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Best cities to retire in Tennessee

Best cities to retire in Tennessee

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Best cities to retire in Tennessee

Tennessee, the great southern state, is home to some exciting metropolitan areas with plenty of outdoor activities and ample senior living facilities. According to a study by the University of Tennessee, the state is expected to add a million residents by the end of 2040, and the fastest-growing age group would be people aged 65 or older. 

With so many incredible cities, knowing where to start your search for the perfect retirement destination can be hard. Luckily, we’ve done the research and found some of the best cities to retire in Tennessee! From the stunning natural beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains to the vibrant culture of Nashville, there’s something for everyone. 

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful retirement in a small town or an active lifestyle in a bustling city, Tennessee has it all. So, sit back, relax, and read on to discover the best cities to retire in the Volunteer State! 

What makes retiring in Tennessee a great choice? 

Tennessee offers a combination of affordability, natural beauty, and cultural attractions that can make it an appealing choice for retirees. Here are a few top reasons why retiring in Tennessee could be an excellent choice: 

1. Outdoor activities 

Tennessee has stunning landscapes and a wide variety of outdoor activities that retirees can enjoy, including hiking, fishing, boating, and golfing. The state has over 50 state parks and numerous lakes and rivers, making it a great destination for those who love the outdoors. The state’s Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited national park in the country. 

2. Friendly community 

Tennessee is known for its friendly people and Southern hospitality. Retirees who value a sense of community and belonging may find Tennessee a welcoming place to live. 

3. Affordable housing 

Tennessee has a relatively low cost of living, including affordable housing options. Retirees who want to downsize or purchase a retirement home may find that their money goes further in Tennessee than in other states. 

4. Access to healthcare 

Tennessee has a growing healthcare industry with several world-class hospitals and medical facilities located throughout the state. The state is home to major healthcare providers such as Vanderbilt University Medical Center and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. 

5. No estate taxes 

Tennessee is one of only a few states that does not have an estate tax. This can be an essential factor for retirees who want to leave an inheritance to their loved ones. 

6. Cultural offerings 

Tennessee is home to several vibrant cities, including Nashville, Memphis, and Knoxville, which offer a variety of cultural attractions, such as museums, AMC theaters, and music venues. 

7. Active adult communities 

Finally, there are several 55+ active retirement communities in Tennessee explicitly designed for retirees. These communities offer amenities like fitness centers, pools, and social activities, making it easy for retirees to stay active and engaged. 

What is the cost of retirement in Tennessee? 

The cost of retirement in Tennessee can vary depending on several factors, including where you live, lifestyle choices, and healthcare needs. However, overall, Tennessee is known for having a relatively low living cost, making it an attractive option for retirees. On average, to comfortably retire in Tennessee, one should have an estimated retirement savings of $902,530. 

Top cities to retire in Tennessee 

Tennessee has some great cities and suburbs, so spend the rest of your retirement peacefully. Each city offers unique advantages, so it’s essential to consider individual needs and preferences when choosing a place to retire. Here are our top 7 picks of the best cities to retire in Tennessee: 

1. Chattanooga 

Nestled in the highlands of the Appalachian Mountains, Chattanooga is a popular retirement destination due to its low cost of living, temperate climate, and access to healthcare facilities. The city also offers multiple recreational activities, including hiking, fishing, and boating, as well as cultural events and festivals. 

2. Knoxville 

Knoxville is another great city for retirees, with a low cost of living, mild climate, and access to quality healthcare facilities. The city is also known for its vibrant arts and cultural scene, as well as its outdoor recreational opportunities. The city is also home to the University of Tennessee. 

3. Nashville 

Known as Music City, Nashville is a bustling city with a booming economy and affluent cultural heritage. Retirees can enjoy a low cost of living, mild climate, and access to quality healthcare facilities. The city also has a variety of outdoor recreational options, including golf, hiking, and fishing. 

4. Johnson City

Johnson City is a small city in northeastern Tennessee that offers affordable housing, a mild climate, and access to quality healthcare facilities. The city is also home to East Tennessee State University, which provides various educational and cultural opportunities. 

5. Clarksville 

Clarksville is a growing city located northwest of Nashville. Retirees can enjoy a low cost of living, mild climate, and access to quality healthcare facilities. The city also offers a variety of social and recreational activities, including fishing, hiking, and golfing. 

6. Cookeville 

Cookeville is a small city in the heart of Tennessee that offers a low cost of living, mild climate, and access to quality healthcare facilities. The city is also home to Tennessee Tech University, which provides a variety of educational and cultural opportunities. 

7. Franklin 

Located just south of Nashville, Franklin is a historic town known for its charming downtown area, top-rated schools, and low crime rate. The city’s proximity to Nashville also provides easy access to world-class healthcare and cultural attractions. 

Top retirement communities in Tennessee 

When it comes to retirement communities in Tennessee, older adults have plenty of choices. Here are our top five picks: 

1. Clarendale At Bellevue Place 

Located in Nashville, this retirement community offers a range of services, including independent living, assisted living, and memory care. With its spacious apartments, restaurant-style dining, and wellness programs, residents can enjoy a comfortable and enriching retirement experience. 

2. The Lantern at Morning Pointe 

With locations throughout Tennessee, including Lenoir City, Chattanooga, Knoxville, etc., The Lantern at Morning Pointe offers independent living, assisted living, and memory care services. The facility is known for providing specialized care for late-stage Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. 

3. Somerfield At The Heritage

This active adult community in Brentwood is a great option for seniors looking for a vibrant and active retirement community. Somerfield at the Heritage has a packed social calendar, various dining options, on-site amenities, and wellness programs. 

4. Fairfield Glade

Located in Crossville, Tennessee, Fairfield Glade is a is one of the most popular Tennessee retirement communities.  Spread across a 12,000-acre campus; this facility has numerous clubs, golf courses, several lakes for boating and fishing, wellness centers, and thriving arts and culture scene. 

5. Charter Senior Living of Gallatin 

Charter Senior Living of Gallatin is another excellent option for older adults seeking a comfortable and enriching retirement experience. With its spacious apartments, restaurant-style dining, and range of wellness and social programs, residents can enjoy a vibrant and active lifestyle in a supportive environment. The community offers assisted living as well as short-time respite care. 

Final thoughts 

To conclude, Tennessee is a great state for retirees. Several cities in TN offer a lower cost of living, healthcare facilities, a range of local attractions, and a welcoming community – all very important factors when considering choosing a city to retire in. 

We hope that this blog has been helpful in providing an overview of some of the best cities to retire in Tennessee.  With careful consideration and research, you can find the ideal city to retire in and enjoy all Tennessee offers in your golden years! For any further assistance related to finding senior living facilities near you, book a free consultation with us today! 

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  • Is retirement income taxed in Tennessee? 

In Tennessee, retirement income is generally not taxed. This means that retirees who receive income from sources such as Social Security, pensions, and retirement accounts may not have to pay state income tax on that income. 

  • What is the cost of living in Tennessee? 

The cost of living in Tennessee is generally lower than the national average. According to the Cost-of-Living Index by the Council for Community and Economic Research, Tennessee’s cost-of-living index is 90.3, which is lower than the national average of 100.   

  • What city in Tennessee has the lowest cost of living? 

As per the report of PropertyClub, Brownsville is the cheapest city in TN, with an average housing cost of $131k. Some factors contributing to the lower cost of living in Brownsville include lower housing, transportation, and healthcare costs compared to other areas of the state. 

  • What are the cons of living in Tennessee? 

While Tennessee has many positive aspects that make it an attractive place to live, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider. Here are a few cons of living in Tennessee: 

  • Tennessee is prone to natural disasters such as tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes 
  • May experience extreme weather conditions, including hot summers and cold winters 
  • Public transportation options can be limited outside of the major cities 
  • Some rural areas may have limited access to medical care 
  • Tennessee has a high sales tax rate, which can be a concern for seniors on a fixed income 
  • Why is Tennessee called the volunteer state? 

Tennessee is called The Volunteer State because of its citizens’ prominent role in the War of 1812. During this conflict, Tennessee Governor William Blount issued a call for 3,500 volunteer soldiers to help defend against the British. In response to this call, almost 28,000 Tennesseans volunteered to serve in the military, earning the state the nickname “The Volunteer State.” 

Tennessee’s citizens continued to earn this title throughout the 19th century, volunteering to fight in various conflicts, including the Mexican American War and the Civil War. 

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