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Super Bowl Sunday: Super Bowl Activities for Seniors

Super Bowl Sunday: Super Bowl Activities for Seniors

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super bowl activities for seniors

Planning for a Lovely Super Bowl Sunday with Fun Activities for Seniors?

The 56th super bowl Sunday (February 13, 2022) is almost here, and it’s time to plan the day for our seniors. People of every age love football. So, planning a super bowl Sunday with seniors needs to be following their preferences and age. 

Older adults require a special diet, adjusted activities, and social involvement in assisted living facilities. If you wish to plan a super bowl party with seniors, there are quite a few things to consider. Because let’s face it, a party doesn’t usually involve heart-healthy food and ethical activities. 

So, here are a few Super Bowl activities for seniors that you can plan on a super bowl Sunday. 

Spending Quality Time Together 

First thing’s first, you might not always get the chance to spend quality time with your senior loved ones. We all are busy with our daily lives. However, Super Bowl Sunday is an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family. 

You will probably be spending the whole day at home on this day. So, why not plan some interesting activities with the older group in the house! You can prepare a party with different senior-friendly games, telling stories and Super Bowl jokes, and eating healthy food. The involvement with family members will improve the mental health of seniors. You never know, you might redevelop the long-lost connection with them in the family. 

Planning a Super Bowl Party: Activities for Seniors

Planning a party on a super bowl Sunday has never gone in vain. Seniors at home and in senior living communities enjoy them a lot. To decorate the party, you can use famous football team balloons available in the local store. You may even get Super Bowl-themed napkins to spice up the excitement. 

No party is a party without fun and exciting games. So, here are some fun and safe party game ideas for the seniors. 

Ladder toss 

Set up PVC ladders in the room and provide seniors with batons to throw onto the ladders at the tailgate party. Teams with batons that have stayed on the ladders without falling will earn points.  

Dart throwing 

Dart throwing might seem like a risky party game. But there are kid-friendly and magnetic darts available that you can use for the seniors. Use those dart sets to host a dart-throwing party for the seniors. Host a darts event for residents and interested staff members using a darts set. Simply place the dartboard in an open space and supply darts for participants to demonstrate their throwing abilities. 

Ring toss 

Ring toss is an excellent option for seniors with movement disabilities. You can use a large ring tossing game for those residents. In this game, seniors will be throwing a large ring onto a massive-sized ring base. 

Washer toss 

Washer toss is an easy party activity for seniors because it is a portable game. You, any family member, or the caregiver can even take the game to the rooms of the seniors with mobility issues. This allows the bedridden seniors to be a part of the occasion. 

super bowl party ideas for seniors

 super bowl party ideas for seniors

Super Bowl Sunday with Seniors

Preparing Healthy Super Bowl Snacks 

Because your elderly loved one may not prefer the unhealthy pizza, wings, and chips, you may need to bring some nutritious snacks for them to enjoy. Here are some healthy snack ideas: 

Pork sandwich with coleslaw 

Sandwich and coleslaw can be a very healthy choice of party snack for seniors. This dish provides all of the comforts of a meaty sandwich with the added benefit of using homemade coleslaw. In addition, you can go for more veggies and less filler because you’re preparing it at home. Pork tenderloin is also rich in proteins and has less fat, so it’s a great option for your senior loved ones. 

Avocado canapes with black beans 

Nachos are one of the popular Mexican snacks at a super bowl house party. But the food item is filled with cheese, fat, and grease. But this dish provides all the flavor and fun of nachos with a healthy alternative. 

Veg-filled salsa 

This is one of the easiest dishes to prepare for seniors on any occasion. First, you can buy salsa from the store. Then, before serving, you just have to add extra vegetables and some chips. 

Veggies and hummus dip 

A simple yet popular party delicacy is a fresh veggie platter with a few flavorful dips. By replacing high-fat items with low-fat Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, you can minimize calories and fat. Hummus is a protein-rich dip that may be found in most grocery shops. 

Berries and dark chocolates 

No party is fulfilled without at least one dessert item. Dark chocolate with berries can be one of those items on your list. Different berries are high in fiber and antioxidants. And dark chocolate is highly beneficial for the heart. 

Vegan brownies 

Vegan brownies typically involve almonds, dark chocolate, almond milk, and walnuts. They are an excellent dessert option as well for seniors with sweet teeth. 

Making Ethical Bets 

The Super Bowl is an occasion to make bets on the game. You can arrange something like this for the seniors, but with a bit of twist. Instead of monetary incentives, let the winner decide what to eat for supper or what show to watch on Netflix the next day. This is a fantastic method to have a good time without putting your loved one under any unnecessary stress. They will appreciate the thrill of the gamble on principal ethical terms. 


Super Bowl Sunday is a great opportunity for seniors to spend time with family and friends. You can joke around about football, have healthy snacks, and enjoy trendy Super Bowl memes together. So, it is on you to arrange a fun, enjoyable, and eventful day for your senior loved ones. 

The day is almost here. So, get started with celebrating the occasion with these Super Bowl activities for seniors. Reach out to us if you need more exciting ideas, we won’t disappoint.

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