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Home Health Care, Chicago: Top Agencies To Transform Your Life

Home Health Care, Chicago: Top Agencies To Transform Your Life

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home health care Chicago

In the busy heart of the Midwest, Chicago stands as an exciting hub for seniors seeking a better quality of life through home health care. And why shouldn’t it be?

The Windy City offers numerous home health agencies for those looking to step out (by being at home) into the arms of exceptional home care services! Let us take a stroll and see what makes Chicago an ideal city for home health care!

Why Chicago is ideal for your home care journey?

The Windy City is famous for many things! Whether music, culture, or food, Chicago never comes up short regarding offerings! Seniors who prefer a familiar environment, but need help with activities of daily living (ADL), understand the importance of being cared for at home.

The healthcare system is the best reason to start your home care journey in Chicago. Chicago is home to world-class medical institutions like the University of Chicago Medical Centre, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Rush University Medical Center, and many more.

Often, these renowned hospitals or institutions offer discounts to older adults making affordable healthcare accessible!

Home health care, Chicago: How does it look?

Home care services across America are more or less the same. It comprises a care approach covering everything from medication management to helping with daily activities like grooming, bathing, and more. Here are the ten services you have to expect from a home health agency in Chicago.

1. Medical care:
Home health agencies offer medical services, with certified professionals administering treatments, medications, and therapies to seniors as required.

2. Personal care assistance:
Trained caregivers offer support with daily tasks like grooming, dressing, and mobility, allowing seniors to live as independently as possible in their homes.

3. Companionship:
While assisting with daily living, caregivers can also provide emotional connection and engagement. This helps combat loneliness and foster companionship between caregiver and patient/resident.

4. Meal preparation:
Nutrition is prioritized as per an older individual’s diet. Caregivers ensure seniors receive balanced and appealing meals in the comfort of their homes.

5. Medication management:
Medication management is integral to home health care services in the US. Caregivers help seniors manage medication routines accurately, under supervision.

6. Household support:
Light housekeeping and chores maintenance are a part of home care services. This is to ensure a senior has a comfortable living environment.

7. Mobility support:
Caregivers help seniors in their homes if they have limited mobility. This entails assistance with transfers and mobility aids that enhances their safety.

8. Transportation:
If required, you can expect transportation services aid. This means providing social connections and medical appointments.

9. Care coordination:
Home care agencies would collaborate with medical professionals, including hospitals and family members, to craft holistic care plans for the patient/resident.

10. Dementia care:
An essential aspect of home care is providing dementia care services. Dementia home care is a specialized support for seniors with memory impairments.

Top 10 home health care agencies in Chicago

Regarding in-home health care, Chicago has thousands of top agencies ready to serve seniors at home with personalized and compassionate care. Here are 10 of the best home health care agencies to help transform your life in a comfortable atmosphere.

1. Northwestern Home Hospice

They can provide hospice care to terminally ill patients in their homes. They also offer a variety of services, including pain management, emotional support, and more.

2. Home Instead Senior Care

One of the top names in the home care industry, home Instead provides services ranging from personal care to respite care.

3. Visiting Angels

Another notable national home care agency is Visiting Angels. If you need care providers with a proper aid plan for home care support, think about Visiting Angels.

4. Comfort Hospice & Palliative Care

If you or your loved one is looking for compassionate care for a senior with an agency that specializes in palliative and hospice care, then look into this agency!

5. Comfort Care Home Health Care

Comfort Care Home Health Care is a home health care agency offering various services, including personal care, skilled nursing care, and physical therapy.

6. Brightstar Care

Brightstar Care is another national home care agency that offers a variety of services that help with daily living assistance, medication management, and more!

7. Help At Home

A home care agency specifically designed to help seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, Help at Home services range from specialized care for seniors with cognitive issues to assisting with daily tasks.

8. Maxim Healthcare Services

If you are searching for personal care, skilled nursing care, including rehabilitation services, then look for Maxim Healthcare. They also have a strong emphasis on providing care that is customized to each patient’s requirements.

9. Right At Home

Right At Home has a team of experienced and qualified caregivers committed to providing seniors quality care. Be it with medication management or assistance with daily living activities like bathing, grooming, transportation, etc.

10. Compassionate Home Care

If you need trained professionals equipped to understand the unique needs of seniors with complex medical conditions, look into Compassionate Home Care today!

Cost of home care services in Chicago

The cost of Chicago home health care services can vary based on several factors. Depending on the level of care, location, and the agency chosen, you can expect to spend around $73,000 per year.
Before we come to the cost of home care, know that the Illinois Department on Aging (IDoA) offers a variety of programs and services to help seniors stay independent and healthy. These programs allow for accessible and affordable home care services.

  • Hourly: $31.83
  • Daily: $199
  • Monthly: $6,068

If you are a senior on Social Security, then you have the advantage of reaping the benefits of the government program. This means you can take home care services, live in senior housing apartments, and benefit from Social Security, as it covers parts of your expenses. Read the following articles to learn more!

Final thoughts

Against the backdrop of the Windy City’s vibrant neighborhoods, our top 10 list of home healthcare agencies can help foster dignity, empowerment, and well-being for those embarking on the rewarding journey of aging at home.

And if you need to learn more about home care in the US and it can benefit you in the long run, read the articles below!


Who qualifies for home health care services in Illinois?

Home healthcare services in Illinois are generally available for individuals who require medical attention or other forms of support. Eligibility criteria may vary, but here are the general qualifications:
• Be 65 years or older.
• Be a resident of Illinois.
• Need help with ADLs or IADLs?

How much does home health care cost in Illinois?

Home care in Illinois will earn a senior back almost $5,700 monthly. A home health aide (as of 2023) costs $5,664. The hourly rate for home health care is around $29.71. Home health care costs depend on numerous factors like the level of care needed, location, and the specific services required.

Does Illinois pay for home care?

The state of Illinois offers various programs and resources to assist eligible seniors in accessing home care services. Such programs are a way to ensure affordable home care is accessible to seniors. Programs like Medicaid or Community Care Program and the Department of Aging’s initiatives help provide financial support to elders needing home care.

How would you rate medical care in Chicago?

Chicago’s medical care is widely regarded as excellent in the US. With its world-renowned medical institutions, hospitals, and skilled professionals, the city offers a high standard of medical care to cater to the requirements of its residents, including seniors. In 2019, Chicago was ranked the 54th best city in America for healthcare.

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