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Sunrise Senior Living: Illuminating Senior Care

Sunrise Senior Living: Illuminating Senior Care

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Sunrise senior living

As we grow older, finding a home that offers personalized care, comfort, and an active community becomes more critical. Sunrise Senior Living is one of America’s reputable senior care providers, offering exceptional services tailored to seniors’ unique needs.

This article explores the world of Sunrise Senior Living, including its services, locations, notable features, pricing considerations, and why older adults should consider embarking on their new journey here.

An overview of Sunrise senior living

Founded in 1981 by Paul and Terry Klaassen, the first Sunrise Senior Living community was opened in Fairfax, Virginia. Within a decade, Sunrise Senior Living grew rapidly, and by 1990, the company had over 50 communities.

Today, Sunrise Senior Living is one of the US’s most prominent and leading senior care communities. They have built a solid reputation with decades of experience, ensuring a core focus on personalized and compassionate care in a safe and supportive environment.

They offer independent living, assisted living, and memory care for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. The senior care community also provides skilled nursing care for its residents and is known to apply unique holistic care methods, especially for those suffering from cognitive health problems. Sunrise Senior Living has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

5 reasons to choose Sunrise senior communities

Below are some of the main reasons you should consider choosing Sunrise senior living communities as your next home to embark on retirement!

1. Person-centered approach

Sunrise prioritizes the individual needs and preferences of each resident, creating tailored care plans to ensure comfort and well-being. As a result, Sunrise Senior Living communities have provided a pet-friendly atmosphere, including at least one community cat or dog adopted from local animal shelters and rescues.

2. Engaging activities

The prominent senior living community offers various daily activities and social programs to promote an active and enriching lifestyle for its residents. These activities are stimulating and wholesome and cater to individual requirements (for example, games for people with cognitive issues like dementia).

3. Trained caregivers

Sunrise Senior Living has a dedicated team of caregivers that has undergone specialized training, bringing compassion and expertise to every aspect of resident care.

4. Comfortable living spaces

All the facilities of Sunrise feature cozy apartments to elegant common areas. Sunrise communities are designed with seniors’ comfort and convenience in mind.

5. Dementia care

The Alzheimer’s Association has recognized Sunrise Senior Living for implementing the organization’s dementia care practice recommendations. The senior living community is widely regarded as one of the best providers of memory care services in the US.

Sunrise senior living locations in the US

Sunrise Senior Living has an extensive presence across the United States. They offer their prospective residents numerous options to find a community that suits their preferences and location. From bustling cities to serene suburban settings, there is a Sunrise community for every lifestyle.

Be it under Brighton Gardens or Sunrise, at least 35 states in America have their communities in multiple cities for the convenience of seniors looking for the perfect new home! Here are some of the locations where you can find the senior living community:

  1. Alabama
  2. Arizona
  3. Arkansas
  4. California
  5. Colorado
  6. Connecticut
  7. Delaware
  8. Florida
  9. Georgia
  10. Illinois
  11. Indiana
  12. Iowa
  13. Kansas
  14. Kentucky
  15. Louisiana
  16. Maine
  17. Maryland
  18. Massachusetts
  19. Michigan
  20. Minnesota
  21. Mississippi
  22. Missouri
  23. Nebraska
  24. Nevada
  25. New Hampshire
  26. New Jersey
  27. New Mexico
  28. New York
  29. North Carolina
  30. Ohio
  31. Oklahoma
  32. Oregon
  33. Pennsylvania
  34. Rhode Island
  35. South Carolina

It is, however, also important to note that this list needs to be more comprehensive and that Sunrise Senior Living may add or remove communities from its network at any time. If you wish to learn more about the Sunrise Senior Community in your area, contact us today for a free consultation.

Sunrise senior living cost: What to expect?

Sunrise Senior Living’s costs vary depending on the type of community, level of care required, and geographical location. Here is the average cost of services below:

  • Independent living: $3,000 to $5,500
  • Assisted living: $5,000 to $6,900
  • Memory care: $5,900 to $7,700
  • Skilled nursing: The cost of nursing home services will vary depending on the level of care needed and (and whether Medicare covers the cost).

Sunrise senior living reviews: What to look for?

Regarding an overall review, Sunrise Senior Living ranks up an average of 3.5 out of 5. While the reviews vary depending on the Sunrise senior care communities across the country, the prominent retirement community is still among the top 7 names for senior living in the US.

Listed below are the factors you should look for:

1. Overall satisfaction

Be sure to look for reviews highlighting overall satisfaction with Sunrise Senior Living. Often, even if the rating on public review spaces like Google is not 5/5, read the comments and the experiences the reviewer shares or mentions.

2. Quality of care

Present residents or family members will always comment on and review the quality of care provided by the caregivers in Sunrise Senior Living. Check for comments about the staff’s level of training, availability to residents’ needs, and inclusive consideration and attention to detail.

3. Available amenities and activities

Sunrise Senior Living communities, being a prominent name in the senior care industry, will provide some of the best services, including activities for its residents. Look for reviews that highlight the experiences of residents or family members. It will show if the facilities’ requirements and standards are being met and if they align with the interests of seniors.

4. Emphasize cleanliness and maintenance

Take heed of reviews that shed light on the community’s cleanliness and maintenance standards. Keep an eye out for feedback concerning the meticulousness of the grounds and common areas, alongside the immaculate condition and functionality of the resident rooms.

5. Embracing open communication

Pay attention to reviews that emphasize the significance of communication and transparency at Brookdale Senior Living. Evaluate whether the reviewers felt well-informed and engaged in their loved one’s care journey, and assess the ease of communication with staff and management.

Final thoughts

Suppose you are looking for a place that offers a nurturing environment. In that case, skilled professionals who can provide compassionate support or an exciting lifestyle in a thriving community, Sunrise Senior Living is the perfect example of an outstanding environment.

Decades in and Sunrise Senior Living continues to be a beacon of light in the world of senior care. Their dedication to providing a life of dignity, fulfillment, and joy for each resident continues to illuminate the path.


How long has Sunrise Senior Living been around?

Sunrise Senior Living was founded in 1981 and has provided quality senior care services in America (and Canada) for over 40 years.

How much is Sunrise Senior Living per month?

The cost of senior care for Sunrise depends on the location (like state and city), the size of the living area (apartment), and the facilities being provided. On average, seniors can expect to spend about $5,000 per month as Sunrise Senior Living community residents!

How is the food at Sunrise Senior Living?

Among many things, Sunrise Senior Living communities are known to provide exceptional dining options for their residents. The food is prepared by facility chefs and designed to meet seniors’ standard dietary needs. They also have a registered dietitian to help review whether the food is nutritious.

How many locations does Sunrise Senior Living have?

Sunrise Senior Living is known to have over 270 communities in at least 35 states across America. The prominent senior living community also has facilities in Canada.

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