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Nursing Home Negligence and The Scary Truth Behind It

Nursing Home Negligence and The Scary Truth Behind It

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nursing home negligence

Why does a place we call home often hide the darkest skeletons known to humankind? Breaking down the taboo behind negligence in nursing homes can prove to be a controversial topic! But it must be addressed!

So today, let us pull the curtain and disclose what goes on behind closed doors in nursing homes and how to take action if your loved one is facing negligence or worse.

What is considered nursing home negligence?

The CDC terms ‘neglect in nursing home’ as a failure to meet an elderly individual’s basic requirements when it comes to nursing. It can happen for several reasons, ranging from inadequate staffing and inaction to meet medical needs to not attending to emotional conditions.

It must be noted that while basic needs can be classified as hygiene, food, clothing, and shelter, over the decade, there have been cases of physical, emotional, and financial abuse of residents, which have led to negligence, which is a more significant problem.

The stigma surrounding nursing homes in America

The story behind nursing home neglect of residents has become synonymous with elderly abuse. This has resulted in nursing homes being the centerpiece of a taboo in the retirement industry. The problem is that fewer than 5% of nursing homes across the US can meet the federal staffing requirement.

So you can imagine the numbers of the other 95% and how they fare when providing proper nursing services to older adults. It is in this number that an estimated 5 million elders are abused (psychologically, sexually, and financially) in nursing homes each year.

Shocking secrets regarding nursing homes

The COVID-19 pandemic broke the economy and many businesses with it, especially in the retirement sector; the case behind nursing home abuse and mismanagement has existed before.

Most nursing homes in the US are significantly profit-driven organizations, and over the decades, they have created a culture to ensure they stay profitable. Here are some things they are ‘shy’ of telling families when admitting residents:

  • Nursing homes often try to conceal hidden fees.
  • STD rates in nursing homes are shockingly high.
  • Non-profit nursing homes have much better staffing.

Believe us when we say there is more, and we have dedicated an entire article to the truth. Click below to learn more!

A story you should know

Note: For anonymity, the actual name(s) of victims won’t be mentioned. Case source: Facebook
If you go on social media platforms like Facebook or even X (formerly Twitter), you may encounter numerous nursing home negligence cases. It can either be in the comments section or part of a post.

Below is one such story posted by a user who claimed their client was also treated. Here is what happened:

‘ There was a distressing incident where an 89-year-old nursing home resident passed away. The reason for this was a brutal assault by his roommate. The scary part about this incident was that the nursing home in question knew about the violent tendencies of the roommate.

After a suit was filed and the case was undertaken by a nursing home negligence lawyer named Jane Doe, the root cause was found: profit over proper care! The lawsuit, covering abuse, neglect, and corporate negligence, resulted in a $5 million settlement. ‘

Why does nursing home neglect take place?

The root cause of the systematic issue stems ideally from this one notion: profit over proper care! While the pandemic in 2020 severely amputated employment of nurses, creating understaffing, don’t let this sole reason be the ultimate takeaway.

Lack of compassionate and empathetic training is the second and most crucial reason why nursing homes are bubbling with problems, especially for seniors.

How to prevent elder abuse in nursing homes?

Preventing elder abuse in nursing homes is vital for the well-being of residents. But if you want to know how to stop elder abuse in nursing homes to arm yourself with knowledge better, read here!

Stopping neglect in nursing homes?

  1. Thorough research: Before choosing a nursing home, research extensively, including reviews on social media and staff qualifications, to measure the level of care.
  2. Regular visits and communication: Surprise visits help assess conditions firsthand, fostering trust through open communication with staff and residents.
  3. Educate yourself on neglect signs: Check for unexplained injuries, weight loss, or behavioral changes for early intervention.
  4. Stay informed about rights: Familiarize yourself with residents’ rights and federal laws and regulations.
  5. Establish a relationship with staff: Build a positive rapport with nursing home staff for open communication and presence in care decisions.

How to prove nursing home negligence?

Providing insufficient necessities like food, water, hygiene, and long-term attention to covering up physical and emotional abuse is the root of negligence in nursing home facilities. If that’s the case, the best course of action you can take is to hire a lawyer & sue!

Hire a nursing home negligence attorney.

If you look at nursing homes, next to independent living or memory care facilities, they can be expensive. So when a profit-driven (certified) organization cannot run its own house and chooses to neglect its residents for the hard-earned money the families pay to keep them there, it’s time to hire an attorney at law!

Nursing home negligence lawyers specialize in dealing with negligent retirement facilities to ensure seniors and their families get what they paid for or more!

Suing a nursing home for negligence

Doing something is better than doing nothing, and inaction can lead to a disastrous event that everyone wants to avoid when it comes to older adults. The reasons highlighted in this article are causes for a lawsuit that families must file! Here’s what you need to know when it comes to suing a nursing home for abuse and neglect!

  1. Evidence can be collected through medical records, photos of unsanitary conditions, or physical injuries.
  2. Find and hire a lawyer, and let them guide you.
  3. File a lawsuit under your attorney’s guidance, which will detail the allegations.
  4. Both parties gather more evidence to support their legal case in the discovery process.
  5. Negotiating into a settlement may take time and often does not end as you want.
  6. Because this is America, guess what? You can go to trial if you don’t settle.
  7. Appealing to a higher authority can result in the right outcome, given your evidence is solid and your case is foolproof.

Finding the proper care

Nursing homes serve a specific purpose for seniors who require long-term care. But there are other options as well. Depending on an elderly’s present health and medical requirements, home care is another beautiful option.

From medicine management to helping with activities of daily living, there is a reason why home care has been increasingly popular among retirees in the US. While retirement facilities like assisted living are ideal for healthy seniors in retirement, we urge you to read the following article to learn more!

Final thoughts

Now that you’ve read about what happens in nursing homes and why, how do you feel?

The article’s moral may be left down to how you perceive the facts over what your loved one needs, so it is imperative to do your research before finding a suitable nursing facility for your elderly. Try reading the articles below for more clarity on the matter!


What is the most common type of nursing home abuse?

One of the most common nursing home abuses happens to be emotional. While physical cases like sexual assaults are common, they lead to emotional trauma for senior residents. No matter how you look at it, even financial abuse in nursing homes can lead to emotional scarring.

How do nursing homes get away with neglect and abuse?

Misinformation and unawareness can be the root cause of nursing homes getting away with negligence. Families are often unaware of what is truly transpiring in nursing homes. On the other hand, residents often fear coming out with the truth. It has also been reported nursing homes tend to falsify evidence when it comes to abuse.

How to find nursing home neglect attorney?

Due to the controversial problem’s severity, numerous organizations fight against nursing home abuse. Just type ‘nursing home neglect lawyer ‘on Google, and you will find blogs by legal representatives and counsel.

What can be done about elderly abuse in nursing homes?

  • Spread information about nursing home abuse among friends and family for awareness.
  • Before moving your elderly to a nursing home, do some research.
  • Talk with elders about their physical and emotional needs.
  • Visit at random intervals. This gives you an outline of exactly how they operate without prying eyes.
  • If there is a case of abuse, report it immediately to the APS (Adult Protective Service) or the police.

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