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10 Ways to Celebrate Veterans’ Day

10 Ways to Celebrate Veterans’ Day

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how to Celebrate Veterans’ Day

Veterans’ day is a time to celebrate the valiant men and women who have thrown their lives on the line to protect our beloved nation. It is also a great opportunity to educate ourselves about our armed forces’ history and thank them for their service. 

This year, take some time to learn more about how you can thank veterans for their service. There are multiple ways to show appreciation, and we’ve come up with 10 ways to celebrate veterans’ day. In that process, we have also included activities your senior loved ones can do in assisted living or other long-term care centers.  

So, whether you’re a veteran yourself or have a loved one who is, we hope these veterans’ day celebration ideas will help make the day meaningful for you. Happy Veterans’ Day! 

What does Veterans’ Day celebrate? 

Veterans’ Day celebrates the service of all United States military veterans. This holiday is dedicated to thanking those who have served in the armed forces, both past, and present. It also commemorates the sacrifices that have been made by members of the military and their families. 

In America, Veterans’ day is celebrated on November 11. It is a federal holiday that honors military veterans. The day is also known as Armistice Day, as it marks the anniversary of the signing of the armistice that ended World War I. Veterans’ Day is celebrated with parades, speeches, and other special events. In addition, the government offers various veterans benefits to support the surviving veterans and their families to lead an honorable life.

What is the theme for Veterans’ Day 2022? 

Every year, Veterans’ Day follows a theme selected by the National Committee, representing the day’s significance and purpose. The theme for Veterans’ Day 2022 is ‘’Honor’’. The military value of answering one’s duty comes through loud & clear from this theme as we remember all veterans on Veterans’ Day 2022! 

10 ways to celebrate Veterans’ Day 

There are several ways to show your respect and support for veterans. Here are 10 meaningful ways to celebrate Veterans’ Day in 2022! 

1. Attend a Veterans’ Day parade or ceremony 

Consider attending a Veterans’ Day parade or ceremony to celebrate Veterans’ Day. These events offer a chance to show appreciation for their courage and sacrifices. Parades usually feature marching bands, military vehicles, and other patriotic displays, while ceremonies may include speeches, musical performances, and wreath-laying ceremonies. 

2. Visit a veterans’ cemetery or memorial 

If you’re looking for a poignant way to observe Veterans’ Day this year, consider visiting a veterans’ cemetery or memorial. Some of the most notable veterans’ cemeteries include Arlington National Cemetery, National Cemetery of the Pacific, and Vietnam Veterans Memorial. No matter where you choose to go, take time to read the gravestones and memorials. 

3. Dress up in patriotic colors 

Many people choose to dress up in patriotic colors on Veterans’ Day. It can be done in many ways, from wearing a flag pin or poppy to dressing in red, white, and blue. Some people even choose to wear a military uniform, bandanas, and accessories like earrings, a necklace, or a brooch. 

4. Watch a war movie or documentary 

Watching war movies or documentaries is an excellent way of celebrating veterans’ day. Some good options include “Saving Private Ryan,” ” Patton,” and “Flags of Our Fathers.” You could also watch a documentary about the history of Veterans’ Day. Some good options include “The Price of Freedom,” ‘‘They Shall Not Grow Old,’’ and “A Company of Heroes.” 

5. Volunteer at a veterans’ organization 

Veterans organizations typically hold events to commemorate the day. It is a great opportunity to volunteer for such events and show your support. By volunteering, you can help make the event run smoothly and ensure that all veterans and their families have a great experience. If you can’t make it to an event, consider writing a letter to a veteran instead. 

6. Donate to a veterans’ charity or cause 

Another excellent veterans’ day celebration idea is donating to a veterans’ charity or cause. If you want to donate anything other than money, food, household items, or clothes are great options. Some popular veterans’ charities include the Wounded Warrior Project, the American Legion, and Veterans of Foreign Wars. You can also look for smaller, local charities with more specific programs or services dedicated to helping veterans in your area. 

Veterans’ Day assisted living activities 

Veterans’ Day assisted living activities help residents feel connected to their community and can be a fun way to honor the Veterans in your facility. Here are some ideas to show support for the veterans in assisted living. 

1. Making patriotic crafts 

To celebrate Veterans’ Day, assisted living residents can make patriotic crafts. Some ideas include making flags or cards with veterans’ day quotes out of construction paper, making pinwheels out of red and blue paper, or creating a collage of pictures of veterans. These crafts are easy to make and can be enjoyed by residents of all ages. 

2. Flag-raising ceremony 

The flag-raising ceremony is a solemn and patriotic event that marks the beginning of Veterans’ Day festivities. Many assisted living communities hold these ceremonies to honor the veterans who live there. In addition, many communities give out medals or other tokens of appreciation to the veterans in attendance. 

3. Organizing a community service project 

Organizing a community service project is one of the earnest Veterans’ Day assisted living activities. This could involve working with a local veteran’s organization to collect donations or visiting local veterans in hospitals or nursing homes. Residents and staff can also write letters, notes of appreciation and prepare care packages to send to local veterans. 

4. Preparing traditional military foods 

If you are looking for Veterans’ Day assisted living activities that you can do with fellow residents, consider preparing traditional military foods. Some good options include hotdogs, stew, pork chops, or roast turkey. You could also make desserts like apple pie or pumpkin pie. Be sure to decorate your table with patriotic colors and symbols to capture Veterans’ Day’s spirit. 

Final thoughts 

As we celebrate Veterans’ day to acknowledge the service of our veterans, it is also an occasion to reflect on the ways we can support veterans year-round. We are forever grateful for their courage, strength, and determination. 

Do you have any other suggestions for celebrating veterans’ day? Please feel free to share your ideas in the comments section. Also, have a look at some of our other articles related to veterans below: 


  • What is a veteran? 

Veterans are individuals who have served in the US Armed Forces. They may have served in any military branch, including the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Veterans and their families are entitled to several benefits, including healthcare and education benefits. 

  • What color to wear on Veterans’ Day? 

Some people prefer wearing red, white, and blue to show support for veterans on Veterans’ Day. Others might go for something more subdued, like black or olive green. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual to decide what they think is best way to show their appreciation for veterans on Veterans’ Day. 

  • What happens at 11am on Veterans’ Day? 

The national moment of silence and wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier happens at 11am on Veterans’ Day. A combined color guard then executes “Present Arms” at the tomb, representing all military services. 

  • What gifts do veterans like? 

Veterans typically enjoy gifts that are personal and commemorative in nature. Some popular gift ideas include framed military photos, engraved pens or watches, customized keychains, or dog tags. Other gift ideas for veterans include gift cards to restaurants or home improvement stores, tickets to a sporting event or concert, or subscriptions to magazines or newspapers. 

  • Do you get extra money from Social Security for being a veteran? 

No, there is no extra money from Social Security for being a veteran. Veterans may be eligible for other benefits, such as disability compensation or healthcare through the Department of Veterans Affairs, but those benefits are not related to Social Security. 

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