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27 Mother’s Day Gifts and Activities Ideas for Elderly Mothers

27 Mother’s Day Gifts and Activities Ideas for Elderly Mothers

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mother's day gifts for elderly


Mother’s Day 2022 is almost here! Though we don’t need a specific day to celebrate our mothers, grandmothers, and all mother figures, there is no harm in making them feel extra special on this day.  

Many of us have aging parents and grandparents who might be battling health issues or living in senior living facilities like independent living facilitiesassisted living, or nursing homes. They might feel isolated and disconnected during such occasions. So why not take this opportunity to show how much they mean to us and celebrate them while they are still around? 

There are a lot of thoughtful gifts and activities ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day with your elderly mother – whether you live together or apart. Let’s explore some of those ideas in this blog. 

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Elderly Mothers

Choosing a gift for your mother should not be that difficult since hardly anyone knows her better than you. But you may not want to repeat the same things and opt for something different this time. Also, as they are aging, you might want to get a little practice with your choices of gifts. So here are some Mother’s Day gifts that you can give to your beloved mother and any other elderly member of the family: 

    1. Small appliances: Yes, you read that right. If you pay close attention, you might notice that your mom or grandma cannot run around the house and do things as swiftly as they used to. Some automated kitchen or home appliances can make life easier for them. You can get them an electric kettle, a humidifier, food processors, and more! 
    1. Heating pads: Electric heating pads for pain relief can be one of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas for seniors. It can provide some comfort for cramps, aches, or other muscle or joint discomfort. 
    1. A tablet: A tablet is a great Mother’s Day gift for the elderly. It is portable, easy to use, and can be a helpful tool to stay connected with the outside world. They can join social networks, video call their friends and family, watch videos, and many other things to keep them entertained! 
    1. Self-care items: You can prepare a basket with some self-care items as a Mother’s day gift for elderly parents. It can put anything from books to toiletries to skincare items. Add anything you feel they might need or don’t have. 
    1. A throw blanket: Another excellent option is a weighted throw blanket. Not only will it work as a decorative element in their living room, throw blankets can work as a stress reliever and improve rest quality. In addition, it will add an extra layer of comfort to your elderly grandma or mother. 
    1. Light workout equipment: Staying active becomes extremely important as we age. Some light workout equipment like stability balls, smart bikes, and yoga mats can be some of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas for older moms. They will help them stay fit and keep other health issues in check. 
    1. Subscription packages: A subscription package is a perfect way to show continuous love and care to your mother throughout the year. You can sign her up for her favorite tea or coffee subscription box, an audiobook of her choice, or a monthly floral service subscription.  
  1. Robotic vacuum: Another excellent gift idea for Mother’s Day could be a robotic vacuum. They have automated sensors and can suck up dust and dirt from any corner of the room – be it carpets or floors. It reduces the manual effort your mother might have to put into normal vacuums. 

How to Choose the Perfect Mother’s Day Activity for Your Elderly Mother?

If you are thinking about what activities you can do on Mother’s Day for your aging mother, you might have to consider some of the following things: 

    • Their health: Be conscious about their health conditions while choosing gifts. For example, if your mother has diabetes, avoid sugary treats. 
    • Their mobility: If your mom or grandma has mobility issues, do not plan any activity that may take a toll on their body. Avoid going out and doing something together at home instead. 
    • Their preferences: If you are unsure about their choices or likings, feel free to ask them before planning anything. If they like being outdoors, plan accordingly and if they enjoy being in the comfort of their homes, try to respect that too. 
    • Their living situation: Another important consideration when choosing Mother’s day activities is their living situation. You might have to think differently when choosing gift ideas for nursing home residents. Because there might be certain rules and restrictions there that you need to abide by. 

So, let’s have a look at some of the fun Mother’s Day activities you can do to make them feel special

1. A day out

Most parents want the company of their kids and grandkids as they age. So, for Mother’s day 2022, plan a day out with your mom and bring along your kids. You can go to her favorite restaurant for a meal or go shopping, or picnic at the park – the options are endless! It will allow you to spend some quality time together and strengthen your bond. 

2. Cook a meal together 

One of the fun Mother’s Day activities is cooking a meal together. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, but the joy that comes with it would be priceless. You can also surprise your mother by preparing her favorite dish and enjoying it with the entire family. 

3. Watch their favorite movie 

If your mom has a favorite movie or TV show, you can have a movie night on Mother’s Day. You can take her to the nearby theater or can prepare some snacks and watch Netflix at home as well. It can be one of the best Mother’s Day activities for homebound mothers. 

4. Organize their living space 

Organizing or decluttering their living spaces is one of the most thoughtful and loving gestures you can do for your mother or grandma for Mother’s Day. Especially if they have arthritis, movement issues, or any other physical difficulties.  

5. Arrange a game night 

Arrange a game night with all the family members, order some pizza or takeout, and have a night full of fun and laughter. It can be a great bonding time and make your mother feel special and connected with her loved ones. 

What Are the Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandma?

Many of us share a unique bond with our grandmothers. So why not explore some Mother’s Day gift ideas for grandma? Here are some of the things you can give your grandma for Mother’s Day: 

1. A massage pillow 

A heated massage pillow can provide some welcome relief if your grandma is suffering from everyday aches or muscle stiffness. They can also ensure better blood circulation and improved sleep. 

2. Gripper socks 

Gripper or non-slip socks can be one of thoughtful and functional gifts for grandmas. Older people sometimes experience falls, shakiness, and other movement problems due to underlying health concerns such as Lewy body dementia, Parkinson’s disease, etc. So, these socks can minimize the risk of frequent falls or slips. 

3. A memory journal 

Memory journals can be one of the Mother’s Day gifts for grandma. If your nana suffers from memory issues or Alzheimer’s disease, it can be an excellent way to keep her brain stimulated. Journaling also promotes positive self-talk and prevents feeling isolated. 

4. Fitness trackers 

Fitness trackers are a great tool to check on your elderly loved one’s health and well-being. They monitor heart rates, sleep patterns, calories, and movement and flag any potential health concerns. So, a Fitbit fitness tracker might be one of the best Mother’s Day gifts for nana! 

5. Handmade goods 

Nothing beats handmade gift items when it comes to making people feel special. A knitted scarf, a jar of your grandma’s favorite cookies, or a simple Mother’s Day card could be great homemade Mother’s Day gifts for grandma. These items will give them a sense of warmth and closeness to her grandkids. 

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for an Elderly Mother in Assisted Living  

1. A pet 

A furry friend can be a great Mother’s Day gift for a mom in assisted living. Pets can provide therapeutic benefits as well as keep them company. However, you should check with the authorities beforehand whether they allow pets in the facility or not.

2. Dental care items 

Dental care items such as electric toothbrushes or water flossers are great gift ideas for someone in assisted living. You can also add a few haircare or skincare items along with the dental care staff as well!

3. Plants and gardening tools 

If your mom is a nature lover and loves nurturing plants, you can gift her flower pots, plants, and some gardening tools as a Mother’s Day gift. It will keep them occupied, but it will also add some greenery and freshness to their living space. Similarly, if they have any other hobbies, such as painting or writing, you can send them art kits and stationery. 

4. Craft items 

There are plenty of Mother’s Day crafts for senior citizens. Yarn, patterns, or home decoration items can be great gift ideas for moms in assisted living. They can be great for brain stimulation and enhancing concentration for senior moms with dementia and other brain disorders.

5. Pill organizers 

Many nursing home patients have health concerns and need to take medication on time. But it might be difficult for them to keep track of their medication schedule, especially for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. A pill organizer can be one of the most valuable gifts for seniors in assisted living. Sort out days, weeks, or months’ worth of medications and put alarms, so your mom never misses their pills. 

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Elderly Mother in a Nursing Home 

Here are some useful mother’s day gift ideas for an elderly mother in nursing home:

1. A care package 

To show some extra love, you can come up with some care package ideas for nursing home residents. For example, put together slippers, comfy socks, toiletries, some puzzle games, or a special treat. They’d sure appreciate the gesture and feel closer to home. 

2. Home décor items 

Living in nursing homes can be challenging for our elderly loved ones. They might feel lonely, anxious, or even depressed at times. Some vibrant home décor items may add a little color to their lives and brighten their moods. Some framed family photos, colorful fleece throws, beautiful blankets, and artworks can be excellent Mother’s Day gifts for moms in nursing homes. 

3. Mobility devices 

Different assistive devices such as walking sticks, walking frames, and wheelchairs could be essential tools for senior moms with movement issues. These devices can provide your mother with a feeling of independence and boost self-esteem. So, if you are thinking about gifts for seniors in nursing homes, consider these mobility aids. 

4. Puzzles and games 

Puzzles and different board games can be one of the fun gifts for the elderly. Besides, crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, sudoku, and other brain teasers can be useful Mother’s Day gifts for moms with dementia. They can keep their minds active and stimulated while having some fun. 

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    It can be challenging to think of Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for elderly mother figures. But there are many great options if you put some effort into figuring out their needs and sentiments. Keep in mind that it should come with sincere feelings and genuine care no matter what you choose. 

    We have tried to put together some fun and practical Mother’s Day gift ideas for older moms and grandmas. These ideas include thoughtful and fun items for people with health conditions, mobility issues, nursing homes, and assisted living residents.  

    We hope you find them helpful and find some inspiration to make the special lady in your life feel loved and cared for. Finally, we wish a very Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful, strong, and inspiring mothers out there! 

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