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Grandparents Day Activities: Fun Things to Enjoy with Grandchildren

Grandparents Day Activities: Fun Things to Enjoy with Grandchildren

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grandparents day activities


A beautiful quote states, “A garden of love grows in grandparents’ hearts” and there is nothing in this world that could defer the thought. This is why the 13th of September has been dedicated to the wonderful souls who have guided our families with love, affection, and unbreakable strength. In fact, it is amazing to know that it is celebrated as a secular holiday in many countries to honor grandparents on Grandparents Day Special and give them an opportunity to show their love for grandchildren.

We have collated some delightful Grandparents Day activities for you which will make you happier while spending time with each other and form amazing memories of a lifetime. Through this blog post, you will also find gift ideas for grandparents to assure them that even if you are at a distance or not able to communicate very often, you are always there by their side.

Grandparents Day Activities: Which Things to Do with Grandparents?

Here are some activities for Grandparents Day that you can do with your grandpa or granny:

1. Cook Together

With the experience of seniors and the activeness of juniors, a family recipe could be baked or cooked. Cookies, lasagna, or simple rice pudding, just pick a dish that you can enjoy together. When it’s ready, take a lot of selfies together! You can even frame the picture to give it to your grandparents.

2. Solve Puzzles Together

Solving some good puzzles together not only makes the relationship stronger but also makes grandchildren see a new perspective. Their experience could be drawn out when you play games like crossword puzzles. There’s also chess, sudoku, snake ladders, and even card.

3. Gardening

How about growing some vegetables, berries, and graceful plants together? It is surely one of the best things to do with your grandparents. While you learn muddling the soil and rooting plants, keep sprinkling fresh water every so often.

4. Reading

Listening to stories by grandparents is the best feeling in the world. Alternatively, you can share your stories with them too. Pick out some new or classical reads. However, if they are not able to read the books, you can read to them. You can even read newspapers or online blogs out to them to keep them more updated with what’s going on around the world.

grandparents day activities

5. Movie Time

Watching a classical movie together is a perfect idea to celebrate Grandparents Day together. So, get a tub of hot buttery popcorn and some fresh juice or coconut water to relax with a good movie.

6. Karaoke & Dance

Pull out some good songs, set up the karaoke system, and sing aloud altogether. If they are able to make easy body movements, twirl your feet and get your groove on! Yes, this dance can cut out some extra calories for both! Hurray!

7. A Walk Into Nature

Nature has the capacity to keep you and your grandparents free from stress. You go for a drive in the countryside, or a walk in the park! Do make sure to take the necessary precautions and avoid other people for the most part during this pandemic.

8. Plan A Picnic Outside

Pack a box of fruits, snacks, and some juice and hit the lakeside. A picnic getaway is a great idea to celebrate National Grandparents Day. 

Grandparents Day Activities 2020: How to Celebrate during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

There are many of us who are not able to travel to where our grandparents reside, and it is definitely heartbreaking. But wait! You can still enjoy many activities with a simple video call. If they are unable to manage technology by themselves, ask their caregiver to connect you with them. With that:

    • Read each other stories or talk about old memories
    • Draw and paint sketches together and compete for the best version
    • Set up an exercise session together and become healthy 
    • Play online games like chess, poker, and challenge each other for an amazing treat

Special Gifts for Grandparents: What to Choose?

 While you are already planning to celebrate Grandparents Day with your family this year, it is time to think about the gift ideas for them as well. When you give them something unique and special, they usually keep it close to themselves and even love flaunting it. Why wouldn’t they? Their love is simple and spectacularly beautiful. This is why you must make sure that the gift for grandparents is most memorable.

Apart from framing and gifting your memories to the grandparents, other gifts could be:

1. Fluffy Slippers

 Keep your grandparents’ feet very cozy with fluffy slippers all day and all year long. You can even choose to pick slippers that can be worn inside as well outside for multi-purpose use.

2. Personalized Calendar

 It will only take a few minutes to collate all your photographs with your family members and get it into a personalized calendar. Your grandparents would love to see you every day in their calendar.

3. Scented Bubble Bath

How about giving your grandparents a good aromatic bubble bath? We believe it’s a great idea to make them feel you care for their physical and mental health very well.

4. Echo Dot

“Alexa, play classical songs for me!” or “Alexa, switch off the lights!” Life could be a lot easier for your grandparents, especially when their joint pains trouble them in moving from one place to another.

5. Bed Comforter

A thick warm comforter is another gift idea for grandparents which makes them feel comfortable as well as allow them to sleep peacefully, especially on cold winter nights. Isn’t that a great gift idea for your grandparents?

6. Amazon Kindle

A waterproof Kindle device could keep your grandparents engaged in good reads. They can adjust the brightness of devices as and how required and learn new stories of life every day.

7. Smartphone Lanyard

Another perfect gift idea for grandparents is a phone lanyard which helps them to move freely in and around the house while your call will also be picked every single time. They don’t have to stress over carrying and forgetting the phone in some random place.

grandparents day activities

Be Thankful to Your Seniors this Grandparents Day

No matter where you are and what you do, the blessings of your grandparents stay with you in every corner of the world. Even if you are not able to reach them for any reason, make sure to give them a call and tell them ‘I Love You’. If you can, parcel a gift to them with a short love note. It will definitely put a big smile on their faces! It doesn’t have to be just your grandparents! The elderly couple next door or your best friend’s grandma who baked you that banana bread filled with love! Remember the love they’ve shown you and try your best to return the favor two times over this Grandparents Day!


There are so many fun things to do on Grandparents Day! Some ideas include playing games, planning a picnic, cooking a meal together, or making crafts. Whatever you choose to do, be sure to spend quality time with your grandparents and enjoy the special bond you share. 

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When is grandparents’ day in Mexico? 

In Mexico, grandparents’ day is on August 28th. 

When is grandparents’ day in the United States? 

September 11, every year. 

Why do we celebrate grandparents’ day? 

We celebrate grandparents’ day to honor the role of grandparents in our lives. From spoiling their grandchildren with treats, to telling amazing stories, to simply being a listening ear, grandparents play an important role in family life. Grandparents’ day is a way to say thank you and celebrate all they bring to our lives. 

Who invented grandparents’ day? 

Marian McQuade began campaigning in 1970 to establish a special day of recognition for grandparents. She reached out to civic, business, faith, and political leaders to promote the idea of Grandparents Day. Through her efforts, the holiday became recognized statewide. 

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