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How To Find The Best Senior Living Communities in 2024

How To Find The Best Senior Living Communities in 2024

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Best Senior Living Communities

When we picture retirement communities, the first things that come to mind are the older adults just relaxing and wondering about nursing homes! Well, this could not be further from the truth! Retirement communities offer so much more than that.

It is an evolved lifestyle created to make seniors more active and enjoy their retirement fully. Hence, with time, retirement homes keep improving, with even more prospects in the future.

So, how do we find the best senior living communities for loved ones?

Why does finding the right community matter?

Senior living communities offer a different form of a lifestyle than what one usually perceives in a nursing home, for example. There are many exciting facts people do not know about senior living other than it is a community for seniors to live as neighbors and engage in a social life built around older adults their age.

For example, some of the best senior assisted living communities will differ in cost and services compared to independent facilities or memory care! Those looking at nursing homes can either go for private or semi-private rooms. Below is an average cost of care types in the US, including home care!

Please note this is just an average cost. It can vary from service to service, including states and cities! But one of the most common factors regarding services is assistance with daily living activities.

For a better idea, why take a look at the following articles?

Ways to find the highest rated senior living communities

Let us look at the best ways you can find the perfect senior living community that is just right for you!

1. Reach out to friends and family

A senior person will always be in your or your friend’s family. It can be their father, mother, aunt, or a distant relative. That is why it is best to contact friends and family for advice and input regarding senior living communities.

They may not have admitted themselves to nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, or other communities, but someone from such a circle may have considered it and done research like you. You will likely come across either a friend, a family member, or a colleague who can guide you in the right direction!

2. Research on Google Maps/business profiles

Today, we live on the edges of innovation, and digitization of information is at the very forefront of such a movement. There is nothing that cannot be found on the internet. Every retirement community is publically listed on Google, especially their business profiles! You can see ratings and, most importantly, reviews!

3. Take advantage of social media

While Google search is one of the wisest options for finding top senior living communities, we are discussing using social media.

Here’s how you can use the following platforms!

  1. Facebook: If you are looking for retirement community reviews, pages, or groups related to senior living, Facebook is the place to be!
  2. X (formerly Twitter): There is a good chance that you can find personal stories regarding a retirement community or senior living on the X platform.
  3. YouTube: The best place to find what you need regarding visual stories or representation of services provided by retirement communities.
  4. LinkedIn: It is another wise choice to see the professional face of the retirement community directly, and engage with the facility’s employees (or even owner)!

4. Visit senior living communities near you

This is equivalent to typing ‘senior living communities near me’ on Google search! After doing so and finding the communities that catch your eye, step out of your door and into theirs!

Sure, it could be time-consuming to a certain degree. But by physically visiting the retirement homes in your vicinity, you can assess for yourself if it is the right choice for you.

5. Find a senior care referral platform

Today, there are many ways to find a retirement community in your area. The best step is to find a reliable senior care referral platform like ours that can find the ideal community fit for you! Say, for example, you want to find a few of the best senior independent living communities in your area; contact referral services like us for a free consultation.

Our senior advisory team will help provide the best solution in finding the right senior living community. We consider your budget, your situation, and the types of facilities you could be looking for, and our team will match your criteria to the right senior living community; all you have to do is sit and relax!

Finding the finance for the best senior living community

Though senior living is an excellent option for older adults looking to liven up their retirement, one crucial factor can make or break the decision between staying home or staying in senior care. It is your finance! As highlighted earlier in the article, costs differ when it comes to care type.

Many seniors would often take advantage of their Social Security or take out a reverse mortgage when it comes to senior living! Carefully managing your finances for senior living is the right way to go about it, as there is a matter of asset protection. Many seniors would put up their assets to cover their senior living costs.

Furthermore, there is also medical insurance or Medicare plans to help with financial support, specifically for senior living. Have a look at the following articles to learn more!

Some top rated senior living communities

Depending on your budget and willingness to start living in these communities, there are numerous top locations for senior living. For example, if you are living in California and want to find a senior living only in that location, that is a great option! For instance, Southern California, an excellent place for memory care facilities, is highly preferable among those with cognitive health problems.

Georgia is also considered one of the most affordable states for senior living. Mississippi, Ohio, and Alabama are also great locations for senior living. The monthly cost is relatively low compared to areas like New York and California.

Different kinds of senior living offer various facilities depending on the area and the types of older adults looking to move. Take independent living, for example; its cost and benefits will differ significantly from those of a skilled nursing facility.

Listed below are articles on two of America’s most significant retirement communities. Have a look!

Final thoughts

Now that you know the steps to take before finding the best senior living communities in the United States for yourself or your loved ones get going! Thousands of senior living communities cater to different groups of people, from luxury senior living to specialized communities for the religious.

You should have a look at the following articles to get a better idea of retirement across America!


What is the best way to research assisted living options?

Undoubtedly, the internet is the best place to find senior or assisted living communities. This is because every aged care facility is listed on the internet. Furthermore, when researching, users can review organization websites, including referral services dedicated to the senior living sector.

What is a senior living and retirement community?

The main difference between senior living and a retirement community is that with the former, the seniors or older adults can generally take care of themselves. However, senior living is created for elderlies who require some assistance or are suffering from illnesses like dementia. For such seniors, memory care is available.

What is the memory care facility provided for seniors?

Memory care is a form of long-term care that falls under senior living. It helps provide intensive and specialized care for seniors or adults over 55+, especially those with memory or cognitive problems. Nursing homes also have a memory care neighborhoods section dedicated entirely to dementia patients and assisted living and continuing care retirement communities (CCRC) facilities.

What should you look for in a senior living community?

The first thing you should look for in a senior living community is the types and range of facilities they provide. Depending on the type and size of the senior living complexes, smaller communities may be limited in particular services like movie screening for seniors. Also, ensure the senior living communities have good caregivers and a wide range of activities for older adults.

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