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A Jolly, Jingle Gathering: Best Christmas Games for Seniors

A Jolly, Jingle Gathering: Best Christmas Games for Seniors

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Christmas games for seniors

Christmas is still a few months away, but as we edge closer to winter, the joy of the fable holiday season is on everyone’s mind! Christmas is the time of gathering, where the spirits of the day start to envelop us in its warmth and cheer. It’s a time for sharing, merriment, and creating beautiful memories.

These moments hold a special place for seniors, especially those in retirement.

While we may be unable to fit down a chimney, this article is our way to spread the holiday cheer and gift you some game and activity ideas to make this Christmas the most memorable ever!

Christmas under a golden mistletoe

Christmas in a retirement home may feel different from the past, but that does not mean it cannot be better. Imagine yourself stepping into a retirement community decked with the earnest glow of glistening lights, the aroma of freshly baked cookies, and the tender rustle of tinsel. And to top it all off, your new friends and neighbors are there!

This is the magic of Christmas in a retirement community! Be it gated retirement homes, assisted living, or memory care facilities, the spirit of Christmas will unite you with everyone to create unforgettable moments!
And if you want to get deeper into the Christmas spirit with words of motivation, take a look below:

Best Christmas games for seniors

Time to look at the gifts! Let us explore the best Christmas games for elderly groups personalized to make this festive season truly magical!

5 Christmas games for older adults

Christmas carol charades

With age comes wisdom, and it is best reflected in a game of charades! Act out your favorite songs from Christmas movies without singing, and see who can guess it right!

Ornament guessing game

Try placing decorative ornaments in a bag and have everyone guess what’s inside only by touch alone. It’s a sensory experience to evoke memories of Christmases past.

Holiday trivia

History defines us and, in such reflection, create a quiz with questions about Christmas traditions as an engaging way to test knowledge and spark discussions.

Stocking and stuffing relay

Organize a relay race where seniors can fill stockings with small, lightweight items. Make it a guessing game since it’s a lighthearted activity with a playful, competitive edge to stimulate the senses!

Santa’s workshop craft

Gather the materials for creating holiday crafts like ornaments, greeting cards, toy houses, gingerbread cookies (and man), etc. Crafting a workshop together fosters connection and creativity among your residents.

Christmas activities for seniors in retirement

  1. ‘Would You Rather’: This is a fun and carefree game that people of all ages can enjoy. Seniors can take it up a notch by asking risqué questions like sensual sex positions or keep it simple with fun Christmas-based questions!
  2. A jolly sing-along: Everyone loves to get into the Christmas cheer with a sing-along activity! Nothing brings the senior community group closer together than belting out caroling with some fine tunes and dancing moves.
  3. Movie trivia night: Who does not love movies? Have a trivia with your retirement community buddies and have yourself a challenging but incredible movie night! Hint: What’s the best Christmas movie?
  4. Volunteer at a local charity: Volunteering can be an enriching experience. Just imagine spreading your holiday cheer with those in need, especially during Christmas.
  5. Have a Christmas party: Sometimes, you have to clear the board, settle down, relax, and enjoy the company of new friends and community members. Deck the halls with jolly, light the candles, and have a simple party amongst yourselves!

Christmas party games for seniors under $25

Now that you have some ideas regarding the games that can give your Christmas the ultimate cheer lift, why not take a look at the following games to buy for the holiday season?

  • Outset Media Family Charades Game
  • Talking Tables Pub Quiz at Home Kit
  • They’re a 10, But…The
  • Hot or Not Party Game
  • Hasbro Jenga Classic Game
  • Who Can Do It.. [A Party Game]
  • Project Genius Inc. Oh What Fun!


Talking Tables Wine-Themed Trivia Board Game: this one is not under $25, but we just had to put it here! Why? Who does not love spending Christmas with friends or family gathered around and decking out the cards on a trivia board game? With some wine, no doubt!

5 Free Christmas games for seniors at home

You don’t live in a retirement community and are taking home care services instead! That is great! You can be in the comfort of your zone and still feel the Christmas joy with the following 5 free games worth more in spirit than dollars!

1. Christmas charades:

Charades will always be at the top of essentially any game preference. A timeless game suitable for all ages, it is ideal to play at home with family members. You can act out Christmas-themed words or phrases to see if the first one to guess can correctly win!

2. Christmas trivia:

Trivia is a mentally stimulating and challenging questionnaire-based game! Just add some holiday-laced questions and see who emerges victorious.

3. Christmas bingo:

A fun game for all ages, everyone knows what ‘Bingo’ is, especially seniors! Players mark off Christmas-related items on their cards as they’re called out, and the first to get five in a row wins.

4. Word search:

Puzzles are great, but word puzzles are more fabulous! Seniors can try a relaxing game where players find hidden Christmas-related words in a puzzle.

5. Memory game:

Memory games are ideal, especially for seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s. They can play memory games with printable cards to enjoy a festive holiday. Players take turns flipping over Christmas-themed cards. Matching pairs are kept, and the one with the most pairs wins.

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Christmas games for seniors in nursing homes

For those living in nursing homes, do not fret! Christmas cheers spread everywhere, and here are three things seniors can entertain themselves with during the festive holiday!

  1. Holiday Pictionary: Set up a game of Pictionary with a Christmas twist. Use holiday-themed prompts for an added dosage of cheer.
  2. Jingle bell toss: Create a target board and have everyone toss jingle bells to score points. It’s a simple yet fun, entertaining activity.
  3. Festive bingo: Customize bingo cards with Christmas-themed pictures or words. It’s a classic game that will never lose its appeal.

Unique Christmas party ideas for seniors

We have covered many activity ideas and Christmas games for senior citizens in this article, starting from board games, trivia nights, or something as simple as caroling! But it’s Christmas, and you want to make it worthwhile and memorable, especially now that you are in retirement!
So, let us bless you under the mistletoe with five unique game and party ideas that will lift your Christmas spirit to new heights!

Ugly-themed costume contest:

For all your life, you have worn matching jolly outfits with friends and family, knitted by yourself or by your grandparents! This Christmas, why not change it up? Whether at a family gathering or with your friends in a retirement community, make or find the ugliest (but hilarious) sweaters and costumes, and see who wins the best, worst outfit ever!

Virtual karaoke:

Caroling is lovely and always the gold standard activity during Christmas! Trade in your ‘A cappella’ for a virtual karaoke machine!

A Secret Santa (with a twist):

A secret Santa gift idea with a riddling twist is needed to spice up your Christmas this year! Include riddles when opening the prizes so one can guess who it is from!

Online video chat:

A random video roulette online might be on the off-side, but it can be a unique experience. There are plenty of random video chat online platforms where you can meet strangers and have a talk! Try it. Get the group together and experience the (safe side) of the online world!

Christmas potluck dinner:

Sometimes, the simplest activities are most enjoyable. You know what potlucks are about. So, share your cheer with some hand-made dinner around the neighborhood!

Final thoughts

Let us usher in the holiday season with a reminder that the magic of Christmas lies in simple acts of enjoyment among close family and friends! No matter the age, these games and party ideas are not just activities but threads weaving the fabric of cherished memories and lifelong connections.

Whether you are living in a retirement community or the comforts of your home, may every Christmas be filled with happiness and the warmth of close connections. Happy holidays!


What is the best games in Christmas party?

Pictionary, charades, or any games to do with trivia are often considered simple and ideal among Christmas party games. If you are looking at easy Christmas games for seniors, then try the following:

  • Printable Christmas games
  • Go Fish or Uno
  • Jenga
  • Puzzles
  • Bingo

What are old-fashioned games for Christmas?

Old-fashioned Christmas games are traditional activities that were popular in the past. For Christmas, the classics may include “Musical Chairs,” “Pin the Tail on the Reindeer,” and “Charades.” These games induce nostalgia and are ideal for Christmas home parties or gatherings.

What are some fun Christmas games?

There are many entertaining Christmas games to choose from. Some favorites include Bingo, Holiday Scavenger Hunt, and Gift-Wrapping Relay. Christmas Pictionary games are also among popular preferences.

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