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Social Media for Seniors: Uses, Impacts and Benefits

Social Media for Seniors: Uses, Impacts and Benefits

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social media for seniors

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Everyone is on social media today. This great new online world is not bound by age now. Older people are now using social media to connect, communicate and interact with others. So, social media for seniors has become an essential part of their lives.   

But many seniors still don’t know the uses of social media. It is slightly different from how young adults may use it. Also, there are many social media impacts for seniors. Are they all positive? And what are the social media benefits for seniors?  

Let’s find out the answers to the questions.  

What Is Social Media?  

So, our discussion begins with understanding the basics of social media. Social media is platform websites to connect with people from all over the world. You can connect with organizations, communities and businesses too on social media.   

Social media are computer-mediated interactive tools that allow people to create and share information, career interests, trendy ideas and other kinds of expression through virtual networks and communities.

According to Wikipedia:

Everyone needs access to the internet to use social media. They need to create their private account with their personal information on the platforms. And thus, seniors can start using social media platforms.  

Some of the Best Social Media Platforms for Seniors  

So, the big question is which social media is best for seniors? There are quite a few sites seniors can use. Here is a list of the 5 most common ones.  


We’re sure you already know about Facebook. It is the most famous social media platform in the world. Everyone is now on Facebook. All you have to do is open an account and start using the platform. Yes, it’s that easy! And we’re also confident that you’ll find all your family and friends there.  


Another very popular social media platform is Twitter. You can post, share and comment on anything in the world. You will find more popular celebrities on Twitter.  Here’s how you can easily open a Twitter account.


Instagram has become quite famous among young adults these days. But it is also a great platform to share and see pictures. This may not be the best social media for old folks. But seniors are getting accustomed to this lately.  


LinkedIn is a platform for job seekers and experienced retirement seniors. It may not be the first choice for any older people. But you can open an account and spread your professional knowledge through LinkedIn.  


Baby boomer women are using the ThirdAGE platform these days. The platform shares self-care, wellness and health-related information. You can publish your own content there as well.  

The dating apps  

It’s never late to get back into the game. As seniors, you can get into the dating apps designed for you. Some of the famous platforms are:  

  • OurTime  
  • eHarmony  
  • Cupid.com  
  • SeniorMatch  

Social Media Uses for Seniors  

Social media is extraordinarily impactful and beneficial for seniors. But before that, we need to understand how seniors can make use of it. The best way to find this out is by checking the characteristics of the platforms.   

Social media allows seniors the option to participate, make contributions and give feedback. They can do all these with a wide range of people worldwide. Also, social media makes communication faster and easier. And finally, there is an ample number of resources available on senior care and senior living.   

For a long-time, people have assumed that social media is suitable for young people only. But that is so not true in today’s era at all! Seniors using social media have become a common sight. And thus, everyone needs to get into the habit.   

And finally, social media has brought the world closer to seniors. Even at such old ages, they can rely on themselves to find the information online. Thus, social networking has become a thing for seniors too. And many brands and companies are taking advantage to target seniors on social media too.  

Social Media for Seniors: 5 Positive Impacts  

Social media positively impacts the lives of seniors. Here are 5 ways how social media plays a positive role:  

Mental health improvement  

Social media ensures that seniors are mentally healthy. Social engagement makes seniors mentally be in a good place. They can also stay updated with the latest trends and news. As a result, they are away from bad habits like smoking and drinking.  

Thus, social media enables seniors to interact with online communities. As a result, they are away from depression, frustration and negative thoughts. Eventually, their mental health remains top-notch.  

Easier online shopping  

Every age group loves shopping. It’s fun and challenging at the same time. And seniors are no different. But when they can’t go out much, online shopping is the best option for them.  

Social media platforms enable seniors to shop their favorite products while sitting at home. Everything is just a tap away for them. And many brands offer discounts for seniors too.   

Interaction with family and friends  

One of the main issues seniors face is being away from friends and family. Unfortunately, their mental health gets affected by this too. Social media can significantly help in this aspect.  

Almost every age of people is in social media today. So seniors can get connected to their children, grandkids, and other friends and their families. They can stay in touch with all these people. And they can know who’s doing what.   

Be a part of online communities  

Seniors can find many online communities suitable for them on social media. So they can be a part of the communities. And this can give them a sense of belonging.  

Social media for older people is a great option to chat, make calls and share experiences. They can find like-minded people there too. As a result, seniors can become a part of the whole world even at old ages.   

Reduction of senior isolation  

Seniors living in senior care facilities can feel isolated. It is something that can also create mental health issues. They need social interaction to get out of such feelings.  

Social media can help in this as well. It is a great option to connect with people of the society and interact. But they must make sure that it is not a replacement for in-personal communications. 

Social Media for Seniors
Social Media for Seniors

Social Media for Seniors: 6 Key Benefits  

Now we know how the virtual world can impact the lives of seniors. And these are positive impacts. So, there will be many benefits too. Here is a total of 6 benefits of social media for seniors.  

Connect with long-distance relatives  

When seniors are living in senior care facilities, their relatives may be living far. The best way to stay connected with them is through social media. You can use social media to know about their everyday lives and even talk to them.  

Make new friends and reconnect with old ones  

Facebook is an excellent platform for connecting with friends. You can find your long-lost friend on Facebook. And you can also make new friends on social media platforms.  

Be a part of civic digital movements  

Social media doesn’t only enable social interaction. Many recent and concerning civil issues have begun from social media platforms. This gives seniors an opportunity to get involved in those movements and raise their voices.  

The educational aspects  

Social media platforms can be educational too. There are many groups that share educational posts. You will also find learning videos and content on social media.  

Starting online businesses  

Online businesses have become super easy these days. You can stay home and earn money. And age is not a factor here at all. Seniors can get connected with interesting and active people and start new business ventures.  

Unlimited entertainment  

The core concept of social media is connection and entertainment. Seniors can get unlimited entertainment from social media. There are many funny contents on the platforms. You can watch and laugh for free.   


Social media for seniors is essential. Older people need to be a part of the vast online world. It can bring them a lot of enjoyment and mental satisfaction.  

They can connect with people worldwide. Also, they can learn about new things. So, it is high time older adults learn how to use social media accounts.   

Keep an eye on our website to know about using the internet to use social media.   

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