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Top 10 retirement communities in Kentucky

Top 10 retirement communities in Kentucky

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retirement communities in Kentucky

We all want a dreamy retirement and deserve it! And for those who love to experience the best of all four seasons, Kentucky can be an attractive option.   

Best known for appealing landscapes, bourbon, and its heavy horse culture, this Southern state brings a rich history and small-town charm to the table.   

You can savor its urban vibrancy with countryside appeal, dive deep into the arts, or simply enjoy the unique perks that Kentucky offers. And do remember to put your favorite Kentucky Fried Chicken on the top of your desire list!  

What makes “Bluegrass State” great for living?  

Officially known as the Bluegrass State, Kentucky offers a perfect blend of small and mid-sized towns with suburban and rural options.   

Kentucky cities are abundant with plenty of arts and history, combined with dining options and accessibility to healthcare.   

A list of reasons is mentioned below that may appeal to you for heading down south to the Bluegrass State:  

1. Low cost of living

Kentucky’s cost of living is generally lower than the national average, a big pro for retirees on a fixed income! Housing, healthcare, and transportation costs are lower than in many other states in the country.   

2. Outdoor activities

Known for its beautiful countryside and horse farms, Kentucky is home to many state parks and national forests, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities such as horse riding, hiking, fishing, and boating for seniors to stay active and enjoy nature.   

3. Major tax breaks

Kentucky maintains a flat income tax rate of just 5% (no tax on social security), a low property tax rate of just 0.83% (lower than the national average), and up to $31,110 of retirement income is tax exempt.  

4. Culture and heritage

Known for its bourbon distilleries and bluegrass music, the state has a rich cultural and historical heritage that is portraited in many museums, galleries, and historical sites.  

5. Southern hospitality

Known for its friendly people and southern hospitality, Kentucky offers a generally friendly, welcoming environment for retirees.   

Top attractions for seniors to travel in Kentucky  

Kentucky is highly known for bourbon, country music, and horse racing, but sightseers to the Bluegrass State might not expect its hot spots, quirky museums, or impressive natural wonders.   

Here are some highly recommended sightseeing places in Kentucky for seniors to visit:  

  • National Corvette Museum  
  • Mammoth Cave National Park  
  • Western Kentucky Botanical Gardens  
  • Old Louisville Ghost Tour  
  • Vent Haven Museum        
  • Pleasant Hill Shaker Village  
  • Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby  
  • U.S. 23 Country Music Highway Museum  
  • Newport Aquarium  
  • Kentucky Bourbon Trail  

These places should definitely appeal to you if you are moving to Kentucky for a new, adventurous life with an abundance of fun, unforgettable memories, and relaxing ventures.  

Top 10 retirement communities in Kentucky    

Retirement homes in Kentucky cater tailored senior living solutions coupled with the state’s Southern charm. Known for its cultural heritage and warm hospitality, Kentucky offers an ideal setting for seniors seeking a fulfilling and laid-back lifestyle for their retirement.  

7 best retirement communities in Kentucky    

Here are some of the best-reviewed and recommended active retirement communities in Kentucky that we have compiled and are worth looking at!  

1. Wickshire Blankenbaker  

Wickshire Blankenbaker, located on beautifully wooded acreage along Blankenbaker Parkway, is a senior living community designed for older adults, promoting a relationship-centered approach, and has senior living options: independent living, assisted living, and memory care.  

2. The Haven At Massey Springs  

The Haven At Massey Springs is a comprehensive senior living community that is all about independent living, assisted living, and memory care and ensures continuity of culture and commitment to love and service.   

3. One Park Place  

At One Park Place, assisted living means doing the things you want to do. Through a continuum of care, they help seniors stay independent longer, giving residents unrivaled service with unsurpassed views and world-class amenities.  

4. Vitality Living Elizabethtown   

Vitality Living Elizabethtown focuses on providing assisted living and memory care, allowing seniors to experience a lifestyle with vitality at any age. In this pet-friendly community, residents can focus on pursuing hobbies and maintaining their lifestyle.  

5. Gaither Suites At West Park   

Gaither Suites at West Park is a premier senior living & care in Paducah that offers both assisted living and memory care with activities of daily living in a secure setting that includes an outdoor garden area, a gym, a salon, and a barbershop.  

6. Crestview Personal Care Home  

Crestview Personal Care Home, within Pulaski County, specializes in providing assisted living mem, or care and long-term and skilled nursing care in a calm and relaxing environment that fits the individual needs and desires of the residents.  

7. Amber Oaks   

Amber Oaks is an assisted living community that offers 24/7 personalized assistance, supportive services, and compassionate respite care in a professionally managed, carefully designed community setting.  

3 retirement communities in Lexington, Kentucky    

Lexington, the ‘Horse Capital of the World,’ will appeal to you with its equestrian inhabitants, lush pastures, and rolling hills. Lexington offers robust healthcare access and a moderate cost of living, and you can also enjoy theaters, galleries, and live music.  

8. The Breckinridge  

The Breckinridge is a renowned Alzheimer’s care, memory care, and dementia care facility with a one-of-a-kind caregiving model that provides skilled nursing, assisted living (including Respite), and independent Living, keeping residents’ needs in mind.   

9. Legacy Reserve At Fritz Farm  

Legacy Reserve at Fritz Farm is a vibrant, unique senior living community with first-class independent, personal care, and memory care living facilities for active seniors, offering a distinctive community promoting freedom.  

10. Morning Pointe Of Lexington  

Morning Pointe Of Lexington aims to provide residents with a better quality of life by offering 24-hour nursing care and personal care services in an intimate setting, including delicious homecooked meals, fun outings, on-site therapy, and on-campus training for caregivers.  

What benefits does Kentucky offer to retirees?  

With more than 17% of the population being aged 65 or older, Kentucky is one of the top states in the USA with a large retirement population.  

There is no specific retirement mandated by law in Kentucky, meaning individuals are free to retire whenever they want. However, there are some benefits and considerations for retirees in Kentucky that depend on their age:   

  • The earliest age to receive Social Security benefits is 62 (delaying will increase your monthly payments).  
  • Medicare eligibility starts at age 65, regardless of retirement status.   
  • There is a sales tax break on groceries.  
  • Age discrimination between employees or job applicants is illegal for employers.   
  • Recommend saving is at least 15% of your income for retirement.  

Look at the following articles for insightful financial facts that might be helpful for you!  

Cost of Kentucky retirement communities        

When it comes to retirement options, Kentucky offers a range of senior living options to consider.   

Even though Kentucky’s costs are slightly higher than those of some nearby states and the average cost of senior living in Kentucky is higher than the national average, these costs vary highly across the cities.  

Final thoughts  

Bordering seven different states and being in the southern region of the United States, Kentucky makes a great retirement destination for seniors seeking a serene environment with access to outdoor activities and cultural events.  

So, start planning to achieve your desired retirement goals in Kentucky because the Bluegrass State offers something for every retiree!  


Is Louisville Kentucky a good place to retire to?  

Louisville, being the largest city in Kentucky, is a fantastic retirement destination with the convenience of city living but a little countryside charm. Medical facilities in Louisville are top-notch. However, this city also has the highest cost of living in the state, but that’s to be expected.  

Where is the best place to live in Kentucky for retirees?  

While seniors have many unique places to spend their golden ages in Kentucky, a few cities stand out. They include:  

  • Louisville  
  • Lexington  
  • Bowling Green  
  • Frankfort  

What are the pros and cons of retiring in Kentucky?  

Retiring to Kentucky offers many advantages, such as a low cost of living, access to outdoor activities, a rich cultural heritage, and southern hospitality. However, retirees may need to consider factors such as limited healthcare options, extreme weather, and limited transportation options. 

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