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Senior Living in Tampa, Florida: A Tropical Gem

Senior Living in Tampa, Florida: A Tropical Gem

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Senior Living in Tampa, Florida

A senior living lifestyle is only as good as the company that is kept. Boosted by the communal atmosphere where residents enjoy their retirement and receive various assistance for their daily living, is there anything that can make senior care more alluring? Turns out, there is, and it is, the sunshine state of the U.S., but more specifically, Tampa, Florida!

So what makes senior living in Tampa such an exciting prospect for seniors who are about to embark on a new journey to live a life they earned?

What makes Tampa a good location for senior living?

Seniors who want to indulge themselves in the tropical summer and wear out the Havana shirts for comfort will love Tampa, Florida, for retirement. Though it must be said the weather of Tampa may not be suitable for everyone, this city is perfect for those who love the tropical atmosphere and does not mind their days’ sunny side up.


Senior living in Tampa, Florida, is excellent for senior citizens who want to enjoy their retirement on a high note. Firstly, Tampa is well known for being a retirement hub across the United States. Those well-adjusted to warmer, humid climates enjoy Florida as their go-to retirement living hub. And with any tropical environment, the best part is the other side of the coin; rain.

From mid-May to October, residents of Tampa will feel the occasional downpour. But those who do not mind the drizzle will love Tampa.


Secondly, the city’s ambiance is enough to liven the lives of seniors. There are plenty of well-maintained restaurants throughout Tampa. In addition, residents can enjoy a walk near the bay shores and enjoy beachfront activities and sightseeing tours.

Things to do for seniors in Tampa, Florida

Tampa is not just a tropical gem. Instead, it is quietly a happening city filled with excellent sightseeing spots that the elderly will surely enjoy. However, senior living is more than just being cared for in a home. It is an entirely different lifestyle.

Activities and sightseeing in Tampa that seniors can specifically enjoy cannot be put by the numbers. From restaurants to bay view walks and tourist spots, older adults can relax and enjoy the tropical gem of the sunshine state.

Places to visit

Seniors can visit places like Busch Gardens, an adventure and entertainment part for children and adults. The ZooTampa at Lowry Park is also worth a visit. And if seniors are more into indoor engagement, then Tampa’s Florida Aquarium and the Museum of Science and Industry are also available for a visit. But for the calm and quiet-minded, especially those who enjoy strolls, the Tampa River and bay shore area is just a walk away. From festivities like the Gasparilla Season to night cruises, Tampa has something for everyone, particularly seniors.

The average cost of retirement in Tampa, Florida

Those looking to stick to a specific budget will find Tampa senior living lifestyle as one of the best options in the U.S. Gulf Coast. What is on offer for the elderly is income based senior living apartments in Tampa, Florida. Between 2021 and 2022, the average monthly cost has stayed the same. On average, the cost of senior living ranges somewhere between $3,300 and $3,500 (assisted living). This is relatively inexpensive, especially if you compare it to cities like New York, San Francisco, or Denver.

However, the cost will be relatively higher for seniors looking for nursing care and in-home care facilities. Nursing homes can be quite expensive depending on the types of rooms residents avail, which will cost them between $9,100 to $10,000. In-care home service will range between $4,700 and $5,000 per month.

If you are sitting down to understand the finance, decision to move, and want to look into long-term payment support such as Medicare or Medicaid, then read the following articles.

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Our top picks for senior living communities in Tampa

There are over hundreds of senior living establishments in Tampa, Florida. Before you visit our section to get a clear idea of the different types of communities available, take a look at our top 3 picks!

John Knox Village

The John Knox Village is one of our top picks if you are looking at a senior care community in Tampa. This establishment was founded in 1997 by 11 private, non-profit hospitals, and today, they are known for their excellent services in assisted living. Residents will also find other facilities like skilled nursing and independent living services at John Knox Village.

This senior living community is an intricate value because residents will find and experience authentic Florida flavors in this residence. In addition, the structural design and layout of John Knox Village in Tampa are genuinely astonishing, as it reflects a modern makeover with a humble touch of serenity that seniors can resonate with. But if that is not all, then the best thing to mention is how close it is to the bay!

Brighton Gardens Of Tampa

Brighton Gardens of Tampa is a beautiful home for seniors over 55+, especially those seeking an engaging, active lifestyle. The structure of the community building can bring back a feeling of aesthetic value from the old days. But it is what is on the inside that counts. How? Because the Brighton Gardens of Tampa has ensured that residents feel safe, especially when it comes to a reminder of their home!

They have a beauty store, a well-decorated restaurant, and a state kitchen. From the porch to the courtyards, the residents here will have a relaxing time mingling and living their senior life. Aside from the multitude of facilities provided by The Brighton Gardens of Tampa, the homely atmosphere makes this place unique. Be it for assisted living, memory care, or nursing home assistance; this retirement community is worth having a look at!

Brookdale Bayshore

Sometimes, you have to save the best for last! Brookdale Bayshore in Tampa, Florida, is the wild card of senior living. Why? Well, if you love to vacation and enjoy hotel stays but are in need of senior care and a retirement worth the life you earned, Brookdale Bayshore is as good as they come in Tampa.

Known well for independent living, if you are an elderly looking for memory care or assisted living, then this Tampa bay gem will suffice. Placed right on a bay, seniors can enjoy a rooftop or a room view overlooking the beautiful scenery of the bay. And if that is not all, aside from the industry standard services and facilities, Brookdale Bayshore has ensured their residents are well engaged with stimulating activities and incredible sightseeing options minutes away!

So if you are looking for independent seniors living in Tampa, Florida, Brookdale Bayshore is the perfect retirement community for you.

Visit other locations in Tampa for senior retirement.

Angels Senior Living in Tampa is another popular choice among retirement homes among senior citizens. We have over 300+ listings of different categories of aged care facilities in just Tampa alone! This includes nursing homes and independent senior living in Tampa as well. Depending on your budget and other preferences, you can find a wide range of senior living communities in Tampa listed below!

Senior living in Tampa, Florida

Final thoughts

If you are not considering moving to Tampa, Florida, to experience the tropical retirement experience that is the city, then you are missing out on a true gem. Those who already live in Florida know how prospective and lively Tampa is for seniors.

And if that is not enough to move you, think about the lovely sightseeing options you and your loved ones can enjoy, with a spectacular view of the entire Tampa bay. For a more detailed idea of whether Tampa senior living is right for you or not, contact BoomersHub today.

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Is the Tampa St. Petersburg area a good place to retire to?

You will find that the St. Petersburg area in Tampa is a beautiful location within the city for retirement. That is because not only is the airport nearby, but the area is technically an island. That means sandy beach bays surrounded by a body of water that retired residents can enjoy, even on walking.

Which is a more affordable city to live, Tampa or Atlanta?

In general, the cost is similar in both Tampa and Atlanta. As the weather and atmosphere are different in both cities, it depends on the preferences of seniors. But by contrast, as of 2022, Tampa is relatively more affordable than living in Atlanta, even if by a slight margin.

Are the 55+ communities cheaper to live in than regular homes?

Depending on the facilities provided and the community, it is relatively cheaper to live in 55+ active adult retirement communities. When compared to memory care, or nursing homes, without a doubt, the cost is lower, usually not crossing beyond $4,000 per month.

Why do elderly people move to Florida?

Florida is greatly popular amongst seniors as a retirement destination because of specific state laws. Firstly, there is no income tax. In addition, the housing costs are relatively low, and despite the warm temperatures, it is suitable for people who prefer tropical weather in the U.S.

What are the differences between living in Tampa and Orlando?

For those who are all about sightseeing, one of the main differences between the two cities is that Tampa is relatively closer to the coast. Furthermore, the cost of living in Tampa is slightly more affordable than it is in Orlando.

Is it worth it to move to Florida from the Midwest?

Given that Florida has no income tax and houses a warmer climate with a low cost of senior living, Tampa, in particular, is undoubtedly worth moving to such a state. Given that those looking to move understand what shifting means, particularly for seniors.

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