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Things to Remember When Visiting Seniors during the Holidays

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Visiting Seniors during the Holidays

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We understand that the holidays are busy times of the year with many things to do. From seasonal markets to family gatherings, there’s something for everyone! But we must not forget about Visiting Seniors during the Holidays who we love the most.

Visiting your senior loved ones might not be the priority on your to-do list. But, tucked away in senior living facilities, these relatives remain in our hearts, with visiting them at the forefront. 

Tips On Visiting Seniors During the Holidays 

It’s easy to get caught up in the stress of trying to fit a visit in between all of your other commitments. However, good, quality contact with grandma or grandpa, mother or father, may be precisely what you need. As you take a few seconds to embrace the time you have together, it can help calm the storm raging in your soul! It might also be significant for them. 

You must plan out the details of your visit once you have scheduled a visit during the Christmas season. True, just showing up and spending time with them is a terrific place to start. However, by implementing some of the following suggestions, you can make the visit even more memorable:

Remember their Holiday Traditions 

The holidays are a time when family traditions abound, regardless of generation. Your current practices may differ from those of your forefathers. Alternatively, you may have passed down family traditions from generation to generation for decades. Consider what has made the holiday season so meaningful for your elderly relatives in the past. Then, bring these customs to life for them in their current location.

Watch Out for their Mood 

During the holidays, depression is widespread among the elderly. Keep an eye out for indicators of sadness when you visit your family member. Take some time to listen to what they have to say. If you observe any indicators that require medical attention, inform their caretaker. When you visit them, think of something modest that may brighten and elevate their spirits. Consider seeing the Christmas lights or engaging in a favorite pastime with them.

Brighten Up their Living Environment 

You can brighten the holiday for your elderly relative, whether they still live at home or have moved into an assisted care facility. Before you begin, check with the assisted living home to see if there are any rules. Even the tiniest touch of personality may make a massive difference in the space they call home.

Bring in Photos and Other Memorabilia 

It may not be possible for everyone to visit elderly relatives over the holidays. You can, however, bring your family to them! Your loved one will cherish the moments those photographs convey. Have a good time thinking about the significant moments in their lives that are related to specific products.

How Visiting Seniors during the Holidays Benefits Them and Everyone Else too! 

When elders are around the people, they care about and feel happier and even younger. So staying social, especially with family, can help them live a more fulfilling life. Also, it might help you think more clearly and offer you a sense of belonging, which can help you cope with social isolation and loneliness.

 The advantages of paying a visit to your senior loved ones don’t end there. You and your family will profit as well. Everyone can benefit from a visit to the seniors, from the peace of mind about their health to keeping traditions alive.

Here are some advantages of paying a visit to your elderly relatives:

Letting Them Know You Care 

You may believe that your affection for your family is self-evident. Yet, visiting them in person can go a long way toward demonstrating that. Spend time with them to show them that you care about their well-being. It’s handy over the holidays.

It can serve as a helpful reminder that you care about them and think of them even when you’re not with them. Your senior loved ones know you care about them deep down, but if you seldom visit them, they may have reservations.

Traveling with your family can also help bring you and your family closer together. Everyone benefits from having a close-knit family. It also has the potential to increase overall contentment. But, of course, there will be days when it isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. When things are bad, though, knowing that your family is loved and cared for may help.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane 

Traveling with your older loved ones can be an excellent opportunity to reminisce and share old recollections or stories. You can dig out old photo albums and family videos, perform beloved songs, or simply relax and tell stories. A stroll down memory lane is something that many senior citizens enjoy. They enjoy discussing memorable recollections or even loved ones who have passed away. As a result, their mood might be lifted, and they can become more engaged by happily remembering the past.

Seniors with memory problems may benefit from reminiscing as well. Reminiscing with people living with dementia can help them speak and think more clearly. It relieves boredom and boosts their sense of self-worth and significance. You can have a meaningful discussion on their past experiences as a group.

Check on their Health 

You’ll be able to assess your loved one’s general physical and mental condition when you visit them. Consider it a routine check-up for them. If you visit frequently, keep an eye out for any patterns that indicate something isn’t quite right. If you don’t have the opportunity to see them on a frequent basis, notice if anything has changed since your last visit. Is there any evidence of memory loss or depression?

Are they eating a balanced diet and taking their meds as prescribed? You’ll be able to pay close attention to any complaints or issues your loved one may be experiencing. Instead of talking on the phone or via video chat, an in-person visit will make it easier to notice symptoms.

If you’re continuously worried about your loved one’s health, regular visits could help you relax.

Fighting Loneliness 

Besides checking on their health, one of the most important aspects of visiting seniors is how far a visit can go to fight loneliness. Isolation and loneliness have been linked to declining health, memory, and increased infection rates. 

Visiting your elderly loved ones is an excellent first step in overcoming their loneliness. If you believe they require additional assistance, speak with them and inquire about their circumstances. For example, it’s possible that they don’t feel safe traveling and are thus stranded at home all day. Alternatively, kids may not be getting enough exercise during the day. You may support them in a variety of ways, but the best way to see for yourself is to visit.

Visiting Seniors during the Holidays
Visiting Seniors during the Holidays

What to Look for When Visiting Seniors during the Holidays

Many families’ only face-to-face time occurs during the holidays. While phone conversations and emails are excellent ways to communicate, it might be difficult to detect changes in a person’s appearance or residence that indicate they require assistance. So pay attention to the following things if you’re visiting aging parents, grandparents, or other relatives this Christmas season:

Is their house in better shape than usual? Or is it more chaotic and messy than usual? Is there any rotting food in the fridge or cabinets? Are you having trouble paying your bills on time? Are your belongings being stored in the incorrect places?    

Is there any inexplicable weight loss in the person’s condition? Are they dressed in filthy or improper clothing for the weather? Is it difficult for them to use the restroom and maintain basic hygiene, such as washing and brushing their teeth? Have they recently fallen or appear to be having problems keeping their balance? Is it tough for them to sleep?

Their actions – Are they skipping doctor’s visits, church services, or other activities? Do they neglect to refill their prescriptions or take their drugs as directed? Do they seem perplexed when you discuss issues that they would ordinarily understand? Is there any evidence of personality shifts or mood swings?

If you replied yes to any of these questions, it’s possible they require additional assistance.


We may be unable to make regular in-person visits at times. That’s understandable, and there are other options for Visiting Seniors during the Holidays. You can send letters or cards, send photos, or connect on social media on special occasions.

Picking up the phone to call them is, of course, always a good idea. You can also video chat with your loved one if they have a smartphone or a PC with a camera.

Keeping in touch with your senior loved one, no matter how you do it, is critical, and the rewards are numerous. Visiting loved ones makes them happy, makes you happy, and may assist them in living their lives to the fullest. 

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