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Sex After 60: How to Spice Up Your Retirement Living

Sex After 60: How to Spice Up Your Retirement Living

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sex after 60

We often hear whispers of what is and what is not healthy to talk about. And one of those taboo topics that are stereotyped in our world is senior sexuality. Age should never be a barrier to intimacy and pleasure.

It is time to break out the elephant in the room! Let’s talk about sex and why coitus after 60 can be a roller-coaster theme ride into your golden years!

Break the bed, Not your back

The goal is to break the bed and not your back! That means embracing the sex life after 60 without worrying about society’s thoughts. Sex for seniors over a certain age has always been a taboo topic. It shouldn’t be.

By breaking and openly discussing the barriers, seniors can smash outdated stereotypes and enhance their sexual experiences.

Sex after 60 in retirement living

Believe it or not, embracing sex after 60 in the context of retirement living can open up a realm of possibilities. Whether you are a couple or a single elderly, retirement communities often offer an exciting and inclusive environment that fosters open conversations about sexuality and intimacy.
Everyone in retirement has seen or experienced it all. This allows for more outstanding communication between seniors to learn from one another and seek new ways to enhance their sex lives.

And if you want to live in the comforts of your homely environment under home care, then that is okay too! So, irrespective of setting, here is the down-low on improving your sex life after 60!

Sex after 60

Secrets to great sex after 60

It’s no secret that great sex calls for more extraordinary measures. But as a senior, the best measures you can take are our list for you! Numbers 6 and 9 are the points of entry that can make or break what defines excellent sex after the age of 60!

1. Communication is key

Open and honest communication with your partner becomes even more crucial as you age. Discussing your desires, fantasies, and any concerns (even limitations) opens the gates you may have.

2. Discover new positions

Sometimes the secret lies in trying new things. Try now if you and your partner do not have time to experiment with new moves. Consider trying positions that allow deeper penetration, added stimulation, or enhance intimacy and connection.

3. Introduce diversity and novelty

Let the cat out of the bag! That means to spice up your sex life by introducing out-of-the-ordinary onto the bed. This can include trying new activities like role-playing, incorporating sex toys, or even exploring sensual massage techniques.

4. Focus on foreplay

Irrespective of age, foreplay becomes increasingly important when it comes to sex. Take the time to engage in intimate activities that build arousal and anticipation. Remember, when it comes to sex after 60, the journey matters as much as the destination!

5. Focus on self-care and wellness

Prioritize your well-being for a rewarding sex life. During your elder years, taking care of yourself is always essential; doing so can lead to a better and more active sex life between you and your partner.

6. Explore sensate focus techniques.

If you are looking for one of the most intricate, out-of-this-world sex techniques after 60, then sate your sensate. We mean ‘sensate focus’ is a satisfying, therapeutic technique focusing on touch and physical sensations. Not many people know this, but this technique can help you and your partner reconnect sensually without the performance pressure. If stimulating activities can get you going, so can this!

7. Embrace emotional intimacy

Building trust and fostering emotional intimacy can lead to more satisfying and fulfilling sexual encounters over 60. Affectionate gestures, heartfelt conversations, and shared activities can nurture a stronger emotional bond, leading to broken beds and satisfying smiles.

8. Maintain sexual health

Think about it, if you are fit, then you have the green signal to jump into bed with your partner! Practice safe sex and maintain your overall health. If you have solid financial backing, invest in your sex life after 60. Get in touch with medical professionals and get frequent check-ups!

9. Patience and adaptability

Come to terms with what life has in store for us. You know, as you get older, your body will change. It is essential to be patient and adaptable. What you could do at 30 may not be wise to perform at 60, and that is okay!

Top 5 sex after 60 books to read

If we turn to literature for the art of intimacy and physical union, there is probably no greater book than the infamous ‘Kama Sutra.’ Though some moves may (or may not) be a bone breaker for people over a certain age, let us look at some of the best books that define senior sexuality.

1. “Sex After…: Women Share How Intimacy Changes as Life Changes”

Written by Iris Krasnow

In this pulsating book, Iris Krasnow explores the experiences of women over 60 and how their relationships, desires, and sexual understandings evolve with age. Through candid interviews and personal stories, this sex after 60 book offers invaluable insights and guidance for embracing and enhancing your sex life.

2. “The Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50: How to Maintain – or Regain! – a Spicy, Satisfying Sex Life”

Written by Joan Price

Joan Price is an established author when it comes to topics concerning sexuality. She is a renowned promoter of ageless sexuality, and this book provides a comprehensive guide to navigating the complications of sex after 50.

3. “Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex After Sixty”

Written by Joan Price

Another hole-in-one is the honest and straightforward book by none other than Joan Price. This book challenges the notion (and rightly so) that sex declines with age and offers a vesting perspective on sexuality during a senior’s life. If you are looking to embrace your latent sexual desires and communicate them with your partner, this is the book for you.

4. “The Joy of Sex: The Ultimate Revised Edition”

Written by Alex Comfort and Susan Quilliam

This book can be considered a classic in sexual literature. This revised edition of “The Joy of Sex” proves to be a treasure trove on sexual guidance for seniors. Covering a wide range of topics, from anatomy and positions to communication and even exploring fantasies!

5. “Ageless Erotica” edited by Joan Price

For those seeking a collection of real erotic stories specifically crafted for mature readers, “Ageless Erotica” is an anthology that revels in the sensuality and sexual experiences of older adults.

Careful about STDs!

While breaking the taboo of coitus between the elderly is an excellent step in raising awareness for a meaningful, active sex life, don’t forget to break out the protection! Yes! Sex may be sweet, but if you aren’t careful, there is a sour dose of reality to dampen the bed sheets you are going to make love in, otherwise known as STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).
Contrary to popular belief, STDs can affect individuals of any age and seniors, especially those in retirement communities like assisted living and independent living. Here are some ways to be careful:

1. Maintain proper hygiene, which is the golden rule; showering after sex!
2. Use protection because that is a no-brainer!
3. Get regular check-ups at your healthcare provider or retirement facility.

You will be surprised as to how STDs are a creeper that has caused silent chaos in places like nursing homes! To read more about STDs in such areas, read below:

Stay in shape to have great sex after 60

Now while sex is a great way to stretch and loosen the muscles, you have to know that in order to keep at it like rabbits at 60, it is vital to be in good shape!

Regularly exercising, going for a jog or hiking (if that is an option), or even taking the time to meditate and relax can work wonders for men and women over 60. If you really want to have better sex after 60, read the following articles to amp up your fitness routines!

Final thoughts

By exploring new avenues of pleasure, nurturing open communication, and prioritizing sexual health, you can create a rich and satisfying intimate connection well into your senior years. So, let go of preconceived notions and embrace the possibilities awaiting sex after 60.


Is sex good after 60?

Absolutely! It has been reported by numerous seniors that their sex lives significantly improve after the age of 60. With experience, confidence, and a deeper understanding of their bodies (and more time), older adults can enjoy fulfilling and satisfying sexual experiences.

Do women over 60 like sex?

Yes, mature women can have a strong desire for sex. When it comes to sex after 60 for females, emotional connection, intimacy, and the pleasure of sexual activity play essential aspects in their lives, and as a result, women often continue to seek fulfilling sexual relationships.

Do people over 60 still have sex lives?

Age should not act as a barrier when it comes to love-making! Instead, it is argued that after 60 can be the best time to have sex (more couple time). Being over 60 does not diminish the capacity for a vibrant and fulfilling sex life. Senior couples in retirement are known to be active when it comes to vigorous sex life.

How often do 60-year-olds have sex?

The frequency of sex after 60 can vary among individuals and couples, and no set rule exists. Depending on a person’s libido, some 60-year-olds enjoy an active and exhilarating sex life, while others may prefer less frequent encounters. There are other factors at play here which include physical conditions. Seniors with, for example, joint paints may engage in sex lesser due to the situation.

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