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Top Retirement Communities in Santa Fe, NM 2023 

Top Retirement Communities in Santa Fe, NM 2023 

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best retirement communities in santa fe nm

The best way to describe Santa Fe in New Mexico is to say that it is an art that comes to life. While there are numerous cities like that in the US, what makes Santa Fe a beautiful retirement hub is how grand the retirement communities are! 

If you are a retired elderly or looking to retire in the coming years, you should be zooming your focus on senior care types, significantly assisted living in Santa Fe, NM. Assisted living in Santa Fe is a great place to start your senior living journey. Let us read as to why 

What makes Santa Fe an exciting location for retirement?  

Santa Fe is known to be a very different city. Vibrant in culture, this location is an exciting spot for retirement. The ambiance is sure to rouse the moods of retiring individuals, particularly for assisted living in New Mexico. 

If you love culture, have a bit of spice to your life, and are surrounded by some of the most aesthetic architectural structures in the USA, then Santa Fe, New Mexico, is the best place for retirement. Here is why! 

Historical value 

True, Santa Fe is known to be home to some of the best architectural locations in the entire US. It is, in fact, a tourist destination! Artists from all over the US come to visit Santa Fe because of its rich history tied to its foundations. One of the oldest capitals of the US is home to many chapels and cathedrals that were a part of history when, before its induction into the US, the state was not named New Mexico for nothing. 

Santa Fe still has that aesthetic atmosphere, something that is enough to make seniors nostalgic about their history classes. And incredibly enough, there are plenty of unique restaurants for dining options, so those looking for assisted living options will feel right at home! 

Pockets of green, yellow, and blue 

Santa Fe is a paintwork of the masters. Not only are the historical architecture that adds to the city’s vibrancy, but some greenery surrounds it. This is because due to its richness of green space. Even downtown Santa Fe is bursting with trees and vegetation amidst the artwork. 

Older adults in assisted living facilities in Santa Fe can do a group activity of just strolling about in the green, away from the wall corners.  

There are locations such as the Rio Grande, which is highly popular among natives of Santa Fe. Older adults can take a stroll and enjoy the scenery and maybe, with some assistance, get involved in a bit of boating.  

Those who already live in New Mexico know what kind of a city it is. Those who are thinking about moving here will love the greenery and the air of freshness the municipality brings. 

Cultural significance 

Sometimes, walking amidst the greenery is what the doctor ordered, but that does not mean you can’t expect more! Santa Fe is home to many activities that are rooted in its historical culture. 

Take, for example, Georgia O’Keeffe. She is one of America’s most celebrated artists of the 20th century. There is a famous museum dedicated explicitly to her works of art. That is something to look forward to, especially if you are an art lover. This place can be therapeutic as well. Other activities like sightseeing Native American culture and other such museums are dedicated to preserving history.

What is the weather like in Santa Fe, NM? 

For those interested in shifting to Santa Fe to start their senior living journey, know this; the weather reflects both sides of the coin! In Santa Fe, the summers are actually quite warm, while in winter, however, it is freezing. But, generally, the weather is more or less clear throughout the year.  

For retired adults over 55+, the weather should not be too much to handle, as the assisted living communities in Santa Fe are well structured with air-conditioning and heating. So you won’t feel summer or winter’s burn or ice-cold touch!  

Top retirement facilities in Santa Fe, NM 

There are several senior care facilities in Santa Fe, New Mexico. But you are here exclusively for communities that provide assisted living. Listed below some of the best facilities for assisted living, which we think you will definitely agree with.  

Brookdale Santa Fe 

Top of the list again is the Brookdale Santa Fe. This is one of the most significant assisted living communities in the US. Yes, when we say it is the biggest, we mean it. Just the exterior of The Manor is Brookdale Santa Fe enough to send you lingering on cloud nine with a sense of ecstasy. This community is considered one of the best retirement communities in Santa Fe, NM. 

It is not just a licensed assisted living facility in Santa Fe. Depending on the facilities you are looking for, they provide everything from 24/7 supervision and security; to non-medical assistance with one or more Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). 

The purpose of this large community is to keep residents as independent and active as possible in a safe, home-like setting, but at the same time, feel the enigmatic atmosphere of the establishment. Like all Brookdale facilities for senior living, older adults will have the option to engage in multiple activities catered to stimulate their well-being.  

The Montecito Santa Fe 

For assisted living facilities, look no further than The Montecito Santa Fe. This community provides older adults with a lifestyle in a setting that evokes a feeling of comfort in a home-like environment. The interior of this establishment is a marvelous wonder. Built and designed in a secure neighborhood. Full of wide, open spaces and walking trails, while the inside of the facility comprises an inviting interior. Residents here will have multiple activities to participate in for fitness, development, and community creation. 

This community provides older adults with a lifestyle in a setting that evokes a feeling of comfort in a home-like setting. The interior of this establishment is a marvelous wonder. Built and designed in a secure neighborhood, only minutes from Santa Fe, the ideal assisted facility. Full of wide, open spaces and walking trails, while the inside of the facility comprises an inviting interior. Residents here will have multiple activities to participate in for fitness, development, and community creation. 

El Castillo Retirement Residences 

El Castillo Retirement Residences is a small yet comfortable senior care community that provides many levels of continuing and long-term care, including independent livingnursing carememory care, and emergency assistance. But they are well known for being an assisted living facility in Santa Fe. Though El Castillo residence caters specifically to seniors 65+, older adults can be sure that their services are top-notch, with dedicated staff helping every step of the way! 

Vista Hermosa 

This place is a unique gem that can be considered as found in the rough. Though Vista Hermosa’s establishment of senior care may not be as grand or adorned with modern architecture, it is a jewel for older adults who love out-of-the-box living scenarios. 

This establishment is perfect for assisted living because it does not take away the enjoyment of retirement; instead, it adds to it. Vista Hermosa is beautifully structured, which gives the community a feel of a home of rich fictional characters you would come across in your favorite movies! Part of the services and amenities, Vista Hermosa, offers older adults 14 senior living and assisted living units in their establishment, in a cozy setting, with dedicated staffing.  


Are there other options for assisted living in Santa Fe?

Santa Fe, New Mexico, has many other locations that are top preferences for assisted living. But, even though the list is few, at BoomersHub, we can have our specialist find the best community suited for your needs! 

But, in all honesty, when it comes to the senior living lifestyle, the top communities we have listed in this article are perfect when considering the location, the cost, the facilities, and most importantly, the ambiance Santa Fe provides. 

If you are curious and need a more detailed understanding of why you should consider Santa Fe for assisted living options, visit our community listings here. 

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The cost of senior care in Santa Fe, NM 

Santa Fe is great for those looking at senior living options, specifically for the excellent services and amenities you will receive in return for the monthly assisted living fee. The cost of assisted living in New Mexico is around $4,772. However, the assisted living cost in Santa Fe is somewhat higher, especially considering the limited number of communities available. On average, older adults will have to spend $6,100+ for assisted living in Santa Fe.  

The expense of assisted living in Santa Fe, NM, will be relatively lower for seniors looking for in-home care facilities, which is below $5,000 per month. However, nursing homes are quite expensive, ranging between $7,600 to $8,800 depending on room preference. 

And if you are wondering, does Medicaid pay for assisted living in New Mexico? Then yes! So even if the figures seem expensive, the actual cost you pay is the value you get in return, precisely what the assisted living communities in Santa Fe offers! 

Final thoughts 

In conclusion, Santa Fe is a great place to start your senior living journey. The green and colorful atmosphere, the culture, and the ordinary weather are significant enough to liven up the hearts and minds of older adults looking to phase into assisted living.  

True, the cost may be somewhat higher than in surrounding states, but think of the facilities you are getting in return. At that stage of your life, the best way to keep active and refreshed, physically and mentally, is to be in an environment that is stimulating, rich in history, and brimming with life. 

If you have some thoughts or want to explore other options when it comes to senior care, join our newly created online community for older adults, All About Senior Living. 


What are the downsides of living in Santa Fe, NM? 

Aside from the heat in summer and severe cold in winter, one of the main problems living in Santa Fe is the high tax rate. In addition, there are complaints about the dusty setting as the city is essentially in a desert, which makes Santa Fe an acquired taste for living and retirement purposes. 

What are the pros and cons of retiring in New Mexico? 

One of the significant benefits of living the retired life in New Mexico is the temperate and continental climate. Aside from this, you are getting a vibrant and diverse cultural setting with natural landscapes to visit and enjoy. However, the crime rate is relatively high in most cities across New Mexico, and the road conditions are said to be poor. 

Is New Mexico expensive to live in? 

Depending on the city and the situation, it could be moderately affordable. For example, the cost of living in New Mexico is 8% lower in contrast to the national average. At the same time, the housing and utilities are 15% and 9% lower, respectively. For retired individuals, however, that cost depends on the facilities senior care communities are providing them. 

What is the average cost of assisted living in Albuquerque, New Mexico? 

In contrast to Santa Fe, the cost of assisted living in Albuquerque is $4,750. The difference here is Santa Fe, for example, is a pocket for tourism, especially more so in contrast to Albuquerque. 

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