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Life-Changing Technologies Seniors Should Invest In

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Modern technology has made just about all things in life faster, easier, and more accurate. Seniors stand to benefit greatly from investing in certain technologies – not the least of which is the ability to age in place safely. Certain technologies can help bridge the care gaps and offer similar levels of security and peace of mind when compared with the built-in assistance older adults have in senior living facilities. Even for seniors that live in facilities, these Life-Changing Technologies can prove to be life-changing.

5 Life-Changing Technologies Seniors Should Get Their Hands on

We have listed 5 technologies for seniors to invest in. Let’s know everything about them:

Medical Alert Systems

Health risks grow as people age, and so it follows that the need for increased health monitoring becomes inevitable. Medical alert systems, such as fall detection bracelets or mobile apps that connect people with care providers immediately, can help save lives. If you fall while alone in your home, medical alert bracelet technology notifies a designated central monitoring location or designated caregiver to let them know you’re in danger. Once received, personnel reviews the signal and dispatches help if needed. 

Telehealth is also a growing field in the age of technology. There are various benefits of Telehealth for seniors, especially during times of crisis.

Smart Home Devices

These devices are another class of valuable assistive aids for older adults who want to age in place safely. Smart home device technology provides seniors with some of the same comforts and assistance they would otherwise be provided in a senior living facility without having to leave the couch. Medication reminders, for example, help keep seniors on track when it comes to their health. It can be difficult to keep track of medications – when you’re supposed to take them, how much, and whether or not you should have food. Medication dispensers can give seniors reminders, dispense medication, and even order refills. Through voice control and video conferencing technology, people can even communicate with medical professionals right from the device.

Additionally, smart home device technology can assist older adults that have difficulty moving around manage their surroundings. For example, smart lighting keypads can control certain fixtures and turn them on and off automatically throughout the day.  Meanwhile, smart thermostats can help maintain seniors’ preferred temperature settings throughout the home all day. 

Home Security Systems

One of the primary reasons behind a senior’s choice to relocate to a senior living facility is the opportunity to live with peace of mind. The senior living environment comes with heightened security and safeguards when compared to their traditional home and living independently. Seniors can invest in home security systems that are reliable and provide this same peace of mind without paying the high cost associated with moving into a senior living facility. The majority of modern security systems account for the unique living needs of older adults, including sensors for glass breaks and sensors for heat and freeze. These types of safeguards and the security they bring allow seniors to live in the comfort of their home for longer than before. 

Social Media Apps

Older adults tend to have less opportunity for social engagement, even those who live in assisted living facilities or other senior care options. Loneliness and isolation are common feelings, and this can lead to depression or other health issues. Social media can help seniors stay connected with their loved ones and friends on a more consistent basis. Social media communication platforms like Facetime and Skype allow older adults to communicate with their families and grandchildren – which helps to promote closeness even when they must be apart.  

Ride-Sharing Apps

Many older adults slow down in their driving habits or even completely stop – but that doesn’t mean they don’t have places to go. Ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft can prove extremely useful for seniors to get to their health appointments, make a quick trip to the grocery store, or even just visit friends. There are even ride-sharing apps catered specifically to older adults – such as GoGoGrandparent. Drivers for this app get additional training centered around older adults.

There are so many opportunities for seniors to take advantage of Life-Changing Technologies to help enhance their quality of life. Improved safety, mobility, and health are just some of the benefits.

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