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Find Your Evergreen Retirement in Washington state

Find Your Evergreen Retirement in Washington state

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retirement in Washington state

A stretch of evergreen harmony begins when you choose to live in the golden hour. For adults over 55+, that golden hour is when their retirement journey begins. And what better place to mark this incredible journey’s beginnings than to start in the great State of Washington?

With its scenic backdrop, iconic attractions, lively cities, and exceptional retirement communities, let us see why the grass is greener in the Evergreen State!

Choosing to retire in Washington State

Retire in Washington for the attractions

America is a big country, so it is natural for every state being home to some of the most wondrous sights in the world! Washington State is no different! Let us look at some of the best places seniors can visit during their retirement in the Evergreen State!

1. Olympic National Park: Seniors will fall in love with the diverse ecosystems of this national treasure, featuring lush rainforests, peaceful beaches, and rugged mountain views.

2. Seattle Downtown: A vibrant heart of Washington, the downtown area of Seattle is filled with iconic skylines, lively marketplaces, and cultural attractions.

3. Seattle Center and the Space Needle: One of the highlights of Seattle and the more excellent Washington state is the Space Needle! Seniors can visit the Space Needle and explore the entertainment and arts hub at Seattle Center.

4. Mount Rainier National Park: For those who are active hikers or nature lovers, they will come to appreciate the splendor of Mount Rainier, surrounded by meadows, waterfalls, and old-growth forests.

5. North Cascades National Park: For nature enthusiasts, this park offers an unspoiled wilderness with stunning mountain views. Visiting this location is ideal for seniors looking to vacation within the States!

The pros and cons of retiring in Washington state

There is no place on planet Earth that is perfect. But in its imperfection lies the beauty we want to live in, and the Evergreen State is just that. Here are the pros and cons of being a retiree in Washington!


1. Stunning natural beauty: Mountains, forests, lakes, and a charming coastline provide abundant outdoor recreation, from hiking to boating.

2. Tax advantages: No state income tax and property tax breaks for seniors.

3. Mild year-round weather: Comfortable living with mild summers and cool winters.

4. Rich cultural scene: Plenty of attractions no matter where you go.

5. Quality healthcare: Washington has a sound healthcare system, including hospitals, doctors’ offices, and on-site healthcare in retirement communities.


1. Higher cost of living: The cost of living in Washington, especially in Seattle, Tacoma, is relatively high.

2. Frequent rainfall: Washington’s renowned rain, approximately 150 days per year, can be a deal breaker for some.

3. Heavy Traffic: Urban cities like Seattle often experiences heavy traffic.

4. Housing prices: Relatively high housing prices.

Best places to retire in Washington state

Here are the top locations you should look into when it comes to retirement in a blissful Evergreen state!

Seattle: Seattle is one of the best places to retire in Washington if you want to take advantage of a lively city with plentiful cultural attractions and a vibrant waterfront, perfect for an active, stimulating retirement.

Tacoma: Known for its arts scene and beautiful waterfront, this city offers a more relaxed retirement atmosphere. Tacoma is one of the best places in Washington State to retire because of the excellent number of retirement homes, especially if you are looking for independent living!

Olympia: Olympia is the state’s capital, boasting urban amenities and scenic beauty.

Port Townsend: A historic town with Victorian charm, ideal for retirees seeking a laid-back coastal lifestyle.

Yakima: Nestled in the Yakima Valley, offering a slower pace of life and a strong sense of community.

Spokane: Known for its friendly atmosphere and affordable living, a fantastic choice for retirees on a budget.

Gig Harbor: A picturesque waterfront community providing a tranquil setting for retirement.

What to expect from retirement in Washington?

Before finding the best place to retire in Washington State, let us understand what you should expect before moving on to the next section! For one, Washington is home to retirement communities that provide all levels of care to older adults depending on their unique needs!

It can be private home care, PHC programs to even memory care for seniors. Seniors with cognitive health problems like dementia or Alzheimer’s will also find Washington an excellent place for dementia care!

Top 10 retirement communities in Washington

Having gone over the cherry blossoms of the sweet attractions of Washington for a retiree, let us glance at some of the ideal retirement homes in the state!

Retiring in Washington: 10 Top communities

The following communities have an ideal atmosphere and infrastructure to cater to all the requirements of retirees!

1. Redmond Heights – Redmond

Seniors can embrace tranquility at Redmond Heights in the heart of nature. This community offers a perfect blend of comfort and care, with lush gardens and a vibrant calendar for a somber retirement experience.

2. The Gardens At Town Square – Bellevue

The atmosphere can give off the vibe of luxury to some. The Gardens is where elegance meets convenience: beautiful interiors, manicured courtyards, and a cultural zone for a refined retirement.

3. Quail Park Memory Care Residences Of West Seattle – Seattle

If you want to live in Seattle and need personalized for cognitive health issues, then Quail Park is where residents thrive in a safe and engaging environment.

4. Merrill Gardens At Ballard – Seattle

Another excellent and sophisticated retirement community is Merrill Gardens. Older adults will love the stunning city views, exceptional dining, vibrant lifestyle, and Seattle’s cultural offerings.

5. South Hill Village Assisted Living & Memory Care – Spokane

Older adults will find South Hill Village a retirement haven for assisted living and memory care. In a home-like environment in Spokane’s heart, residents will find everything they want for a golden retirement here!

6. Sequoia Village – Olympia

Sequoia Village is just a wonder to look at, so imagine living out your golden years here. In Olympia’s captivating atmosphere, seniors will find spacious living areas, engaging activities, and wellness-focused living.

7. The Lodge At Mallards Landing – Gig Harbor

Saving the best for last, The Lodge is a well-reviewed retirement community. Seniors can experience coastal charm at The Lodge, where waterfront views and engaging activities foster community and belonging in Gig Harbor.

Waterfront retirement communities in Washington state

Here are some ideal communities that near a waterfront location!

8. Brookdale Harbor Bay – Gig Harbor
9. Cascade Park Vista – Tacoma
10. Brookdale Silver Lake – Everett

Cost of retirement in Washington state

Looking to retire in Washington is relatively affordable. Given the location of the state and some of the major cities, it stands to reason why retirement in the Evergreen state is only partially affordable. But it is not totally out of reach either. There are cities in Washington that have lower than the national average when it comes to certain retirement costs.

Here is what you are looking at regarding retiring in the Evergreen state!

Home care: $6,946
Assisted living: $6,365
Nursing home (semi-private room): $10,003
Nursing home (private room): $11,103

If you are looking for the best places to retire in Washington state on a budget, then consider the following cities:

  • Centralia
  • Hoquiam
  • Toppenish
  • Aberdeen
  • Ephrata

These are just some of the cities with a lower cost of living than other areas of the state. We suggest you take a look at the following articles to make your retirement comfortable and genuinely golden!

Final thoughts

Washington offers more than just an evergreen paradise for retirees. So what do you think? Is the grass greener here in Washington? Because if it is so, you really should not wait to begin planning your retirement journey.

And it all starts here! Also, why not take the chance to read the following article pieces? See how Idaho fares with Washington. Read about the seasonal fun you could have wherever you choose!


Is Washington a good state to retire?

Washington is one of the ideal states in the US for retirement. If you can afford it, you will find the scenic landscapes, vibrant cities, excellent healthcare facilities, and superb retirement homes make up for the extra cost you must pay as a retiree.

Is Washington State expensive to retire?

While some areas may have a higher cost of living, more affordable cities or towns are available for retirees (Union Gap, Sunnyside, Grandview, Clarkston). It should be noted that Washington benefits retirees as the state offers a tax break!

What age can you retire in Washington State?

The age of retirement depends on the individual’s preference. Some can retire at 50 or even later! In Washington, the period for retirement is determined by individual conditions and Social Security eligibility.

Where in Washington State would you retire?

Popular retirement destinations in Washington include Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Port Townsend, Yakima, Spokane, and Gig Harbor. These cities are home to some good quality retirement homes and have good medical/healthcare facilities.

Which is a better place to retire, Washington or Oregon?

Both Washington and Oregon offer specific benefits for retirees. It will come down to personal preferences. Regarding the cost of retirement, Oregon is relatively the same or marginally more expensive than Washington!

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