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Medicaid meal delivery companies

Medicaid meal delivery companies

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Medicaid meal delivery companies

Putting nutritious, tasty meals on the table every day is challenging for everyone – even more so for older adults. Limited mobility, cognitive impairments, and limited access to local grocery stores increase the difficulty levels many folds. Luckily, there are several meal delivery services that offer healthy meal plans to elderly citizens. 

In this blog, we will explore various companies that provide home-delivered meals for those who qualify for Medicaid coverage. These Medicaid meal delivery companies offer customized meals (frozen or freshly cooked) at an affordable cost. So, if you are looking for extra assistance in getting quality meals from the comfort of your home or a retirement community – read on! 

Medicaid meals 

Before we go into the meal delivery services, it is important to understand the meaning of Medicaid meals. First, Medicaid is a federal and state joint program that provides coverage for medical expenses for low-income seniors. Under this Medicaid program, an expansion called Medicaid Waiver Program offers extra support to disabled individuals, elderly, and medically vulnerable people.  

The Medicaid meal delivery program is one of the services under (HCBS)’s Section 1915(c) Waivers of this expansion that allows seniors to receive meal delivery right at their doorstep. It provides a complete, nutritious, balanced meal to meet the individual’s dietary needs and help them live full, independent, and dignified lives. 

The meals could be frozen, shelf-stable, or fresh depending on the state guidelines, availability, and provider. Depending on their needs, older adults can have meals delivered daily, weekly, or bi-weekly. 

Who qualifies for Medicaid meal delivery? 

While Medicaid home delivered meals is a great service, it does have certain eligibility requirements. The criteria may vary from state to state, including age, physical condition, income, or other special health conditions. Let’s take a look at how to qualify for Medicaid meal delivery. 

  • Be a Medicaid beneficiary under Social Security Administration guidelines. 
  • Meet the age requirement set by your state. In most states, this means being 65 years or older and/or disabled. 
  • Have some form of disability or a medical condition that limits mobility. 
  • Meet the income requirement, meaning your annual income should not exceed a certain limit (up to $2,742/month). 
  • Unable to prepare your own meals, do grocery shopping, or even consume them. 
  • Demonstrate that the Medicaid meal delivery service is medically necessary and will help improve your health condition. 

To check whether you qualify for Medicaid meals, contact your local or state Medicaid office or the Department of Aging and Disability. 

What are some good Medicaid meal delivery companies in the USA? 

There are many Medicaid meal delivery companies across the USA, aiding the elderly and people with disabilities. Below are some of the top choices. 

1. Mom’s Meals 

Mom’s Meals is one of the leading Medicaid meal delivery companies in the United States. They offer a wide range of nutritious frozen or ready meals that meet Medicaid guidelines. In addition, they offer nutritional counseling services so older adults can better understand their dietary needs. Their meals usually have a two-week shelf-life. 

Price range: $7.99/meal and $8.99/meal for gluten free/pureed options. 

2. Homestyle Direct 

Homestyle Direct provides a wide range of dietitian-approved meal options tailored to meet individual nutritional needs. They have multiple menus, including low-fat, low-sodium, gluten-free, and vegetarian options. Apart from Medicaid-paid meal delivery services, Homestyle Direct has self-pay options too. 

Price range: $7.95 – $12.95 per meal. 

3. Magic Kitchen 

Magic Kitchen is another Medicaid-approved meal delivery service. Besides providing regular meal plans, they also have diabetic meals, meal bundles, and various side dishes. On top of that, Magic Kitchen offers meal packages for special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries. Older adults can apply for meal delivery through their private insurance plans or Medicaid. 

Price range: $10 – $15 per meal. 

4. Global Meals 

Global Meals is a Medicaid Waiver-certified meal delivery service serving over 88 counties in Ohio. They have extensive menus ideal for people dealing with disability, chronic illness, recovering from an injury, or ones who just want healthy, ready-to-eat meals. Besides breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus, Global Meals has various snacks, salads, soups, and side dishes, accommodating special dietary needs. 

Price range: $9 – $10 per meal. 

5. King David 

King David Community Center is an Atlanta-based home-delivered meal program. Their Medicaid certified meal plans include various ethnic and culturally appropriate dishes. They always deliver freshly cooked meals and no frozen items. Some of their popular cuisines include Korean, Kosher, Russian, Nepali, and Chinese. For the elderly outside Medicaid coverage, self-pay option is available. 

Price range: $9 – $12 per meal.

Does Medicaid cover meals on wheels? 

In some cases, Medicaid may cover the cost of meals on wheels. But you must meet specific requirements to be eligible for Medicaid meals on wheels. For instance, your doctor must certify your need for this service and provide proof of disability or illness. If you qualify, your state’s Medicaid program will help cover the cost of meals on wheels. However, there are some states that do not offer this benefit. Additionally, some states have waiting lists for meal delivery services due to limited funding and resources. 

3-points summary 

  • Elderly, disabled, and medically vulnerable people could be eligible for free meal delivery services under Medicaid Waiver. 
  • Medicaid home-delivered meals are available to those who meet eligibility requirements, which vary by state but can include age, disability, and income. 
  • Mom’s Meals, Homestyle Direct, Magic Kitchen, Global Meals, and King David Community Center are some of the top food delivery services certified by Medicaid. 

 Final thoughts 

Medicaid meal delivery companies provide an invaluable service to homebound seniors. Having said that, it is important that you research to find the best possible fit for your or your loved one’s needs. We hope this article will be helpful in finding affordable and nutritious meal delivery services near you.  

If you need more information regarding free meal delivery for disabled, or elderly individuals, please don’t hesitate to contact us. In the meantime, you may have a look at some of our Medicaid and Medicare-related articles: 


  • Does Medicare pay for meals on wheels? 

Medicare does not cover meals on wheels services. Luckily, meals on wheels delivers nutritious meals to seniors who are unable to prepare meals for themselves regardless of their financial situation. 

  • What is the highest income for food stamps for elderly in 2023? 

The highest income for food stamps for elderly or disabled in 2023 is $2,750. The monthly gross income must be below the established amount to qualify for food stamps. 

  • What is the cheapest prepared meal delivery service? 

The cheapest prepared meal delivery service will depend on the number of meals you order and the type of cuisine you wish to receive. Generally speaking, Dinnerly, EveryPlate, and Home Chef are some of the cheapest options. 

  • Are Medicaid meal delivery services allowed in assisted living? 

Generally, Medicaid meal delivery services are allowed in assisted living and other long-term facilities. But depending on state regulations and facility guidelines, it could be prohibited in some communities. Senior living that allows Medicaid meals, make sure they are delivered by certified providers and meet the dietary needs of residents. 

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