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Discover the hidden gems: Top retirement communities in Omaha Nebraska

Discover the hidden gems: Top retirement communities in Omaha Nebraska

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retirement communities in Omaha Nebraska

Snuggled along the banks of the mighty Missouri River, Omaha is a city that thrives on its rich history, warm hospitality, and a deep sense of community. While Omaha may be renowned for its legendary steakhouses and the annual College World Series, it is also home to a collection of retirement communities that transform how we envision the golden years. 

From luxurious amenities to engaging activities, each community we explore offers a unique blend of comfort, convenience, and companionship. Join us on this journey as we unveil the top retirement communities in Omaha Nebraska, where vibrant senior living redefines what it means to age gracefully. 

What are the pros and cons of moving to Omaha Nebraska? 

Like every other city, Omaha, NE has its advantages and drawbacks. Below are the pros and cons of moving to Omaha, Nebraska: 

Pros of moving to Omaha 

Cons of moving to Omaha 

Affordable living: Omaha is a cheap city to live in, with the median living cost being almost 10% lower than the U.S. average. 

Safety concerns: Omaha has higher violent and property crime rates (40 victims per 1000 residents) than the national average. 

Strong community: Omaha has a friendly and welcoming community that often engages in neighborhood activities and events. 

Slow lifestyle: Those who prefer a more fast-paced and bustling environment may find Omaha’s lifestyle laid-back. 

Thriving job market: It has a robust job market, particularly in finance, healthcare, and technology sectors. There are ample opportunities for seniors as well. 

Harsh weather: Omaha has particularly harsh winters with strong wind and snowfall. It could make life harder for older adults with cold allergies or infectious diseases. 

Diverse food scene: Omaha, NE is famous for its diverse culinary options. Especially, for their home-grown beef steaks and local cafes. 

High property taxes: Omaha’s property taxes can be relatively high (8th highest in the US) compared to national averages, which may impact homeownership costs. 

Quality healthcare: Omaha has a reputation for having high-quality healthcare facilities and services with top-notch healthcare professionals and advanced medical treatments. 

Limited recreational options: While Omaha offers varied cultural and recreational activities, including parks, museums, and sports venues, some may find them limited compared to larger cities. 

Plenty of retirement homes: Omaha has plenty of senior living communities, making it an attractive destination for retirees. 

Lack of ethnic diversity: Omaha’s population is predominantly white (71.5%). So, it may have less ethnic and cultural diversity compared to larger cities. 

How much does it cost to retire in Omaha? 

The cost of living in Omaha is about 10% lower than the US average and 3.4% lower than Nebraska’s average. To comfortably retire in Omaha, NE, one should have around $980,933 in savings. Omaha’s median housing cost is $145,500 with 7% state and local taxes. 

Top retirement communities in Omaha Nebraska 

Omaha is home to many top-notch senior living facilities. We will now look at our top 55 and over communities in Omaha: 

1. Crown Pointe Assisted Living Omaha 

Nestled in the heart of Omaha, Crown Pointe assisted living offers a sanctuary for seniors seeking comfort and care. Its beautifully designed living spaces allow residents to enjoy a tranquil retreat that feels like home. The community provides personalized care plans, ensuring everyone’s unique needs are met with compassion. From nutritious meals prepared with care to a vibrant social calendar filled with engaging activities, Crown Pointe fosters a sense of belonging and promotes a fulfilling lifestyle for its residents. 

2. Westgate Assisted Living Omaha 

With its serene ambiance and exceptional service, Westgate assisted living Omaha offers a seamless blend of comfort and support for seniors. The elegant living spaces provide a welcoming retreat, while the dedicated staff members offer compassionate assistance with activities of daily living. From delightful dining experiences to meticulously maintained surroundings, Westgate creates an environment that promotes well-being, independence, and a sense of community. 

3. Heritage Pointe Assisted Living Omaha 

With its warm and inviting atmosphere, Heritage Pointe assisted living Omaha feels like a cherished home. From the delicious cuisine served in the restaurant-style dining room to the array of stimulating activities and convenient amenities, this community fosters a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle for older adults, ensuring their happiness and well-being. 

4. Aksarben Village Assisted Living Omaha 

Aksarben Village assisted living in Omaha combines modern elegance with a caring and supportive environment. This vibrant community offers a contemporary and stylish living experience for seniors. From the exquisite dining options to the meticulously designed living spaces, every aspect of this community is crafted to provide comfort, convenience, and a sense of belonging, allowing residents to enjoy the best that life has to offer. 

5. Royale Oaks Assisted Living Omaha 

Royale Oaks assisted living in Omaha exudes an air of refined luxury and personalized care. This distinguished community offers a sophisticated and comfortable living experience for seniors. The elegant living spaces are complemented by a dedicated staff that provides compassionate assistance with daily activities. With its range of engaging activities, exquisite dining experience, and meticulously maintained surroundings, this community embodies the essence of gracious living. 

6. Parsons House Assisted Living and Memory Care Omaha 

Parsons House assisted living and memory care in Omaha is specifically designed to provide specialized care for residents with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. It is also one of the assisted living facilities in Omaha that accept Medicaid. With a focus on creating a supportive and secure environment, Parsons House offers personalized care plans and memory care programming that nurture the well-being and dignity of each resident. 

Final thoughts 

In conclusion, Omaha offers a range of senior living communities, including assisted living, independent living, memory care, nursing home, and home care. One of the standout features of retirement communities in Omaha is the strong sense of community and camaraderie that they foster. In addition, they provide an abundance of amenities, activities, and services designed to enhance the quality of life for retirees. 

We hope this blog has provided valuable insights into the retirement options available in Omaha and helped you search for the perfect community to suit your needs. 


  • What is the nicest part of Omaha? 

Omaha, Nebraska has several highly regarded neighborhoods, each with its own appeal. Dundee is known for its historic homes and walkability. The Old Market offers a lively downtown atmosphere with unique shops and dining options. West Omaha combines suburban charm with modern amenities. The “nicest” part of Omaha will depend on individual preferences and priorities. 

  • Is Omaha Nebraska safe? 

The crime rate in Omaha can vary depending on the neighborhood. However, the city has a relatively higher crime rate compared to the national average. The number of violent crimes in Omaha is 6 per 1000 residents, while the property crime rate is 35 per 1000 residents. 

  • What is there to do in Omaha Nebraska? 

Omaha, Nebraska offers a wide range of activities and attractions for residents and visitors alike. Here are some popular things to do in Omaha: 

  1. Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium 
  2. Old Market district (shops, restaurants, and entertainment) 
  3. Joslyn Art Museum 
  4. Lauritzen Gardens (botanical garden and arboretum) 
  5. The Durham Museum (regional history museum) 
  6. Heartland of America Park 
  7. Omaha Children’s Museum 
  8. Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge 
  9. College World Series (annual baseball tournament) 
  10. Omaha’s Henry Doorly IMAX Theater 

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