visit the Bungalows at Riverchase for a better and more precise idea of what is available for residents.  

Eastview Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

The Eastview Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center is one of the most recognized and licensed nursing homes in Birmingham, Alabama. They provide dedicated 24-hour skilled nursing care and administration for residents with severe, medical-based health conditions. With 30 years of service history, Eastview Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center offers different forms of long-term care, including short-term rehabilitation. Look at the number of services and facilities this senior care community provides for older adults looking for nursing care.


Older adults can find some of the best nursing homes in Mobile, Alabama. Yes. Suppose you are searching for great options for senior living in Mobile, Alabama. In that case, we have 3 of the best, handpicked communities for you, which is great for nursing homes and assisted and independent living. 

Vitality Living Regency

Vitality Living Regency is one of the most vibrant and well-structured senior living facilities. Suppose you are looking for activities with social and cultural variance, including engaging outings to museums. In that case, this is the place to be because their services target stimulating the resident’s mental and physical well-being.

Westminster Village – Spanish Fort

The Westminster-Village may be a nursing home, but do not let their category fool you. They have services and facilities that make for a true senior living community that is beyond general nursing care. So, do you want to relax, be nursed, yet find the time to have fun by playing 8-ball? Well, you can because the residents have access to their highly-rated assisted living and skilled nursing facilities.

Elmcroft Of Heritage Woods

What you can expect from the Elmcroft Of Heritage Woods is a senior living community that is backed and draped in a rich culture and comfortable lifestyle, mainly thanks to the structural design and dedicated, well-trained staff.

Their rates are highly inclusive, meaning no increase for anything or different requirements for residents with special needs. Their memory care is explicitly dedicated to dementia patients as well, with the staff tasked to handle those with cognitive health problems without an issue. 

Other areas in Alabama you should consider

Alabama has many other locations that are top preferences for senior living. But, in all honesty, when it comes to the Alabama senior living lifestyle, the communities we have listed in this article are perfect when considering the location, the cost, the facilities, and most importantly, the atmosphere.

You will make new friends among your unique senior living communities here, and combined with the atmosphere of Alabama makes an excellent choice for considering the retirement homes in this state and the mentioned cities.

However, that does mean there are only so many cities in Alabama more suited to senior living, keeping in mind the services and facilities. If you are curious and need to have a more detailed understanding of why you should consider Alabama for senior living options, then visit below.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, Alabama is a great place for senior living. The atmosphere, Southern hospitality, and well-balanced weather are enough to liven up the hearts and minds of older adults looking to shift into the senior lifestyle.

And if you have come this far and your curiosity regarding senior living is at its peak, then read our following articles to have an idea of another city BoomersHub recommends. They include our relevant take on what can help you and your older family member transition into the senior living lifestyle!


Why is Alabama a good place to retire?

Alabama is considered to be a state that is famous for its Southern hospitality. The fantastic rural, semi-modern cities make the culture and atmosphere of the locals unique compared to the other regions across America. The people are friendly, and the dining options are varied, making it an excellent location for seniors to retire.

Does Medicaid pay for home health care in Alabama?

Medicaid covers home care-based services for older adults who are Medicaid-eligible and also meet the admission criteria, which depend on the patient’s social and medical needs.

What are active retirement communities?

Active retirement communities, more commonly known as independent living, is a senior care intended to offer older adults over 55+ an area of freedom to pursue social and engaging. Alabama is one such state where there are exceptional independent living communities.

What is good and bad about retiring in Mobile, Alabama?

One of the good things about availing of the senior care lifestyle is the low cost of living. In addition, the good weather can be enjoyed throughout the year. However, one of the main problems living in Alabama is very few social services. However, it will not be much of an issue for senior living residents because assisted living or memory care facilities have staff and services dedicated to solving medical or required assistance.

Is Gulf Shores, Alabama, a good place to retire?

Suppose you are looking for coastal preferences with an affordable senior living plan. In that case, the Gulf Shores, Alabama, is a great place to transition, especially regarding retirement and an active senior lifestyle. It is also considered to be of the country’s best beach towns, given the atmosphere.

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