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VA Home Health Care Benefits

VA Home Health Care Benefits

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Veterans are the pride of the nation. They have risked their lives to fight for the country across borders. And when they return to veterans’ homes, they would need care as seniors. That is where VA home health care benefits come along. 

VA is the short form of Veteran Affairs. The US Department of Veteran Affairs offers several care programs for veterans. You may be eligible to receive care for the last years of your life through these programs. 

The focus of the article is to give you a brief idea about VA home health care benefits. First, you will know about VA home health care. After that, we’ll look into the eligibility. And finally, we’ll see what benefits are covered through the programs. 

VA Home Health Care Benefits

What Is VA Home Health Care? 

VA benefits are designed to help the veterans who have served in the military in the US. These veterans were also discharged after full service and had no dishonorable or bad conduct. But not all veterans will be eligible for VA benefits for home care. 

A veteran can be eligible for VA aid and attendance if they have served for 24 consecutive months. Other than that, a full active time period is also considered. The full active duty is from September 7, 1980, or after October 16, 1981. 

Priority groups 

When veterans apply for VA benefits, they are placed into priority groups. The priority groups start from Group 1 and finish at Group 8. The placement into a priority group depends on quite a few things. They include discharge status, financial assets, disabilities connected to service and others. 

This priority group determines the level of long-term care services to get. For example, Group 1 holds the highest priority. But this priority also depends on the resources available for veterans’ home care benefits. As a result, it might become difficult to determine the priority a veteran may receive. 

Eventually, it will vary from case to case. Different cases will have different priorities. 

VA Home Health Care Eligibility 

VA home health care benefits require you to be eligible for the support. There are 3 essential criteria of eligibility for this. Veterans must meet them to be eligible for VA benefits. 

1. Enrollment in VA home health care benefits 

The first thing veterans must ensure is enrollment. This means that veterans need to qualify to apply for veteran benefits. We have already talked about the qualifications in the previous section. 

But what happens if you have been rejected veteran benefits before? You can apply again. This time, you can make some changes to your eligibility to fit in. 

2. Community care services eligibility 

Veterans applying for VA home health care benefits must also qualify for community care services. There are 6 criteria to qualify for community care services. So, your next task would be to qualify for this to enhance VA benefits eligibility. 

3. Clinical eligibilities 

The last qualification relates to medical requirements. The VA geriatrics care team will reach out to you. They will determine how much you need clinical support. 

The clinical eligibilities include quite a few points. You can qualify for most or all of the criteria. They are as follows: 

  • Depending on others for 3 or more ADLs or IADLs 
  • Mental health problems like dementia or Alzheimer’s 
  • At least 75 years old 
  • Diagnosed with clinical depression 
  • Living alone in a community 
  • Being recently discharged from a nursing care facility 
  • Require high medical care assessment 

VA Home Health Care Benefits 

VA benefits for home health care involve several senior care facilities. It includes 5 health care benefits for the veterans. Let’s look at how veterans can get benefits from VA home health care. 

1. Skilled nursing 

VA benefits include skilled nursing care. VA offers this care at nursing homes, state veteran homes and other outside nursing facilities. Veterans can avail of this benefit under 2 programs. 

The first program is temporary. It is also known as Community Living Center Care. And the other program is long-term. This program has the name of Community Nursing Home Care. 

The number of benefits veterans receive will vary on quite a few things. This is where the priority groups come along. 

2. Adult daycare 

The second benefit is adult day healthcare programs. This is a program to care for the veterans during the daytime. During this time, the family members of the veteran are usually not at home. Thus, they need care from a certified caregiver with the necessary qualities during this time. 

VA home health care benefits


VA Home Health Care Benefits

3. Assisted living 

Does the VA cover home health care? The answer is yes. VA benefits include assisted living care as well. This is covered at VA Domiciliary and through the Community Residential Care (CRC) Program. VA pays for administration and medical expenses under this program. There are special programs for Dementia home care and Alzheimer’s care as well. If you are seeking support for activities of daily living, you can consider the VA Aid & Attendance program. 

4. In-Home care 

Does the VA pay for in-home care? This is a tricky question. Veterans who are already taking skilled nursing care may be eligible for in-home care. Veterans can receive this through the Homemaker and Home Health Aide program. 

5. Other benefits 

There are many other programs that help veterans for senior living. For example, there are Veterans Directed Home and Community Based Services. This program provides support for palliative care, telehealth, hospice nursing care , and other care. 


The VA home health care benefits provide eligible veterans and their families with access to quality health care services in the comfort of their homes. These benefits are an important part of the VA’s continuum of care, which helps veterans maintain their independence and quality of life.

Now you know what VA home health care benefits cover. The target is to become eligible for health care programs. As a veteran, you could consider these programs as your right after discharge. 

Veterans need VA benefits to live by the last few years of their lives. They will need proper support in medication and daily living activities. You can find many blogs related to veteran day, activities, and other programs. 

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Do VA benefits cover home health care? 

Yes, VA benefits cover home health care. However, the specific services that are covered may vary depending on your individual circumstances. 

Do VA benefits cover nursing home care and home health care? 

Yes, VA benefits cover nursing home care and home health care. 

How to apply for VA benefits for home health care? 

If you are a veteran who is not currently enrolled in VA health care, but you believe you are eligible for coverage, you are encouraged to apply online, by phone at 877-222-8387, or by submitting an application for health benefits form via a nearby VA medical center or clinic. 

Do spouses get VA health benefits? 

Yes, spouses and dependents of veterans can be eligible for VA health benefits. 

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