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15 Best Places To Retire In USA 2024

15 Best Places To Retire In USA 2024

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A new year begins and brings with it hopes of starting a new journey. For seniors who are either retired or on the verge of retirement, the first step in the journey entails finding the best places to start writing a new story.

Today, let’s carefully comb through the list of cities we have for you to consider, including the number one destination for retirement.

Retirement in 2024

Here’s what you need to know about the retirement scenario in 2024!

  1. The highest number of Americans are hitting the age of 65 in 2024.
  2. According to the Pew Research Center, 1/5 of seniors over 65 choose to continue working.
  3. It is being debated whether the retirement age should be changed.
  4. Inflation is adjusted at around 3%, which is lower than in previous years.
  5. The cost of senior care, like assisted living or home care, continues to increase gradually.
  6. The Social Security retirement age for 1960 or later (those eligible for 100% of the benefits) is increasing to 67.
  7. Seniors who retire at 62 (the earliest eligibility) could see a 43% reduction in benefits. However, nothing is confirmed yet.
  8. The Medicare Plan B premium jumped by 5.9% to $175. For those who receive both Medicare and Social Security benefits, the Part B premium will be deducted from the check.

Criteria behind the best place to retire in USA

The following two factors listed make or break a retirement decision by older adults over 55.

Access to quality healthcare

Quality healthcare facilities and services are vital for senior well-being. The top retirement destinations should always have skilled healthcare professionals and medical facilities. Be it hospitals, clinics, or rehab centers (skilled nursing homes), retirees often prioritize such locations to address medical concerns effectively.

As a result, we have tried to consider every factor in this article when listing the best places to retire in the US.

Social Security & housing affordability

Housing affordability is a crucial aspect and consideration when it comes to retirement, especially for seniors who are looking to move to another state or city.

Retirement often coincides with a fixed income, so access to Social Security benefits dramatically impacts their financial stability and quality of life.

Take a look at the following articles you may find helpful!

10 Best places to retire in the US

1. Scranton, Pennsylvania

If you are a fan of The Office (US), you may be familiar with Scranton, PA, where the acclaimed TV series occurred. Though the show focused more on the comedy and eccentricity of Michael Scott and his co-workers, if you watch it again carefully, in between the lines, the best aspects of the people represent the city.

2. Austin, Texas

Texas is the retirement hub of the South Central, and Austin offers a low cost of living and exceptional medical facilities and healthcare services.

3. The Villages, Florida

Ask anyone, and there is a good chance they will say The Villages is one of the best places to retire in the USA today. Why? Aside from hosting an incredible 50 golf courses (seniors love to golf), the location is reputable for being a retirement hub across America. Ambiance, quality of life, and, most importantly, resort-like retirement communities draw older adults over 65 to it.

4. Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor is also home to high-quality medical services and is affordable to retirees. Seniors have the option to visit and enjoy the homely and thriving cultural scene, with some form of activity always available.

5. New York City, New York

New York City may be one of the most expensive places to retire in America, but it’s the Big Apple! New York City poses a different ambience and lifestyle for retirees looking to amplify their retirement (especially those looking at luxury senior living) in the highlights of the city lights.

6. Rochester, New York

Despite lacking the towering charm of New York City, Rochester is renowned for its affordable housing (considering the state) and a rich cultural scene that retirees will love.

7. Tampa, Florida

Florida will always pop up on every list, and Tampa will always be there. With its sunny weather and lively ambiance, retirees will make a mistake if they don’t consider Tampa, FL.

8. Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale offers retirees a comfortable and beneficial tax advantage (tax-friendly state). At the same time, the housing market is reasonable as well.

9. Fort Wayne, Indiana

If you don’t want to break the bank but still live an adventurous retirement life, then Fort Wayne is the place to be.

10. York, Pennsylvania

US News listed York, PA, as one of the best places to retire in America. And why shouldn’t they? Firstly, this place is considered to be the balance of seasons. With a low cost of living, exceptional healthcare, and a city that offers a high quality of life, it’s no surprise York was saved as the best, for last on our list!

5 Best places to retire on a budget

  1. Savannah, Georgia:
  2. Toledo, Ohio:
  3. Springfield, Missouri:
  4. Mobile, Alabama:
  5. Youngstown, Ohio.

More best places to retire in USA:

15 is a significant number to focus on, but we want to leave you with more options to consider when finding the best place to retire in the US.

Top 5 States to retire in

With too many to count, here are the top 5 BoomersHub picks for the best states to find a comfortable retirement. And it just so happens that they are affordable as well. Why these following 5 make our list is quite simple.

With inflation rising and the cost of living, it would be wise for most American seniors to find an affordable retirement destination.

  1. Iowa
  2. Georgia
  3. West Virginia
  4. Missouri
  5. Mississippi

Best cities to retire in the USA

Listed below are ten cities across America that you may consider retiring in the future:

  • Daytona Beach, Florida
  • Reading, Pennsylvania
  • Sandy Springs, Georgia
  • Manchester, New Hampshire
  • Sarasota, Florida
  • Orlando, Florida
  • The Woodlands, Texas
  • Berkeley, California
  • Clearwater, Florida

The best retirement destination USA

It should come as no surprise that we have chosen Florida as the best place to retire in the USA! For decades, Florida has continued to be the top pick for seniors when it comes to finding their golden retirement hours.

While Florida may not be the most affordable state for retirement, The Sunshine State represents everything older adults have been saving up for. Here’s why Florida continues its run as the best destination:

Final thoughts

Retirement is never the end, but rather the next chapter in one’s life. A quest to find the ideal retirement center often pits the mind against the heart of seniors, especially over making the correct choice. If you assess the points by the cities we have listed in this article, rest assured, your retirement will be as golden as you need it to be!

Have a look at the following articles as well to make a better, informed decision.


Where is a good city to retire in the US, quiet, nice, and safe?

Cities like Savannah in Georgia or some major cities in New Hampshire are idyllic for seniors looking for a nice and safe retirement. Such cities not only provide a hospitable and charming environment but are also reasonably affordable for senior living costs.

What states are best financially for retirees?

States with encouraging tax policies, reasonable cost of living, and affordable healthcare options can be Georgia, Iowa, Mississippi, and Missouri. Other states where senior care costs like home care or assisted living are affordable are as follows:
• Idaho
• Ohio
• Indiana
• South Dakota
• Wyoming
• Alabama
• Kansas

What is the best state in the US to retire to?

While we have stated why Florida is ideally the best US state for retirement, Pennsylvania is another option, depending on an individual’s specific requirements. It is important to note that living costs and other factors should be considered regarding the best state in which to retire. Arizona and North Carolina have been among the top ranks for many years.

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