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25 Best Christmas Prayers: Find Your Blessings

25 Best Christmas Prayers: Find Your Blessings

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Christmas is the favorite time of the year for many of us. You spend time with your family, get Christmas gifts, and enjoy your holidays. But you might forget that Christmas has a religious background, making a heartwarming Christmas prayer an essential part of the occasion. But worry not! We’ve come up with 25 Best Christmas Prayers to find your blessings.

Let’s start with the basics.

What Are Christmas Blessings?

Christmas blessings are prayers over your loved ones. Think of blessings as words of well-wishes you send out on Christmas cards and graphic messages. An example Christmas blessing would be: May all the blessings of the Lord be yours at Christmas and in the new year!

What Are the Words to the Jesus Prayer?

The Jesus Prayer exists in several versions. The most accepted version is: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.” Especially the Eastern churches advocate the words of the Jesus Prayer (or Prayer of the Heart), which are a method of cleaning the heart and mind.

What 3 Forms of Prayers Exist?

  1. Private prayers – Prayers by yourself in private; Jesus encourages us to pray alone.
  2. Public prayers – Prayers together with others in public.
  3. Escathalogical prayers – Prayers related to “end times” or times of death, saying prayers asking for the redemption of your soul on Judgment Day.

Xmas is probably the most commercialized holiday all over the world and often called the “silly season.” But, while giving gifts and spending quality time together is relevant, you ought to remember the reason for the season. The way to kickstart this holiday with our seniors is by saying a meaningful Christmas prayer.

What Are the 25 Best Christmas Prayers?

Here are 25 Best Christmas Prayers to invoke Christmas blessings this season.

1) A humble Christmas prayer

Christmas prayer 1

God, our Creator, we offer this humble prayer on Christmas Day. We come to worship with a song of thanks in our hearts. We pray for joy in our hearts, hope in our God, love to forgive, and peace upon the earth. We ask for the salvation of all our family members and friends. And, we pray your blessings on all people. May there be bread for the hungry, love for the unlovable, and healing for the sick. May there be protection for our children and wisdom for our youth. We pray for the forgiveness of sinners and abundant life. Holy Spirit, fill our hearts with your love and power. Amen.

–Rev. Lia Icaza Willetts

2) Pope John XXII orison for Christmas blessings

Christmas Prayer 2

O sweet Child of Bethlehem, grant that we may share with all our hearts in this profound mystery of Christmas. Put into the hearts of men and women this peace for which they sometimes seek so desperately and which you alone can give to them. Help them to know one another better. And to live as brothers and sisters, children of the same Father. Reveal to them also your beauty, holiness, and purity. Awaken in their hearts love and gratitude for your infinite goodness. Join them all together in your love. And give us your heavenly peace. Amen.

–Pope John XXIII

3) A Christmas Eve devotion

Christmas Prayer 2

May you be filled with the wonder of Mary, the obedience of Joseph, and the joy of the angels. May you be filled with the eagerness of the shepherds, the determination of the magi, and the peace of the Christ child. May Almighty God bless you now and forever.

— Ray Pritchard

4) Christmas prayer to remember the true meaning

Christmas Prayer 4

“Dear God, Sometimes I get too caught in the Christmas commercialism. OK, a lot of times. Today, I’m going to refocus my heart and remember why I’m celebrating this wonderful day in the first place. Amen.”

— Sharon Jaynes

5) A prayer for a blessed Christmas

A snowman with lots of snowflakes in the background

Loving Father, help us remember the birth of Jesus, that we may share in the song of the angels, the gladness of the shepherds, and worship of the wise men. Close the door of hate and open the door of love all over the world. Let kindness come with every gift and good desires with every greeting. Deliver us from evil by Christmas blessings and teach us to be merry with clear hearts. May the Christmas morning make us happy to be your children. May the Christmas evening bring us to our beds with grateful thoughts. Forgiving and forgiven. Amen.

–Robert Louis Stevenson

6) To invoke peace, glory, and love on Christmas day

Two girls taking a selfie in front of a Christmas tree

Almighty God and Father of light, a child is born to us. Your eternal Word leaped down from heaven in the silent watches of the night. And now your church is filled with wonder at the nearness of God. Open our hearts to receive and increase our vision with the rising of the dawn. That our lives may be filled with your glory and peace.

International Committee on English in the Liturgy (ICEL)

7) To remember why we give presents

25 Best Christmas Prayers

Lord and Giver of all good things, the magi traveled for miles to bring the child the first Christmas presents. So may we, too, remember with thankful hearts the love that comes with each present we open. We also thank you for the love you have for each of us, and we thank you for the many gifts you give us, especially the gift of life itself. Amen.

–Author Unknown

8) Invoking joy on Xmas day

25 Best Christmas Prayers

Let the just rejoice, for their justifier is born. Let the sick and infirm rejoice, for their Savior is born. Let the captives rejoice, for their Redeemer is born. Let slaves rejoice, for their Master is born. Let free men rejoice; For their Liberator is born. Amen.

–Saint Augustine of Hippo

9) To bring light to all humanity

25 Best Christmas Prayers

“May we begin to see the world in the light of understanding you give us. As you chose the lowly, the outcasts, and the poor to receive the greatest news the world had ever known, so may we worship you in the meekness of heart. May we also remember our brothers and sisters less fortunate than ourselves in this season of giving. Amen.”

— Karen L. Oberst

10) A special Xmas prayer for seniors

Silhouette of santa and his sleigh in front of the moon

Loving Lord, we thank You for the thrill of life and all the mercies that You give to each of the elderly day by day. But Lord as our loved ones advance in years their bodies begin to lose their strength, their fingers lose their dexterity and their knees begin to tremble. And Lord, the time comes all too fast, when they cannot take care of themselves. So, this Christmas, bless the elderly and those that they rely on to do the basic things of life, like eating and drinking, bathing and generally caring for their homes and themselves. Amen.

— Knowing Jesus

11) Nativity Devotion of St. Bernard of Clairvaux

Christmas cookies

Let Your goodness Lord appear to us. In our own strength we cannot imitate Your majesty, power, and wonder nor is it fitting for us to try. But Your mercy reaches from the heavens through the clouds to the earth below. You have come to us as a small child, but you have brought us the greatest of all gifts, the gift of eternal love. Caress us with Your tiny hands, embrace us with Your small arms and pierce our hearts with Your soft, sweet cries. Amen.

— St. Bernard of Clairvaux

12) Thankful for all the blessings this Xmas

25 Best Christmas Prayers

Dear God, we give thanks for this time when we can all be together. We give thanks for this food, which is bountiful and delicious. We give thanks for this joyful holiday when we can celebrate our Savior and his love for us. With joy, we pray, Amen.

–Beth McLendon

13) To remember the Creator of all things

25 Best Christmas Prayers

Holy Creator of Trees. Bless with your abundant grace. This is our Christmas tree as a symbol of joy. May its evergreen branches be a sign of your never-fading promises. May its colorful lights and ornaments call us to decorate with love our home and our world. Holy Christmas tree within our home, may Joy and Peace come and nest in your branches and in our hearts. Amen.

–Author Unknown

14) A traditional Catholic Christmas invocation

A woman sitting in front of a christmas tree

“Lord, in this holy season of devotion and song and laughter, we praise you for the great wonders you have sent us. For shining star and angel’s song, for an infant’s cry in a lowly manger. We praise you for the Word made flesh in a little Child. We behold his glory and are bathed in its radiance. Be with us as we sing the ironies of Christmas, the incomprehensible comprehended, the poetry made hard fact, the helpless Babe who cracks the world asunder. We kneel before you shepherds, innkeepers, wise men. Help us to rise bigger than we are. Amen.”

— Traditional Catholic Supplication

15) Asking to always remember God during the holy season

Christmas tree with lots of snow and snowflakes in the background

“Dear Lord, Don’t let us miss You this Christmas season. Help us to simplify our activities and traditions so we can focus our celebration on Your birth. Thank You for being the Prince of Peace, and I ask You for that supernatural peace to reign in our hearts. Thank You for the simple but life-changing message of Your love for us. Amen.”

— Melanie Chitwood

16) Calling for the gift of peace

A couple and their child taking a selfie on Christmas

Lord, I set my heart on You. You are trustworthy, faithful, and the Giver of the gift of peace. Please fill me this Christmas season. As others see Your peace in me, let them recognize You. Amen.

– Amy Carroll

17) Supplication to the Almighty

A girl with coffee in front of a Christmas tree

In a world where worry, not peace, prevails, stir up that good news again. This Christmas, make it real in our hearts. Never have we needed Your joy and peace more than now. Forgive us for forgetting—that Your love never changes, never fades, and that You never abandon the purpose: to save us from our sinful condition, and to give us life eternal, the joy of a relationship with a holy God.

–Rebecca Barlow Jordan

18) Blessed Christmas devotions

A little girl sitting on Santa's lap

May God grant you the light of Christmas, which is faith; the warmth of Christmas, which is purity; the righteousness of Christmas, which is justice; the belief in Christmas, which is truth; the all of Christmas, which is love.

–Wilda English

19) Thankfulness for Christmas dinner

Christmas roast on a table

Lord, thank you for this meal. We are so grateful to have such delicious food and such wonderful loved ones to share it with. We thank you for your blessings, and we ask that you guide our discussion and infuse it with your love.

–Author Unknown

20)  Invoking light into your heart

A girl holding a Christmas decoration

Almighty God, who has poured upon us the new light of your Incarnate Word; Grant that the same light enkindled in our hearts may shine forth in our lives. Amen.

–Book of Common Prayer

21) Blessings at Christmas

25 Best Christmas Prayers

May the blessing of joy abide within you; May the gift of peace rest upon you; May the blessing of love flow out through you; May all the blessings of the Lord be yours at Christmas and in the new year.

— Author Unknown

22)  Saying grace on Xmas Day

A couple with drinks in their hands on Christmas

Give us, O God, the vision which can see thy love in the world despite human failure. Give us the faith to trust goodness despite our ignorance and weakness. Give us the knowledge that we may continue to pray with understanding hearts, and show us what each one of us can do to set forth the coming of the day of universal peace. Amen.

— Frank Borman

23) To Be a Blessing to Others

Two young girls making cookies

Father, help me not just to look for blessings during the Christmas season, but to go out of my way to bless others. Remind me to pray for friends and loved ones every time I pray for myself. Teach me to invest in my relationships by sharing Your love and grace with others.

– Leah Dipascal

24) An invocation for family guidance

25 Best Christmas Prayers

Lord, please guide my family as we head toward Christmas and the new year. We ask for Your love to permeate our lives. We’re grateful for all we have, and we ask that we can keep our focus on what is right and good. Please protect us throughout the holiday season and prepare our hearts for what’s to come in the new year.

— Author Unknown

25) An Xmas prayer thanking God for family

A jar of peppermint candy canes

Lord, this Christmas blessing devotion is for my family. Please protect each person as we travel to be together, and please bring peace and love to our discussions. Thank you for your son’s birth, and I am also grateful for the incredible love that my family showers upon us. Thank you for a glorious Christmas season.

-Author Unknown

Christmas prayers for family and friends 

Christmas is a time for family and friends to come together and celebrate. Here are some Christmas prayers for family and friends: 

  1. ‘‘Dear God, thank you for letting me have family and friends to celebrate with at Christmas time. I pray that those people who don’t have anyone can still have a Merry Christmas. Make me a worker for You, so I can help someone who isn’t feeling happy this Christmas. In Your name, I pray. Amen.’’  – — Author Unknown

  1. ‘‘May all my family members and friends who need miracles be blessed. May whoever is feeling unwell and weak be given strength. May all of those who have heavy burdens have their load lightened. May your Christmas be one filled with happiness and joy.’’ — Author Unknown

  1. “Round this table, here to pray. First, we thank you for the day. For our family and our friends. Gifts of grace that heaven lends. Living water, daily bread. Countless blessings our God sends. Thank you, Jesus, for them all. For the great ones and the small. When we’re happy, when we’re sad. On the good days and the bad. We are grateful, we are glad. Amen.”Mary Fairchild. 
  2. ‘’Dear Lord, we give thanks for our families and friends who have been a part of our lives this year. We pray that You will bless them with Your love and peace during this Christmas season. May they feel Your presence in their homes and may they experience the joy of Your birth in their hearts. We ask these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.’’  — Author Unknown

Short Christmas prayers 

Here are some short Christman prayers to help us celebrate this special time: 

  1. ‘‘We give thanks for the birth of Jesus, who came to bring peace and hope to the world.’’  — Author Unknown

  1. ‘‘We will sing unto you the joyful song. We will praise your name because you are good and your mercies endure forever. Thank you for making us to see another Christmas. May your name be praised forever. Amen.’’ — Author Unknown

  1. ‘‘All glory must be to you dear God for the gift of life of seeing another Christmas holiday season. May your name be adored forever.’’ — Author Unknown

  1. ‘‘Lord, I set my heart on You. You are trustworthy, faithful and the Giver of the gift of peace. Please fill me this Christmas season. As others see Your peace in me, let them recognize You as Savior. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.’’ – Amy Carroll. 

  1. ‘‘Lord Jesus, be our holy Guest, Our morning Joy, our evening Rest; And with our daily bread impart Your love and peace to every heart. Amen.’’ — Author Unknown


Although Christmas is a time for unwinding and spending quality with seniors, it’s crucial to begin the season with God at the center. Saying Xmas prayers will help you invoke the holy spirit into your lives. But, this season must be a springboard for strengthening your faith at other times too.

With that, we’d like to wish you a blessed Christmas. May you and your loved ones be filled with joy, laughter, and countless blessings. And may our 25 Best Christmas Prayers can help you find your blessings.

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What are special prayers for Catholics on Christmas Eve? 

The prayers for Christmas Eve are the same as the prayers for any other night of the year. However, there is a special prayer that is said after Mass. This prayer is known as the “Prayer of Saint Francis.” They may also recite special prayers such as the “O Antiphons” or the “Litany of Loreto.” 

What are some prayers associated with Christmas? 

Some prayers that may be associated with Christmas are, the Lord’s Prayer, the Hail Mary, and the Glory Be. 

How to do a Christmas prayer luncheon agenda? 

Here’s how you can do a proper Christmas prayer luncheon agenda: 

  • Gather everyone together and have them take a seat. 
  • Explain the purpose of the luncheon and what will be happening. 
  • Have each person say a prayer, either alone or in a group. 
  • Serve lunch and enjoy the company of your friends and family. 

When did Robert Louis Stevenson write a Christmas prayer? 

Robert Louis Stevenson wrote a Christmas prayer in 1887 which is called A Christmas Sermon


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