Best Senior Living Communities in Phoenix

Best Senior Living Communities in Phoenix

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best senior Living communities in Phoenix

Senior living is a lifestyle choice many older adults prefer to lead when they hit their 55-year mark. This lifestyle is gaining favorable preference as many seniors are opting to choose a living style outside of their comfort zone and into a better, more engaging social atmosphere.

But with so many senior living communities to choose from, which one is right for you?

Well, if you live in Arizona and are actively searching for a senior living community in Phoenix, then read on!

Why Phoenix has good senior living communities

For example, if you are looking for the best-assisted living facility near Phoenix, you have come to the right place. What makes the senior living communities in Phoenix a good option is that seniors will get exceptional care and assistance in ADLs and IADLs. In addition, the facilities in Phoenix are as affordable as they are, providing supervision and personal care, including nursing care. This assisted living community in Phoenix may also offer respite, hospice care, or memory care dedicated to dementia patients, especially with activities.

The average price of senior living communities in Phoenix will cost seniors an average of $3,500 – $3,600 per month. However, those looking at a minimal level of luxury senior living are also available in Phoenix.

Top senior living communities in the Phoenix area

BoomersHub has over 1000+ assisted living options in the Phoenix area, including memory care and independent living facilities. From our database, here are some of the five best senior living communities in Phoenix that you can consider!

Happy & Healthy Assisted Living Home, Llc

The Happy & Healthy Assisted Living Home is one of the best places to find a senior lifestyle. It is cozy and comfortable and offers a homely ambiance in terms of community outlook. What is more, Happy & Healthy Assisted Living Home, Llc offers private suites for those looking for privacy, but at the same time, shared, fully furnished rooms as well.

As for services, there are engaging daily activities. Support for medication management and hospital/doctor visit transportation is also provided. Moreover, seniors have the option for service meal preparation, including unique dietary plans. In addition, there are programs for mental wellness and preventive health screening for diabetes care and Parkinson’s care. 

Lovin Touch Assisted Living

If you are looking for a licensed assisted living facility in Arizona, Phoenix in particular, then Lovin Touch Assisted Living is a spectacular place. Also, if you are missing your home but have to be in senior living, then Lovin Touch will be the right place as it has a homely, neighborly atmosphere.

Lovin Touch Assisted Living is to keep its residents as active and independent as possible in a homely ambiance. Not being far from the remainder of an inviting touch, this community offers 24-hour supervision and security with non-medical assistance with several Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) such as bathing, grooming, toileting, dressing, and mobility. In addition, nutritionist-approved meals are a part of their program, and incredibly, they also have a beauty parlor for the ladies (or men). Visit Lovin Touch Assisted Living to understand better what is on offer.

Brookdale Desert Ridge

Brookdale Desert Ridge is one of the best senior living facilities in Phoenix, Arizona. What makes this community unique is the desert-like ambiance with a touch of flair for homely attractiveness. For those looking at independent living, this is the place.

Living in Brookdale Desert Ridge is a pure experience to remember and tell your friends about. You receive precisely the exact identical experience. From one-bedroom apartments to two-bedroom homes, the community is well-furnished and maintained by staff. It would help if you visited our section on Brookdale Desert Ridge to get a better, clear idea of why it is one of the top senior living communities here.

Brookdale Central Paradise Valley

Another senior living community that is on another level, especially considering the cost and what older adults will be getting, is Brookdale Central Paradise Valley. This is where you must be for those looking to touch on luxury in senior living without bearing the burden.

Though not a luxury senior living community, it is lavish and homely enough to energize you from the moment you step in through their doors. This top-quality senior living community is undoubtedly one of the best places to call your next home. Because aside from the nicely decorated and well-structured interior and floor plans (including a single-family unit), Brookdale Central Paradise Valley has ‘private’ programs starting from what they call the Private Solutions Program. Their maintenance staff is available on call, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for any assistance or activity support.

If you want to know more about Brookdale Central Paradise Valley and how great of a senior living facility it is, then head on over that section in the title.

Livgenerations Ahwatukee

Say you are searching for one of the best senior independent living communities in the Phoenix area; this is the place for you. The name may seem wordy but bear with us. Suppose you are looking for a senior living community that falls under all categories, with incredible and near-endless services and amenities. In that case, Livgenerations Ahwatukee is what you should be looking into. Why? It has memory care, independent and assisted living, and also acts as a nursing home!

Need more options?

As we have said, BoomersHub can provide you with a list of 1000+ senior living communities in Arizona. And the best part of our service is a ‘free’ consultation! Visit here to get a list of other top senior care communities in Phoenix and all the services they provide.

Find out which is the perfect place for your senior care needs, and contact us! Get a free consultation from BoomersHub and let our senior advisors guide you on the best senior living communities that fit the bill!

Similarly, if you are planning to look at other states, say California, and make comparisons, then visit this section!


Read our articles below on managing finances better for seniors, asset protection plans for the future, and the types of care in assisted living for a better idea before choosing senior living options!

Final thoughts

Phoenix, Arizona, is a great place for senior living. If you are already living in this state, then the senior living communities we can advise are great for you or your senior family member to start their new journey.

The cost of senior living in Phoenix is relatively low if you are considering options in the southwestern quadrant of the United States of America.


Is Phoenix an excellent city to retire in?

Phoenix is one of the best places to retire in Arizona. It is almost always sunny throughout the year and is also great for golfers. Those looking for outdoor recreation will also find that Phoenix is a great place to retire, including excellent dining choices.

Does Medicare pay for assisted living in Arizona?

Yes, Medicare is available in certain states and is applicable for senior living. However, Medicare does not explicitly cover assisted living. Therefore, it is better to contact professionals like BoomersHub for a free consultation. In addition, other ways, like long-term care insurance, can help with coverage in assisted living facilities.

What part of Arizona is the best to retire in?

Arizona falls under the southwestern quadrant of the United States of America, so it is cheaper than California. Therefore, Phoenix is undoubtedly the best place in Arizona to retire, followed by Green Valley, Tucson, Mesa, Sierra Vista, and Scottsdale. Green Valley is really popular for recreational sports, while Scottsdale is an excellent hub for entertainment and outdoor recreational activities.

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