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Top 10 Senior Living Communities in Atlanta 2023

Top 10 Senior Living Communities in Atlanta 2023

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Senior Living Communities in Atlanta

Retirement can be considered the cherry on the cake of a life one has worked hard to earn. It is a time to relax and ponder over history and the prospects of a better future. But to enjoy that retirement, older adults need some assistance, especially with the years they put on as time progresses. This is where senior living facilities come in.

So if you are living in Georgia, or considering moving to the southeastern state for senior living, then read this article about why Atlanta can be the best-senior living option for you!

Why choose Atlanta for senior living?

Like its neighboring state, Georgia is also a southern gem of the United States, and Atlanta is the best reflection of such embodiment. What makes Atlanta a great place for seniors when it comes to retirement is not just the beautiful, well-balanced weather but rather the city’s facilities.

Atlanta is known to have great restaurants that seniors will love for dine-in options. It is also home to some of the best hospitals in the state of Georgia. And aside from the excellent transportation, the sightseeing options could be more manageable.

Top senior living communities perfect for retirement

Out of the 150+ senior care communities in Atlanta on our website, BoomersHub has picked out some of the best retirement facilities that are perfect for older adults. Let us look at the top 10 senior living facilities that can bring out the best of the retirement years in you.

Sunrise At Buckhead

Top of our list would have to be Sunrise at Buckhead, simply because of its strategic location in a neighborhood that is not just evocative of the Atlanta feel. Still, residents can enjoy shopping, dining, and lifestyle entertainment choices in specific spots near the community.

And incredibly enough, this assisted living community in Atlanta is one of the most striking facilities in the city. It is pretty extensive, open, and well-structured in terms of décor and layout. However, what is more intriguing is the facilities you will get, which are purely an excellent value for what residents will pay per month!

Brighton Gardens Of Buckhead

The Brighton Gardens of Buckhead is a top mention for senior living in Atlanta, Georgia, because everywhere your search takes you, this place will show up on top of the list. Their residence is structured in a true southern Atlanta style with 14 different floor plans catering to residents’ personalities, tastes, and security requirements.

Furthermore, their beautiful grounds include a screened deck, walking trails for the outdoorsy seniors, and also a beautiful park with chairs and collecting places for quiet strolls or specifically for family visits. They also have what is known as a ‘Reminiscence Area,’ which is a courtyard safe for those residents leading from memory loss.


If you are searching for one of the best senior care, a licensed assisted living facility in Georgia, look no further than the Summerset in Atlanta. The purpose and mission of this sizeable senior care community are to ensure that the residents keep as independent and active as possible in a safe, well-staffed, home-like setting.

If that is not all, rest assured that the Summerset residents receive 24-hour supervision, ulterior security, and non-medical assistance, including medication management and assistance with activities of daily living.

Renaissance On Peachtree

This place is as majestic as it comes. At Renaissance On Peachtree, the residents can experience the closest thing to luxury assisted living in Atlanta. The décor of the community, especially the interior, is enough to stimulate the senses and make the residents feel right at home.

But what is more important is that the staff and caregivers provide dedicated services to meet their residents’ needs with customized planning. Residents here can also participate in health programs and religious and social activities to live an active and healthy life.

Arbor Terrace at Cascade

Another beautiful community for senior living in Atlanta, Georgia, is Arbor Terrace at Cascade. Its well-decorated features are thought-provoking and reflect a homely atmosphere that residents can get used to without missing their old life.

Arbor Terrace at Cascade also provides nursing home and memory care services for its residents. One unique aspect of this assisted living facility is that they consider all kinds of factors and history regarding the patient to ensure better services explicitly dedicated to a resident’s requirement.

Legacy Ridge At Sweetwater Creek

The Legacy Ridge At Sweetwater Creek makes a list simply because it is one the best senior living near Atlanta. Just outside of the central city, this luxurious assisted living facility is situated in such a location that is not just seemingly remote but almost a 23 min drive to Atlanta. Enclosed by a forest setting by the Sweetwater creek, the Legacy Ridge At Sweetwater Creek provides everything you would expect at a luxury senior living facility.

Sunrise At Huntcliff Summit I

This senior care community specializes in independent living and is definitely worth looking into when it comes to senior living. Aside from providing these kinds of facilities, Sunrise At Huntcliff Summit I is also an excellent place for those with cognitive health problems. Additionally, it is situated in such a neighborhood just within the greater Atlanta city, which will make the livelihood of residents, seniors in particular, worth living.

Furthermore, their community dedicates services geared towards engaging activities and excursions to ensure the residents are getting more than they are paying for.

Atria Mableton

Another beautiful senior living near Atlanta is Atria Mableton. Well structured, that will give its residents the feeling of living in a homely setting, but also the atmosphere of a country club. This senior living community is also well known for providing independent living facilities, along with nursing home services and memory care. In addition, Atria Mableton offers what they refer to as a ‘Life Guidance’ memory support plan for all those living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.

Sunrise At Ivey Ridge

Another senior care for assisted living that is perfect for older adults to enjoy the life they have earned is the Sunrise at Ivey Ridge. So what makes this place one of the best picks for senior living? Well, firstly, they have a compassionate and dedicated staff known as ‘Designated Care Managers.’ Their primary goal is to dedicate their utmost time and services to their residents’ satisfaction and requirement.

Secondly, and most importantly, the neighborhood where Sunrise at Ivey Ridge is situated offers excellent activities, especially excursions. Webb Bridge Park, River Pines Golf Course, and Perimeter Mall are nearby for seniors to enjoy.

Belmont Village Senior Living Buckhead

And finally, last on our list, but one of the top when it comes to senior care, specifically assisted living, is the Belmont Village Senior Living Buckhead. Not every senior living facility has to be large or reflective of a luxury setting. Sometimes, a neat, cozy, and well-structured homely vibe are all a senior citizen is looking for when it comes to retirement; that is what this place offers.

The Belmont Village Senior Living Buckhead provides a wide range of services and facilities, from memory care to personal care. Take a look at this community for a comfortable and cozy environment for senior living.

The cost of senior care in Atlanta

Depending on a resident’s preferences, the costs of senior living in different communities in Atlanta will differ. In 2021, the average price of cost of assisted living in Atlanta was $3,845. A year in, the monthly fee has risen by about $100 ($3,960). Even though Georgia, as a state, is one of the most affordable locations for senior living, the slight price hike in Atlanta is subject to numerous external factors related to the economy.

However, in comparison to other cities, for example, San Francisco, low-income assisted living in Atlanta can still be availed. Nursing homes are also quite affordable for those looking at alternatives. For example, semi-private nursing home rooms (in 2022) cost around $7,754, whereas private rooms cost approximately $8,851.

If you are interested in knowing if an economic factor like a probable recession will impact the senior living industry, read here.

Final thoughts

When it comes to finding senior living facilities, seniors will find Atlanta to be one of the best cities for retirement. The senior living facilities listed in this article are some of the best in terms of services provided, especially in terms of value for money.

But if you are interested in other senior living facilities in Atlanta, Georgia, then visit here.

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Where is the best retirement home in Atlanta?

Depending on seniors’ preference and how much they can afford based on their financial standing, the Brighton Gardens of Buckhead are a great retirement home for those looking for assisted living. Aside from that, there are luxury senior living facilities in Atlanta that are worth the money if older adults prefer.

What is the benefit of moving to a senior living community?

Moving into an senior living facility can help older adults deal with daily living activities. Senior living communities that deal in memory care are perfect for patients or residents who have dementia or other mental health problems.

What are the best retirement homes to have fun in?

Almost all retirement homes can be fun. One of the main facilities of all senior living is they pack different activities for older adults as part of their program. There are even activities for dementia patients that can be enjoyable for everyone.

What are senior care homes?

Senior care homes provide services that help with different forms of assistance for older adults over 55+. It can be in the form of senior living, In-home care, respite care, or even nursing home. These communities are dedicated to aiding seniors’ retirement in a comfortable manner.

Is Atlanta a good place to retire?

Atlanta is an excellent place for retirement, mainly because it has one of the lowest monthly costs of senior living in the US. Furthermore, the weather is well-balanced, and the city has modern facilities that are good for seniors looking to transition into their senior living lifestyle.

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