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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Gift for the Special Lady

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mother's day gift ideas

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To the one person we can turn to when nothing is right, to a friend who will hold us through the darkest of times- a very Happy Mother’s Day! On this very special occasion, we should take some time to celebrate our mothers or mother figures. One may wish to surprise your mother with a little present! Let’s explore some special Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It may not be possible to go shopping for a present right now. However, the items listed below may be found in online stores at reasonable prices!

Throw pillows

There can never be too many of these around the house! A comfy throw pillow with a beautiful design could make a very pretty present.

Birthstone necklace

A necklace with mom’s birthstone if your mom loves wearing jewelry. 


Small potted succulents can make excellent companions. They are easy to maintain and very calming to look at. 

Silk pillowcase

It is said that using silk pillowcases can keep your skin and hair healthy. Why not get mom a pretty pillowcase that would have additional benefits as well?


There are different materials of bathrobes, each with their own purposes. Plush and flannel robes can be worn at home for comfort, whereas cotton fiber robes are more absorbent.

Baking utensils

Since we’re mostly quarantined at home, why not try baking together with mom? 

Essential oil diffuser

These are wonderful to have and may help mom to relax with some soothing fragrances. Get mom her favorite scent from a variety of choices such as chamomile, vanilla, lavender, grapefruit, and many more.

Comfy Pajamas and slippers

A nice pair of comfy pajamas can help mom go to sleep more easily. You can even get her a pair of fuzzy slippers as a set!

Scented candles

They smell great and serve as lovely decorations as well.

Bath salts

If there is a bathtub at (her) home, you can get some bath salts for mom to have a nice soak with.

Mother’s Day gift basket

A gift basket could be made up of several of your mom’s favorite items! There are several Mother’s Day gift baskets sold online. You can also buy some items individually and make your own gift basket for your mom!

Mothers in Senior Living Communities

Is your mother living in an assisted living or nursing home? Aside from the above, here is a list of Mother’s Day gift ideas for her:

  • Beauty Set
    Shampoo, shower gel, lotions, perfumes- one may always need bathing essentials. More so, if they are living in a facility where they may not find their favorite brands.
  • Electric kettle
    Get mom a new electric kettle so she can make herself some tea or coffee whenever she wants!
  • Jigsaw puzzles and brain games
    These games can help the elderly by stimulating their minds and giving them a sense of achievement. There are several types of dementia-friendly games for you to choose from.
  • Her favorite snacks
    Check with her doctor to make sure she has no dietary restrictions before sending her some of her favorite food!
  • Coloring books for adults
    It can be a nice activity for her to enjoy herself and stay creative! Many color-by-number books have very nice intricate drawings and patterns. Some paint or pencil colors may be an excellent addition to these books.
  • Books
    You can send her some novels to read to keep her entertained in quarantine. If her eyesight is not what it used to be, there are many e-readers that may be customized for her benefit.

First Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

First mother's day with mother and her baby

 It may be the very first Mother’s Day for many new moms around the world! If there is a new child in the family, you may want to get a present for the mother on their behalf. Some first Mother’s Day gift ideas:

  • Customizable pendant
    A pendant with the baby’s thumbprint can be customized for the new mother. Alternatively, one can get a photo locket pendant and put the baby’s picture inside.
  • Matching outfit for mom and baby
    You can get matching t-shirts for mom and baby
  • Journal for mom
    A journal so she can document her motherhood adventure!
  • Stress ball
    A cute and colorful stress ball might be a good present for mom for the hardships to come. Squeezing one can help to ease stress and stimulate nerves around the wrist.

DIY Presents 

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

A unique mother’s day gift may be something made by you! After all, what has more sentiment than something one’s child took time to lovingly create? If you have the ingredients lying around at home, you can try to make your own DIY gift for mom. Here are some unique ideas for presents you can make at home (you can find the methods online):

  • Homemade face scrub
  • Face scrubs can be made at home with ingredients like sugar, lime, coconut oil, etc. Many simple recipes are available online. Select one you like and go for it!
  • Jewelry or Keychains
  • If you have the right tools, you can make jewelry or keychains at home! You can make earrings by baking clay. You can also make a keychain by drawing on shrink plastic with permanent markers, cutting out the shapes, and baking them. 
  • Cupcake bouquet
  • Why a bouquet of flowers when you can make one with cupcakes? If your mom has a sweet tooth, she will love it!
  • Tote Bag
  • You can use a pair of jeans or a T-shirt to turn them into a fashionable tote bag!


If you don’t have the time or resources to buy the presents, you can consider giving her a different kind of gift.

  • Make her a simple breakfast with ingredients around the house
  • Take over her chores for the day
  • Spend some quality time. Maybe watch a movie together! If she lives far away, then give her a call.

We hope you could get inspiration for a wonderful present for your mom! The best Mother’s Day gift is one that comes with sincere feelings, straight from the heart. After all, it’s the thought that counts! Once again, a very Happy Mother’s Day to our strong and inspiring mothers!

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